Super Bowl 51 takes place Sunday, February 5th at 6:30pm EST and Kodi Tips wants to show you which add-ons have the best Super Bowl Kodi streams! Read on to find all of the details for a Super Bowl 51 stream!

The Super Bowl is the most watched TV show in North America every single year and with more and more cordcutters, we want to make sure that everyone knows how to stream the NFL Super Bowl on Kodi!

The Super Bowl will be taking place at 6:30pm EST on February 5th between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots. The game is being broadcasted on Fox, so to watch Super Bowl Kodi streams, we need to find dedicated sports add-ons or ones that have Fox!

Check out which add-ons will have Super Bowl Kodi streams:

NFL Super Bowl Kodi Streams

  • Made in Canada – The sports section in MiC is one of our favourites and will have multiple Super Bowl Kodi links to pick from.
  • Pro Sport – Pro Sport scrapes Reddit for high and low definition streams, so find one that works and watch Super Bowl 51 in great quality!
  • SportsDevil – Multiple sections inside of SportsDevil will be streaming the Super Bowl.
  • Phoenix – Check out the Phoenix sports section for multiple sports lists including THE ONE, Zodiac, and Ace Stream Sports
  • Bob – Bob Sports
  • Evolve – Evolve Sports
  • UK Turk – Check out the Sports section for multiple schedules to live games plus a list of channels.
  • cCloud – Search for “Fox” or navigate to the entertainment category and find Fox.

NOTE: Any add-on you see that have “acestream” or “plexus” beside each link or category, these streams are peer-to-peer (P2P) where you exchange your connection with others. Where traditional streams become worse as more people access the server, P2P streams are meant to get better with more users. Protect yourself with a VPN connection and hide your true connection from others by clicking here.

Which add-on will you be using for NFL Super Bowl Kodi streams? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!


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