Check out our Covenant Library setup for Kodi and get the library integration help you need to setup all your favourite movies and TV media in Kodi.

Covenant has added library integration right into the addon, but a lot of users have trouble setting their Covenant Library Kodi Setup the way they want. Follow our guide below for complete steps on how to add library integration from Covenant into Kodi. This guide also works for Exodus, but be aware that Exodus is no longer supported and Covenant should be installed today as its replacement.


Covenant Library Kodi Setup – Why Do I Want Library Integration?

Kodi has a ton of great built in features to make navigating and exploring your library of media. Traditionally this is for media stored on an attached hard drive, but Covenant allows you to use these features for any TV Show or Movie it can scrape.

When your library is configured, the “Movies” and “TV Shows” sections of the default Kodi skin become much more powerful. As you can see below, the TV Shows area shows all my unwatched shows, as well as content sorted by genre, TV network, year, actors, tags, recently added, and more.

When new episodes of a TV show air, your Covenant Library Kodi integration will auto-update and show you new episodes.

Instead of manually searching within Kodi addons like Covenant, library integration brings everything right to your main menu, saving you button clicks and time.

If library integration in Kodi sounds interesting to you, follow our guide below on how to configure it today.


Covenant Library Kodi Setup Guide

  1. First, open up Covenant’s addon settings. Find Covenant in your My Add-ons > Video Addons area and long press on it or click menu and then click Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Library tab on the left. On the right side, note the path of the Movies and TV library locations. When you add media to your library, movies automatically store into the Movies folder and TV Shows store in the TV folder. Most likely, these will be in your userdata folder somewhere, but you might want to write these down for later.
  3. Below your folder paths, this screen also has a bunch of other options you may want to enable or disable. We left all options as default during our testing.
    • Auto update TV Shows = Automatically loads new episodes into your TV folder above.
    • Show notifications during update = Notifies you via pop up in the corner of the screen whenever new shows are added.
    • Update library after adding content = Automatically refreshes your library after new content is added.
    • Avoid creating duplicate content = When enabled, commands will be ignored if you try to add media you already have in your library.
    • Check movie before adding it = Makes sure that sources exist in Covenant before adding the movie to your library.
    • Check first episode of season before adding it = Makes sure that sources exist in Covenant before adding TV shows to your library.
    • Include episodes with unknown air dates = Ensures that all TV episodes are added to your library, even if metadata is missing.
      covenant library kodi library integration 3
  4. To add media to your Kodi library, simply hover on any title within Covenant and long press (or press menu) and select Add to Library. Pointers to this content are added into the library folders you saw in step 2 above. Go ahead and add the movies and TV shows you like so that you are sure content is available for the next steps in our Covenant Library Kodi setup guide.
  5. Before we can sync your Kodi library to the Covenant library paths, you need to enable the showing of hidden files in Kodi. From the Kodi main menu, navigate to Settings (Gear Icon) > Media Settings > General > Show hidden files and directories and make sure it is enabled.
  6. Back in your main menu under Movies and TV Shows on the left, you’ll get the message below because you have not synced your Kodi library to the Covenant media paths you saw in step 2. Click on Enter Files Section to enter Kodi’s path for library folders.
  7. Click Add Videos… Browse and navigate to the paths above. On Android for most users, you can navigate to External Storage > Android > data > org.xbmc.kodi > files > .kodi > userdata > addon_data > > Movies. You should see folders for the movies you added above in step 4. Click OK.
  8. In the next screen, select This Directory Contains and select Movies. Under Choose Information Provider, select The Movie Database. This is the location where all the metadata such as genre, network, and year are grabbed from.
  9. Follow steps 7 and 8 above to add your TV Shows path. Under This Directory Contains, select TV Shows.
    covenant library kodi library integration 2

And that’s it! In the main menu of Kodi under the Movies and TV Shows section, you’ll now see that your Covenent Library Integration is now synced into Kodi.

If you want to force library updates in Kodi, simply go into the Title section under Categories, long press (or press menu) on a title, and choose Scan For New Content.


Have questions about Kodi library integration? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out! Hopefully this guide assists you in Covenant Library Kodi setup and features.

NOTE: Due to how many skins and builds exist, the above steps are only guaranteed for the default Estuary Kodi skins. If your menus don’t line up, you’ll have to go ask the creator of your setup. We cannot provide you support.

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NOTE: KodiTips assumes that you are the owner of all media on your Kodi box.


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