News: Hotspot Shield Snoops Users, Sells Data

The Hotspot Shield VPN, a free service, has had a formal complaint filed against it for snooping users VPN history and selling data to browser and ad companies. The complain was filed by the Center for Democracy & Technology after an independent Carnegie Mellon University uncovered the findings.

If you don’t know, Hotspot Shield is a free VPN service, popular amongst those who want to protect their data without paying. However, what good is any VPN, free or not, if your internet history is logged and data is sold? You may as well not be behind a VPN at all.

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Hotspot Shield is trending for all the wrong reasons. This is the result a formal FTC complaint filed by the Center for Democracy & Technology.

A Carnegie Mellon University analysis discovered that the Hotspot Shield logs user IP addresses, monitors user browsing habits, and utilizes multiple third-parties to redirect user traffic and serve targeted advertisements.

This discovery highlights the importance of promoting true no-logging VPN providers like IPVanish over services with questionable policies and practices. IPVanish owns and operates its network resources from within, and maintains a strict user-friendly privacy policy. Comparatively, Hotspot Shield’s policy contains frequent mention of third parties, ad networks, and disclosures.

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