Get the 2017 best sports addons for Kodi and watch live sports in HD, buffer free whenever you want. Install these Kodi sports addons today.

The Kodi best sports addons below are updated for 2017 to show current live sports Kodi addons worth checking out. Watch live sports and catch every game in the comfort of your home, without buffer.

We’ve gotten a ton of comments lately on  Twitter and Facebook that old reliable addons such as Sportsdevil and Castaway are not working. Castaway hasn’t been updated in months and Sportsdevil is very hard to troubleshoot due to inconsistencies in installing the addon.

With that in mind, the Kodi best sports addons for 2017 list below only has recent and currently addons.


Kodi Best Sports Addons For 2017 to Install

Made in Canada – Featuring exclusive sections for Baseball, Hockey, Lacrosse, and more, Made in Canada is a must-have Kodi addon.

Phoenix – A classic addon, the Phoenix Sports section is the most well-maintained part of the addon and is worth checking out.

Vortex – Focusing on F1, motor sports, and special events, Vortex mostly uses reliable Acestream links that are in HD and buffer free (but connecting to a VPN is recommended so click here to protect yourself)

Zem – With over 20 sports websites being scraped, Zem is a specialty for sports channels from the UK, Asia, and Australia.

Sportie – The newest addon.on this list, Sportie is one of the few sports-exclusive addons in qood quality available today.

UK Turk – Very underrated, UK Turk is updated by a single person and features tons of great sports content to check out.


NOTE: The best streams in the add-ons below use P2P (Acestream) links. Stream streams share your connection with other users in order to minimize buffer for everyone. Because of this, we recommend a VPN. If you are interested, IPVanish can help you free all of your Kodi add-ons!

IPVanish VPN Features

  • Access all Kodi add-ons
  • Hide your internet connection and streams
  • Works on Android!
  • Tier 1 (no speed slowdown)

Sign up for IPVanish with this link or click here to read more information about IPVanish. Through our link, we automatically give you 25% off!


Before complaining that the addons above don’t work, I assure you they do. Here are a few helpful guides to help you out with some frequently asked live streaming questions on Kodi:


Let us know on Twitter or Facebook what you think of our list.

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