Add-on or function not working? View our Kodi how to check log guide and how to post a log from Kodi.

Contrary to popular belief, the Kodi Tips team are not mind readers. If you have a problem and you write to us on Twitter a vague statement like “I get an error on Exodus, plz help”, there is no way for us to help you because you haven’t given us any details. Follow our Kodi how to check log guide below to find the information you want.

Kodi logs track your movements in Kodi and write any errors you see to a text file. By looking at this text file, we can better help you figure out what the issue is. So, if you want to know how to post a log From Kodi, follow these instructions:

Kodi How to Check Log

  • From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > Add-ons > Install From Repository > Kodi Add-on Repository.
  • Select Program Add-ons > Kodi Log Uploader > Install and wait for the add-on enabled notification.
  • Next, we have to enable debugging. Back at the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > SYSTEM > Debugging  (make sure your Settings level is Standard or Expert if you don’t see this) > Turn on the “Enable Debug Logging” option.
  • You should see some new text in the upper left corner, this is okay.
  • Restart Kodi
  • Duplicate the exact same steps you did to get the error you would like Kodi Tips to look at.
  • When you are done, launch Kodi Log Uploader from your Program add-ons folder.
  • Wait a moment and the Kodi Log Updater program will automatically upload your log to the internet. It will give you an address you can copy and paste in a web browser to view your log.

Send us your log on Twitter and we would be happy to have a look and see what is causing your issues! Thanks for following our Kodi how to check log guide.

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