About Us

Welcome to Kodi Tips, a resource for Kodi, Android TV, and cryptocurrency.

Kodi Tips has been on the internet since 2014 and has followed Kodi and Android TV related content since then. We provide both guides, tips, and best-of lists for viewers of our site. We do not sell or promote privacy and we do not own any of the content on the website. In recent years, we have dedicated time on the site to cryptocurrency, including crypto exchanges, play to earn games, and other crypto tips. We are a group of dedicated tech enthusiasts who keep in touch with the latest information.

We provide the best Kodi, Android TV, and crypto content for our readers and want to showcase the best new products and software in this area.

Contact us if you have an product we should focus on.

What you can find on Kodi Tips

We focus on Kodi hardware and software, along with cryptocurrency. Some of the things you can find on Kodi Tips are:

  • Reviews of the latest Android TV hardware and accessories
  • Lists of the best Kodi addons and things to do on your Android TV box.
  • Tutorials on how to mod Kodi, download updates, and configure your system.
  • Deals on Android TV and related technology
  • How to buy cryptocurrency
  • The best cryptocurrency websites and products to check out
  • Play to earn games that use blockchain technology and allow you to make money for playing


Alex Pooren – Senior Editor – Alex is the day to day content manager and senior editor at Kodi Tips. He has launched, bought, and sold dozens of websites. Alex is an avid gamer and enjoys mods and custom enhancements to everything he plays.

Cole Ableman – Technical Manager – Cole provides web design and development expertise to Kodi Tips. His job is to implement the latest technologies and ensure that information is accurate on a daily basis.

Ryan William – Contributor – Ryan is the main content provider to Kodi Tips. He is responsible for researching, writing, and editing content on the latest Kodi, Crypto, and Android news. Ryan has published over 2000 articles for various websites on the internet.

Jag Puro – Contributor – Jag is a new contributor to the website. His background is in technology and he has experience testing and researching new products and software.

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