Looking for the best Fire Stick build to install onto Kodi on your Amazon Fire Stick? Look no further to our tips guide below for Fire Stick build help.

The Amazon Fire is a popular media box today and we get tons of questions on what the best Fire Stick build is to install onto Kodi that won’t slow down your Fire TV box too much.

First, let’s look at what factors in a Kodi build are important to the Fire Stick:


Amazon Fire Stick Build Tips For Kodi

  • Pick a build that’s lightweight (< 200 mb is my rule of thumb). The Fire Stick only has 8gb of space and some bulky builds can be upwards of 1 GB, far too much for just aesthetics.
  • Don’t choose a build with lots of HD photos. High definition backgrounds look nice, but they take up a ton of space and computer power to load every time you scroll over to the “videos” category in Kodi.
  • Don’t choose a build with a lot of widgets. Widgets like recent HD movies have to load from the internet each time it comes into focus. The Fire Stick has no Ethernet port and the lag in loading up each widget will slow down your Fire Stick build.
  • Minimize the time you are navigating through menus. Each time you launch a special section or addon, your Kodi box has to load it. Save time by keeping your main menu clean.
  • Pick a build with a specific set of addons. Kodi addons are awesome but how many do you really use daily? 1? 2? Installing a build with 40-50 addons means your box has to manually check 40-50 addons for updates each time you power on your Fire Stick. Keep the number of addons low and speed up your Stick.


The Amazon Fire Stick only has 1 GB of RAM, half of what most Android boxes half, which means it has less processing power to compute menus and pictures the whole time.

With the above tips in mind, you can find a good Amazon Fire Stick Build that works for you.

Our Kodi 17 Build has been optimized for the Amazon Fire Stick. It’s only 168mb, looks clean without bulky HD pictures, has 2 widgets, less than 20 addons, and a clean interface.

Click here to check out screenshots, information, and install instructions for our Kodi 17 build.

Comment below with your favorite Amazon Fire Stick Build!

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