The Phoenix addon was one of the best Kodi Playlist addons, manually linked and uploaded content in a variety of different categories. With Phoenix gone, take a look at some of the best Phoenix alternatives below.

For over a year, Phoenix was the number one Kodi playlist addon. After going offline for good at the start of May, let’s have a look at some of the best Phoenix alternatives below.

Compared to an addon like Exodus which scrapes the internet like a search engine for links, playlist addons are manually updated pointers to specific streams. Often contributed to by more than one member, play addons are great for specialty lists in any category the updater sees fit to include.

Playlist addons are a great source for content that doesn’t quite fit into the traditional “movies or television” area such as documentaries, workout videos, concert videos, and more. They are also popular for live streams and specialty events since links can be found and manually added into the addon right before the event starts.

Below are some of our choices for best Phoenix alternatives with links on how you can install them today:


Best Kodi Playlist Addons 

  • Bob – Featuring former Phoenix members, Bob is the current king in Kodi playlist addons. It’s TV and movie sections are often updated quicker than Exodus’ cache with more reliable links.
  • UK Turks Playlists – By our count, UK Turk is the longest running and largest of the Phoenix alternatives with over 7000 streaming files links and ready to watch today.
  • Made in Canada – MiC is a great source for live streams from around the world and specific content around baseball, hockey, and football.
  • Vortex – Featuring rockcrusher (of Phoenix) and Dreamweaver (of Vidtime), Vortex is an excellent playlist addon. It has great racing content for the speed lovers and a well-maintained live streams area.
  • Picasso – Maintained by Goliath (formally of Evolve), Picasso has a well-rounded selection of content. It includes some specialty areas for 4K movies, stand-up comedy shows, audio books and podcasts, fitness videos, and more.


What is your favourite Kodi playlist addon / Phoenix alternatives? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!


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