The official KodiTips build is now available for download! Simple, clean, and modern, the KodiTips build is meant to help give Kodi users a solid base Kodi setup.

December 9th Update: A minor but big update to the build has been pushed. Renegades TV guide has now been configured and setup with all working channels! We’ve hidden all non-working channels and now you should be able to go into Renegades, pick a channel, an add-on (click on the Renegades icon if there are no add-ons listed) and watch live TV! If you are interested in this, run Fresh Start and then Generator from the wizard and if you aren’t, ignore this one!

December 7th Update: A new version of the build was just pushed! It contains a bit of cleanup, a few new add-ons, and some reorganization to make it easy for beginners! Check it out now,

  • Removed Lucky TV (doesn’t work)
  • Removed 123Movies (doesn’t work)
  • Add Pro Sport (can’t believe this was missed)
  • Add Made in Canada
  • Live submenu: Added Pro Sport & Made in America. Removed Castaway of & FilmOn
  • TV submenu: Added Incredible TV (Phoenix). Removed Lucky TV.
  • Special Lists submenu: Added Evolve. Removed Cosmix.

Iyou want to update your build, run Fresh Start from within the KodiTips wizard and then go back in and download/install the build again.

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!


The official KodiTips build is now available to download and install! Built with ease of use in mind, we wanted to create something that was simple to use that only contained add-ons deemed “must have” for all Kodi users.

This build does not give you anything you can’t build or setup yourself. Installing this build is completely your decision.

Check out some of the features of this build before deciding for yourself whether you want to install the KodiTips build:

  • Built for Kodi Jarvis (version 16+). No guarantees it will work on older versions.
  • Simple and easy to use. All parts of the build are right on the main screen. Only 25 add-ons come installed with the build.
  • Only essential add-ons. You can always follow our guides on to add what you want but this build is meant to be a solid base to start with.
  • Only official repos and sources are used. Don’t worry about sketchy sources or malicious add-ons or code.
  • Hand-tested by the KodiTips administrator to ensure that all add-ons are working. If you have issues, problems will be completely on your end (outdated firmware, Kodi version, etc).
  • The skin in the add-on was chosen because it is easy to setup and customize to suit your preferences. Follow our instructions below for assistance.

Check out some screenshots and then follow the instructions to download and install below that.

KTBuild-1KTBuild-5  KTBuild-3 KTBuild-4

KodiTips Build Current Setup
Main = Renegades TV Guide
Submenu = VidtimePro Sport, Made in CanadaZemTVcCloud
Widget = None

Main = Exodus Featured Movies Section
Submenu = ExodusPhoenixM4U1ChannelVelocity
Widget = Exodus Most Popular Movies

TV Shows
Main = Exodus Most Popular
Submenu = Exodus, Amazing TV (Her Place in Bob), 1ChannelVelocity, Incredible TV (Phoenix)
Widget = M4U Latest Episodes

Special Lists
Main = Phoenix
Submenu = One242415Evolve MorePowerUK Turk, NJMSoccer, Music Add-ons
Widget = None

Main = 
Submenu = Add-ons Menu, Customize (Skin Settings), File Manager, KodiTips Wizard > Clear Cache
Widget = System Info

Premium Add-ons Installed (but not on main screen)
Release Hub (Real-Debrid required), SportsAccess (premium live sports/TV), Easynews (Obscure video/audio streams, Massive private servers)

Interested in installing and using the official KodiTips build? Follow the guide below!

How to Install KodiTips Build
a) Install KodiTips Wizard (If you have the wizard installed already, move to part b).

  1. Navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source
  2. Press  and in the box that pops up, enter
  3. Below that, give a name to the source such as Koditips
  4. Navigate to SYSTEM > Settings > Add-ons > Install From Zip File > Koditips > plugin.program.koditipswizard
  5. Wait for the add-on notification to pop up.
  6. The KodiTips Wizard is now installed. It has 2 options inside of the add-on:
    1. Install the latest KodiTips Build
    2. Resets your Kodi Setup to factory, deleting everything EXCEPT the KodiTips Wizard. This is useful if the build has a new update and you want to install it, since things work better with a fresh and clean Kodi setup.

b) Download, Install, Reinstall, or Upgrade the KodiTips Build

  1. To install or upgrade to the latest version of the build, simply launch the KodiTips Wizard from your Program Add-ons.
  2. Select FRESH START and follow through the prompts. This will delete everything on your box except for the Koditips Wizard.
  3. After FRESH START is completed, reboot your Kodi box (pull the power or select from the menu).
  4. When Kodi restarts, it will be back to the default setup. Launch the Koditips Wizard from your Program Add-ons again.
  5. Click on Build Wizard
  6. The build will download and then extract and install.
  7. A dialog box will pop up after it’s done which will force close Kodi and restart it if possible. When Kodi loads back up, the build will be installed.

After your KodiTips build is installed:

Optional Customization Possibilities

  • Set the correct time:
    • Navigate to Settings > Appearance > International > Timezone Country and choosing your country.
    • Click on Timezone right below that and select accordingly.
  • Sync URLResolver and Exodus with your Real-Debrid account.
    • From the main menu, navigate to Settings > Add-ons > Exodus > Tools > SETTINGS: Accounts and click the Authorization button under Real-Debrid.
    • From the main menu, navigate to Settings > Add-ons > SYSTEM > Dependencies > URLResolver > Configure and perform the Real-Debrid authorization under the Universal Resolvers section.
  • Setup Trakt in Add-ons like Exodus or Velocity
    • Launch Exodus > Tools > SETTINGS: Accounts > Authorization under Trakt
  • Customize your menu/submenu (to add SportsAccess, for example)
    • Select Customize under the Settings section > Configure shortcuts > Edit menu shortcuts
    • To change a heading shortcut, select your heading and then press “Change Shortcut
    • To change a submenu shortcut, select your heading, press customize submenu, select your heading and then press “Change Shortcut“.
    • In the “Change Shortcut” window, click on Add-on and navigate from there to the chosen shortcut of your choice.
  • Set your Movie and TV Show header shortcuts to go into your Trakt List library.
    • Using the steps above to change the shortcut on your heading, navigate to Settings > Add-ons > Video Add-ons > Exodus > My Lists, and choose your Movie or TV list. Now your Movie and TV Show shortcuts will go into your private Trakt libraries.

Other Random Tips 

  • After the build is installed, the wizard will try to force quit Kodi. If you have an Android box, this will not work. Unplug the power cable from the back of the box for 10 seconds and then plug it back in to complete this step.
  • When the build was installed on Openelec, it was zoomed in. Navigate to Settings > Skin Settings > Make sure the level is set to “Expert” in the bottom left > Set the zoom to -4%.

And that’s it! What do you think about the KodiTips Build. Give us feedback by commenting below or reaching out to use on Twitter or Facebook.


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