Over the last week or more, you may have noticed that we changed some of our Kodi installation guides to not include detailed installation instructions. Specifically, we’ve changed all addons that fall into a legal gray area for streaming. A number of factors have gone into making this decision, including:

  • The act of streaming content is a legal gray area in most countries and outright illegal in certain ones.
  • Though Kodi addons host no content and simply search the public internet, there is a massive misconception about this. This has led to bad publicity regarding Kodi addons and a bad stigma around websites like ours.
  • Though we host no content and have no affiliate with third-party Kodi addons, the act of promoting copyrighted material could still be construed as copyright infringement.
  • As reported, Adam Lackman, the creator of TVADDONs, was queried about other associated Kodi parties during his Anton Piller order. We believe websites such as ours could be targeted next and we want to make sure that the website has a long life in order to help more people understand and use Kodi.
  • It gets rather boring copying and pasting install guides for every new addon.
  • Lots of third-party addons use the same sources and websites to pull in streams. While every addon appears slightly different, there is a lot of copying from one another.


Not all news is bad news. This site change will allow us to focus our efforts in other great areas. We can now spend more time posting information about the following:

  • How to properly configure Kodi addons
  • How to optimize Kodi settings
  • How to find legitimate HD and Buffer free streams
  • Promote good Kodi boxes
  • Keep up to date with Kodi and media centre information
  • Focus more effort on Android TV and Amazon Fire guides
  • How to setup a nice Kodi media room in your house
  • More technical information on working with Kodi
  • A million other areas of Koid that users are interested in.


So, don’t be upset that gray area addons don’t have install guides anymore. Instead, appreciate that we’ll be able to offer better configuration guides and more diverse Kodi content.

Once you’ve seen one install guide, you’ve seen them all. We want to focus on the inner workings of each addon, highlight special perks, and focus on recent features added to each.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be revamping a lot of our existing content to be more helpful, thorough, and better for everyone!

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