The SportsAccess service and the SportsAccess Kodi add-on provide reliable premium HD live sports streams for those interested in paying a little bit per month. Click here to read more information!

January 3rd: The latest beta of the SportsAccess add-on now comes with a full EPG program guide so that you will always know what is playing on each channel. Since the new version is beta, it is not in the SportsAccess repo yet but feel free to download the zip below and Install From Zip within Kodi (delete the old version to be safe).

Download SportsAccess Kodi add-on v2.0


Those of you who follow us on Twitter know that we are big fans of SportsAccess. SportsAccess is a premium live sports and television provider. It comes with a monthly fee, but in return you get a ton of great features:

SportsAccess Kodi Features

  • 100+ channels worth of live sports and 20+ live television channels that are non-sports related.
  • Daily schedule of all events.
  • Access to every single PPV event
  •  A video-on-demand section to go back and watch any event.
  • Select your server from the home page now once instead of every time you play a stream.
  • View the complete schedule for Today and the next three days!
  • Sort links by specific category/sport instead of scrolling through the entire list.
  • Sort times by 5 different time zones: West coast North America, East Coast North America, UK Time (London), CET (Paris), or Asia (Hong Kong)

The cost of SportsAccess is $14 for one month or $38 for 90 days. As an alternative to live TV for sports, this is a great deal! Even better, get 20% off with code “koditips”

If you are interested in signing up for SportsAccess, click here

NOTE: If you are a Comcast subscriber, they will throttle your live streams. Use a VPN like IPVanish to retain your speed while using SportsAccess. Click here to sign up for IPVanish. 

How to install SportsAccess Kodi add-on guide

  1. From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager
  2. Click Add Source > None > and enter in and name it “SA“.
  3. Back on the main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > Add-ons > Install From Zip File > SA > and click on it.
  4. After it is installed, you will get a notification popup in the corner. Click Install From Repository > SportsAccess Repository > Video Add-ons > SportsAccess > Install.
  5. Wait for the add-on enabled notification. SportsAccess will be accessible by going into your Video add-ons and clicking on SportsAccess

Before you launch the SportsAccess Kodi add-on for the first time, use “c” to bring up the context menu when you are hovered over top of the add-on and make sure that you enter your SportsAccess username and password credentials or things won’t work! Check out for information if you do not have a username and password.

When you go into SportsAccess, you are automatically presented with a list of channels in either the USA or Europe, depending on where your server location is set to.

To change your server location, simply click on the line that says “Select Server Location: USA”.

How is the SportsAccess Kodi add-on working for you? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter today!


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