IPTV Stalker Pricing Released

IPTV Stalker, one of the best and most popular live TV services for Kodi has announced the paid pricing model it will be releasing soon.

IPTV Stalker is one of the best live TV solutions for Kodi and we featured it here. The team behind IPTV Stalker has released a message announcing how much the service will cost if you want to keep using it on your Kodi device. The message is as follows:


“Here you have the IPTV + Free IKS prices list for 1 to 8 donations. The prices for more than 8 donations will be disclosed very soon:

IPTV + Free IKS Prices List in USD:

1 = $105.00
2 = $190.00
3 = $270.00
4 = $340.00
5 = $400.00
6 = $450.00
7 = $490.00
8 = $520.00

IPTV + Free IKS donations will include 1 year of full and unlimited access to our IPTV service and all IKS services listed as available in our website iksprivateserver.com, you will be able to use both services at the same time from anywhere.

1 Donation may only have 1 MAC Address linked for IPTV but can be used at the same time in multiple FTA receivers watching different Satellite providers.

Just like in IKS you will have to buy 8 donations to become a Reseller and be able to manage the activation of your donations. All orders under 8 donations placed by a non-Reseller user will receive an email with the donations already activated for 1 year. Existing resellers are going to be able to manage their IPTV + Free IKS donations directly in their Papiao.tv accounts.

None of this information is final and it is subject to changes.

Note: To use the IKS services you need to be under the footprint of the SAT that you are planning to watch.

Best regards,
NFPS Staff.”


So there you have it. For $105 per year or less than $10 per month, you will be able to enjoy cable TV with IPTV Stalker over your internet service and you will be free of cable TV charges forever.

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