Sync Trakt and Kodi to Keep Track of Your TV

Sync Trakt to your Kodi software today and sync all of the TV Shows and Movies you’ve watched and are watching to Kodi for convenience and to make your life easy!

First, go and download one of the many apps for your smart phone that syncs to Trakt. I use SeenIt for the iPhone because it’s easy to use and you can sync Trakt data easily. Once you have it downloaded, sign up or login to your Trakt account.

Inside the app, you can do a bunch of things!

– Add TV Shows and Movies to your watch list and turn on reminders when a new episode is about to air.
– Share what you’re watching with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and give everything a rating.
– A custom calendar so you can see when all of your TV shows air.
– Track your entire media collections so that you never forget.
– Tack your TV show progress across all seasons and episodes as you are watching.
– Get recommended TV shows and movies based on your viewing habits.

Once you have your account setup, go and sync Trakt to Kodi by downloading the special Program add-on! To do that:

  • From your home menu, choose Settings
  • Select Add-ons
  • Select Get add-ons
  • Choose the Kodi/XBMC add-on repository
  • Select Program Add-ons
  • Select Trakt
  • Select Install

Once you sync Trakt to Kodi, the app will sync with your favourite apps like Genesis and Primewire and you gain the following Kodi features!

– Sync your TV Show and movie libraries to Trakt.
– Automatically sync your Trakt collection so that it matches up with Kodi
– Keep watched statuses synced between Kodi and Trakt
– Rate movies and episode after watching them (and share with your friends)


Trakt is a great tool for keeping your viewing habits organized! Go and get it today and make your Kodi life easier.

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