In the past week or so, we’ve seen Icefilms blocking Kodi add-ons from accessing it’s content and it has been a hot topic in the Kodi community. Read on for more details.

As some Kodi users are aware, certain services that work great in Kodi are only sustainable for so long until they become too popular and changes must be made. For example, IPTV Stalker was one of the best live TV options for Kodi, but more users meant higher bandwidth and server costs, forcing the team to move to a paid model.

Something similar has happened with Icefilms, one of the most popular video streaming websites on the internet. Right now, users are finding Icefilms blocking Kodi add-ons from accessing its site because Kodi has become too popular and is draining bandwidth. Disk space and bandwidth costs money, which is why users who visit the Icefilms site have to site through short ads before getting to watch their content. Kodi scrapers get around these ads, which means that Icefilms doesn’t see any revenue when Kodi add-ons watch from their site. This means that bandwidth costs are growing higher thanks to increased Kodi usage, but revenue is not.

Icefilms blocking Kodi may be the first we’ve seen, but other streaming sites are thinking about or trying to find out how to do the same.

Luckily for us, Kodi add-on developer tknorris has been in discussion with the people that run Icefilms in an attempt to make amends and come to an agreement. In future versions of Stream All The Sources, which tknorris develops, an ad will show after you click an icefilms source and close when you click the continue button. If you don’t want to see this add, then don’t select icefilms sources or disable the icefilms scraper.

The change means that Icefilms blocking Kodi content will stop and in return, Kodi users won’t be able to stream video without the ad. Though some people will complain, this change is necessary in a world today where streaming HD content is becoming more and more popular. Watching ads helps pay for servers and all of the most popular and reliable websites like icefilms have high server costs. Watching a minor ad will ensure that these sites stay online and then we won’t have to keep finding the “next” big website to stream from.

It is expected that other add-ons, like Genesis and the official Icefilms Kodi add-on will be following suit in this approach.

Note: UK internet service providers have blocked the Icefilms website. If you find that you are from the UK and are interested in using icefilms to watch your favorite movie and TV shows, you can buy a VPN account to hide your internet traffic and make it look like you are from a different country. IPVanish is one of the best VPN clients because it is tier 1 (no speed slowdown) and log-free so that you are protected. The cost is about the same as a Starbucks coffee per month. Sign up with this link or click here to read more information about IPVanish.

To read tknorris’ official update on his stance with icefilms and the future of icefilms in Kodi, check out below:

Please Read
A big change in this release is the introduction of click-through ads for icefilms sources. The ad will show after you select an icefilms source and close when you click continue. If you don’t want to see this ad, then don’t select icefilms sources, or disable the icefilms scraper. The harsh reality is as our user base has grown, addons like SALTS have become a substantial, noticeable drain on many of the scraper sites and hosters. Due to this, these sites have actively worked to block our addons that they perceive as leeching their content. Recently IceFilms started making code changes to block all our addons. After discussion with the people that run Icefilms and in hopes of heading off an arms race of code changes with them, I’ve added this logic. Without this kind of action, the only other choice would have been to remove the icefilms scraper from all our addons (This is why the icefilms addon and the icefilms scraper in Genesis are currently broken). How this ad works is still subject to change. Know that I am sensitive to how our community feels about ads and I will be happy to entertain constructive criticism but useless, negative complaining posts will be deleted.

Edit: I meant to mention this earlier, but forgot. Just to be clear: Neither I, nor TVA get a single dime of revenue from this ad. Any revenue generated (I have no idea how much there is, if any) goes to IceFilms.

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