News: Blue & Valhalla Leave Phoenix and TVADDONS (Discuss in Here)

Sep 30, 2016 | Kodi News

Some Kodi news today: Blue and Valhalla have left the Phoenix team and TVADDONS community. Click here to read the latest and find out what is going on.

We don’t post enough Kodi news, but some notable news has come out of the Phoenix add-on today: Blue and Valhalla have left the team and the TVADDONS community. For those who are unfamiliar, let us try to explain as clear and impartial as possible:

Blue was in charge of the “Her Place” section in Phoenix, which had movie and TV show playlists catered to women. As well, she constantly updated the Amazing TV area, which had the latest episodes for nearly all popular TV shows. Find her on twittexr here.

Valhalla also had his own section, the most popular of which was “Valhalla Hot Movies” which kept Phoenix up to date with all new and HD movie releases. Find him on twitter here.

TVADDONS is the largest Kodi community on the internet today and they host a large majority of the popular Kodi repositories and add-ons,

While we don’t know the full story, here are a selection of tweets from Blue and Valhalla that give their story.

“I had decided to leave phoenix. I did want to give you guys a heads up and a few days notice but I guess tva likes fucking you over.”

“I’ll be up soon. So hold tight. And once again I’m so sorry guys. This was not how I wanted this to happen.”

“Just to be clear. The boys in phoenix are amazing. I’m not leaving because of them. And I wish them all the best. Love my boys xx”

[email protected]

“As from today I’ll no longer be part of phoenix or tvaddns. Thank you all for the support.”

[email protected]

TVADDONS has been notoriously tough on the developers they host, telling them who they can and can’t collaborate with and treating other good members of the Kodi community poorly for various reasons.

Let’s hope that Blue and Valhalla land on their feet again soon. They were one of the best go-to spots for HD new movies and television shows and two bright spots in the community.

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