10 Best Torrent Sites to Use in 2022 [Ultimate Guide]

This article is the ultimate guide to understanding the best torrent sites available for downloading all sorts of content. Whether it is music, documentaries, games, or movies, you can use a torrent site to access anything.

In this article, we will specifically go over:

  • An overview of all torrents sites
  • The founding year and Alexa ranking for each torrent site
  • Banned regions of each torrent site
  • Mirror links for all torrent sites 

List of the 10 Best Torrent Sites in 2022

Don’t have time to read our full article? Check out our list of top torrent websites below.

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. YTS
  3. LimeTorrents
  4. Torlock
  5. 1337x
  6. Torrentz2
  7. EZTV
  8. ETTV
  9. Zooqle
  10. RARBG

Next, we review our best torrent sites in more detail.

The Pirate Bay Review – The Most Popular Torrent Website of all Time

Founding Year: 2013

Alexa Rank: 224

Banned Regions: Singapore, India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Iran, China, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, France, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Mirror Links: pirateproxy.id, ThePirateBay.red, Tbp.tw, TPBMirror.org, thepiratebay.rocks, thepiratebay.vip

The Pirate Bay is the market leader and best torrent site out there if you want to find and download all your favorite content.

The downloads are fast for this torrent site, but you need to have a stable and fast internet connection to download content quickly.

Most of the torrents on this site have seeders because of their large user base, so you can download the content quickly.

the pirate bay torrent site
The Pirate Bay torrent site

YTS Review – The Best Torrent Site for High Quality Content

Founding Year: 2011

Alexa Rank: 695

Banned Regions: Ireland

Mirror Links: yts.unblockit.app, yts.pm, ww.yts.vc, yts.lt, yts.unblocked.mx, yts.am

YTS is the best torrent website if you need to download high-quality content, as they have a user base of 75 million users globally.

This torrent site has almost 30000 titles, and most of the titles have subtitles, and they also come with 1080p and 4K high-quality resolution.

YTS has a unique user interface, so you can easily find your favorite movie. Each movie has important details such as synopsis, tech specs, movie pictures, and IMDB ratings.

yts torrent site
YTS torrent site

LimeTorrents Review – The Biggest Torrent Database

Founding Year: 2009

Alexa Rank: 3001

Banned Regions: United Kingdom, Australia, and France

Mirror Links:  limetorrents.zone, limetor.com, limetorrents.asia, limetor.pro, limetorrents.in, Limetorrents.info, limetor.club

LimeTorrents has a huge database of over 10 million torrents in all media types, and they get more than 20 million users every month.

Its content library is actually larger than The Pirate Bay, and you get the top 100 torrents that are available for all the categories.

The list of top 100 covers all the new releases. There are also nice category pages for games, apps, anime, music, and more.

limetorrents torrent site
LimeTorrents torrent site

Torlock Review – The Safest Torrent Website

Founding Year: 2010

Alexa Rank: 21900

Banned Regions: Australia, United Kingdom, and India

Mirror Links: torlock.unblocked.mx, torlock.unblocked.krd

If you are not sure whether other torrent websites are safe, you can surely go to Torlock because it is the safest torrent website out there.

You get paid $1 for every fake torrent you report, which proves the commitment of Torlock on how safe they want to keep this torrent site.

All the recent and popular torrents are displayed on the homepage for all the categories, and file specifications like size, seeders, and date are shown for all torrents.

torlock torrent site
Torlock torrent site

1337x Review – The Simplest Torrent Website to Use

Founding Year: 2007

Alexa Rank: 257

Banned Regions: Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, and Austria

Mirror Links: x1337x.ws, x1337x.eu, x1337x.se, 1337x.gd, 1337x.is, 1337x.st

1337x is a famous and well-known torrent site for most people, and they have over 53 million users visiting their website every month.

Their user interface is minimalistic and informative, and they have all the technical information about each torrent which is very beneficial to its users.

This torrent site displays very few ads when compared to other websites. There also has been improvement in the download speed and other features of this website.

1337x torrent site
1337x torrent site

Torrentz2 Review – The Best Torrent Site for Books

Founding Year: 2016

Alexa Rank: 21682

Banned Regions: None

Mirror Links: torrentz.eu, torrentzeu.org, torrentz2.cc, Torrentzwealmisr.onion, torrentz2.is, torrentz2.me, torrentz2eu.org, torrenteu.org

Torrentz2 is another popular website where you can download all the recent movies, games, document files, and all sorts of software.

