Yesterday, a Trakt update for Kodi was released. If your Trakt integration with Kodi has stopped working, click here and find out what the Trakt update did!

Trakt is a great add-on for Kodi. It lets you sync all of the TV shows and movies that you have watched on Kodi with your account on so that you always know how many episodes you are behind on a show or so that you can see how many movies you’ve watched.

Yesterday, a Trakt update for Kodi was released, 3.0.2, and it made a ton of improvements but also may have broken Kodi’s Trakt integration depending on what skin you are using. The new features of the Trakt update are:

Trakt version 3.0.2
– fancy PIN auth dialog (by tknorris) and design (by piers)
– new design for context menu (by piers)
skinners be aware, we renamed the dialogs, so you will need to rename yours too
– improved the dialogs so they are easier to skin
– you no longer need to scrobble to get a rating dialog
– created context menu addons for Kodi 15 (Isengard) – you need to install them on their own
– added an ‘add to watchlist’ button
– various fixes for manual rating and watched
– fixed some notifications not causing errors
– added id scrobbling via ids window property
– updated language files from Transifex


So, while the Trakt update has made it easier for skins to integrate with it, it does require some upgrades so if you have a special community build installed like SilenceROM, you will need to wait for them to update their skin integration to work with the Trakt update.

If Trakt is working for you, you’ll find that the Trakt update for 3.0.2 makes the add-on feel smoother for Kodi in general and you should be impressed.

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