Aeon MQ5 is one of the most popular Kodi skins available today and Aeon MQ6 has been released. It has a ton of great features and customization options!

Aeon MQ6 ups the ante and improves the Kodi skin experience ten-fold. There are thousands of customization options for colouring and widgets and extras and ways to really make your Kodi experience unique. Let’s hope that some users are willing to using Aeon MQ6 as a base to create fully customized skins and builds.

Aeon MQ6 Install Guide

  • From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > Appearance > Skin > Skin > Get More > Aeon MQ6. The skin will install with all of its dependencies and will prompt you if you want to change.

Aeon MQ6 has a ton of new features:

Added: New Extrapack script. (thanks to ronie)
Added: New Aeon MQ 6 UI Sounds script.
Added: More 3 My Menu. Now the skin have 5 My Menu.
Added: Main menu label/TvShows – Season number, episode number and tvshow title.
Added: Support to script Nextup Service Notification. (Netflix style)
Added: Windows – Video Info and Actor Info for Extended Info Script. (thanks to Angelinas)
Added: Option “go to full screen” when play a song. Available in Settings/Skin Settings/General.
Added: Flexible Widgets for main menu.
Added: Flags for countries.
Added: Icons for years.
Added: Style Selector for main menu.
Added: Option to load external ExtraPack.
Added: Transparency Palette for the Media Cases.
Added: New layout for Music Visualization. (thanks to Devilshura)
Added: Release Notes in Main Menu/Settings/Info Panel.
Added: Support to Extended Info script.
Added: Menu EXTRAS for show extended info content.
Added: Support to Arabic Fonts. (thanks to chakib)
Added: View Type Total Art.
Added: Media Flags for Video Studio.
Added: Media Flags for Music Record.
Added: Media Flag for Video – Top 250.
Added: Widget ‘Library Status’ for all sub categories: Movie/Tvshow/Concert and Music.
Added: Color Palette for the Media Labels and Bar (floor).
Added: Reset button for area. In customization window.
Added: Support for Cyrillic fonts. (thanks to Angelinas)
Added: View Type PosterList.
Added: Custom Home – Preview button for custom image background.
Added: View Type PosterLite. (thanks to CutSickAss)
Added: Main Menu/Settings – Info panel now is a Active panel.
Added: View Type ShowArt – Art size, default and big.
Added: Color Palette for the Styles (main menu bar).
Added: Color Palette for the Fonts – main menu.
Added: MPAA Rating in French. (thanks to Rififi77)
Added: Color Palettes have a ‘memory’ of last used color or transparency. User friend.
Added: New layout for Music Visualization – Available in OSD settings.
Improved: ExtraPack updated. Version 6.
Improved: New Weather Window. Forecast up to 16 days.
Improved: Default Background on Windows – Now the window keeps the image used in Main Menu, including Themes and custom image.
Improved: Dialog Video Info/Artist info access. Now you can use 2 x arrow down to see artist image and press Enter to see artist information.
Improved: View type Banner and Banner Info now offer support to seasons.
Improved: Code for Flexible Widgets/Extras. (thanks to Angelinas)
Improved: Code changes to improve compatibility with non-Windows systems.

Here are some pictures of the new Aeon MQ6 skin! Check it out today!

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