If you are a student, you can download ebooks such as study materials, a question bank, and study guides from this torrent site, which is essential for all students.

This torrent site has a great collection of genres, so you will be able to easily find and download any torrent with the website search engine.

torrentz2 torrent site
Torrentz2 torrent site

EZTV Review – The Best Torrent Site for TV Shows

Founding Year: 2015

Alexa Rank: 3162

Banned Regions: Ireland, United Kingdom, and Australia

Mirror Links: eztv.unblockall.org, eztv.yt, eztv.ag, eztv.unblocked.bet, eztv.unblocked.krd, eztv.tf, eztv.red, eztv.unblocked.mx

EZTV is one of the best torrents if you are looking to download torrents for tv shows. You will find that most of the tv shows available have a good video resolution of 1080p.

This torrent site is dedicated to just tv shows, so you are not able to find movies, music, games, software, or other categories of torrents.

The interface of this torrent website looks a little old and dull, but all the other aspects, such as the quality of torrents and website search engine, are good.

eztv torrent site
EZTV torrent site

ETTV Review – Another Top TV Torrent Site

Founding Year: 2003

Alexa Rank: 34799

Banned Regions: None

Mirror Links: ettv.be, ettv.unblockninja.com

ETTV is another torrent site dedicated to download tv shows. However, you will also find movies, games, music, software, and books.

You can find all the new and also old tv shows. ETTV has an amazing collection in various genres where you can binge-watch your favorite shows.

This torrent site is very straightforward and safe to use, and its user interface is minimalistic. If you love watching tv shows, this would be your ideal site to download them.

ettv torrent site
ETTV torrent site

Zooqle Review – Trending New Torrent Site

Founding Year: 2013

Alexa Rank: 2086

Banned Regions: None

Mirror Links:  zooqle.unblocked.mx, zooqle.unblocked.krd, zooqle.bypassed.org, zooqle.nocensor.club

Zooqle is trending among all torrent sites, and they seem to be becoming very popular. They have a great content library, including movies, tv shows, games, software, and ebooks.

Make sure to know the rules in your country because it is illegal to download copyrighted or pirated content, so avoid downloading such torrents.

One of the good features of this torrent site is that they have a good search engine, and there are essential details for each torrent.

zooqle torrent site
Zooqle torrent site

RARBG Review – The Best Torrent Community

Founding Year: 2008

Alexa Rank: 7542

Banned Regions: Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia

Mirror Links: rarbgmirror.com/index70.php, rarbgprx.org/index70.php, rarbgunlock.com, rarbgunlock.com/index70.php, rarbg.is, rarbgmirror.com

RARBG has excellent quality torrents in all categories because of its active community and also moderators. 

Bad torrents are removed frequently, which proves to be a safe torrent site for all the users, and you can also report bad torrents to be removed.

Also, you find the torrents by filtering them based on the date added, size, seeders, and leechers for each torrent, so you can easily decide which one to download.

RARBG torrent site

Frequently Asked Questions

Is torrenting illegal?

Torrenting differs from country to country. As long as you don’t download any copyrighted or pirated content from torrent sites, it is legal.

How do I access blocked torrent websites in my country?

You can use VPN or proxy, which changes your IP address in order to access the blocked torrent websites in your country.

Can I use free VPNs for torrenting?

Free VPNs do not have the robust features to safeguard your privacy, so you should opt for a paid VPN like NordVPN to be safe while downloading the torrents.

What happens if I get caught torrenting?

If you download copyrighted material from torrent sites, you may face legal issues which are specific to every country. We recommend you use a VPN while torrenting.

What are the best torrent sites?

The best torrent sites are YTS, The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, Torlock, and 1337x because the download speeds, features, website search engine, and user interface are really good on these torrent sites.

Final Thoughts

I hope you liked this article and I hope it helped you choose the best torrent site based on the multiple factors that I highlighted.

As mentioned above, please use a paid VPN like NordVPN for downloading torrents. This allows you to stay anonymous and protect your online internet activity.

Also, make sure you are downloading a genuine torrent because some might be fake ones, and you could be downloading a virus or malware.

Comment below which is your favorite torrent site mentioned in this article and the ones that should be added to this list.

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