Check out the best 2016 College Football Kodi Live Streams for the American college football season here! Watch College Football Live on Kodi all season long with our easy step-by-step Kodi guide.

Stay up to date with the best 2016 College Football Kodi live streams during this season. No other site will have as in-depth of a 2016 College Football Kodi live streaming guide as Check out where you can stream Football on Kodi below!

College Football broadcasting coverage is split amongst a fairly wide set of USA television channels: First, get the details on where and when College Football games are shown in the USA.

  • Over 100 college football games will air on either ABC, CBS, Fox, or NBC, which are readily available primetime stations in the USA.
  • ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN U, ESPN Goal Line, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, Big Ten, and SEC Network cover the remaining college football game coverage.

If you know of an add-on with any of these channels, you are set. However, we’ve done some of the research for you below.

NOTE: Some of the add-ons below are geo-blocked and may not work in your country without a VPN. If you are interested, IPVanish can help you free all of your Kodi add-ons!

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2016 College Football Kodi Live Streams

  • SportsDevil
    • Live Sports > Atdhenet (Assorted games, ESPN)
    • Live Sports > (American Football section)
    • Live Sports > Firstrowsports (American Football section)
    • Live Sports > (American Football section)
    • Live Sports > (American Football section)
    • Live Sports > (Assorted games)
    • Live Sports > (American Football section)
    • Live Sports > (American Football section)
    • Live TV > (USA TV) (CBS, Fox, NBC)
    • Live TV > (CBS, Fox, NBC)
    • Live TV > S2 > United States (CBS, Fox, NBC)
    • Live TV > (CBS, Fox, NBC)
    • Live TV > (CBS, Fox, NBC)
    • Live TV > (CBS, Fox, NBC)
  • Castaway
    • Live Sport > Atdhenet (Assorted games)
    • Live Sport > (American Football section)
    • Live Sport > (American Football section)
    • Live Sport > (American Football section)
    • Live Sport > (American Football section)
    • Live Sport > (American Football section)
    • Live Sport > (Assorted games)
    • Live Sport > Wizhdsports (Assorted games)
    • Live TV > (CBS, Fox, NBC)
    • Live TV > (USA TV) (CBS, Fox, NBC)
    • Live TV > (CBS, Fox, NBC)
    • My Subreddits > Add Subreddit > CFBstreams
  • VidTime
    • VT SE > Live Events (Assorted matches)
    • VT SE > Sports > Live Sports > Football
    • VT TV (Assorted TV channels including sports ones)
  • UK Turk Playlists
    • Sports section (Assorted Sports channels: NFL Network, CBS, NBC, Fox)
  • Phoenix
    • Phoenix TV > Sports (Random sports channels)
    • Phoenix Sports > VC Sports > Live Channels (CBS, ABC, Fox)
    • Phoenix Sports > VC Sports > Live Games (Assorted games)
    • Phoenix Sports > VC Sports > Cosmix Sports (Assorted games)
  • Evolve
    • Goliath > Sports (ABC, CBS, Fox)
  • cCloud
    • Entertainment > NBC
    • Entertainment > CBS
    • Entertainment > Fox
    • Sports > ESPN
    • Sports > ESPN 2
    • Sports > ESPN U
    • Sports > Fox Sports 1
    • Sports > Fox Sports 2
    • Sports > Big Ten
    • Sports > SEC Network
  • SportsAccess – Paid but guaranteed HD and buffer free. Featuring every televised college football game + dedicated channels for ESPN 1/2/U, Fox Sports 1/2, Big Ten, SEC.

We want to keep this listing of 2016 College Football Kodi live streams up-to-date the entire 2016 Football season. If you have found any other streams or are curious about certain add-ons, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook, or by commenting below.


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