Zeus EPG TV Guide EPG (ZGuide) Coming Soon

The Zeus Video administrator has announced on the official Zeus Video forums that the Zeus EPG TV Guide, called ZGuide, is in development and is planned to be released at the end of August.

On the official Zeus Video forums, the administrator has announced plans to develop and release an official Zeus EPG TV Guide called ZGuide. ZGuide will be a full EPG that syncs directly to the Zeus Video channels with full TV Guide listings to show you what is currently on TV. Here are the official details about the Zeus EPG, including a release date!


The platform for ZGuide will be an open-source EPG written by Tommy Winther. This source has been used as the platform for F.T.V. and iVue TV Guide, two of the most popular Kodi EPG add-ons today. All credit will be given to Tommy for his work and contribution.

TV Listings

The TV listing information for ZGuide could come from three sources:

  1. It could be built on a web server using a freely available program called WebGrab+Plus, a software that can be setup and configured to grab TV listings information from XMLTV files available on the web that show TV guide data.
  2. A scraper could be integrated into ZGuide that would read TV listings directly from a TV Guide website.
  3. The administrator could find a 3rd party company and pay them to generate an EPG list in the proper format.

There is no word yet on which option will be chosen.

To integrate or not?

One of the options that the administrator is wondering is whether or not to integrate Zeus right into ZGuide. In other words, this would make Zeus Video come right with ZGuide without the need for the Zeus video add-on and the ZGuide program add-on. Personally, Kodi Tips would like to see the all-in-one integration, but there is no official word how this will be handled yet.


The developer of Zeus Video is currently working on another, unnamed, add-on. However, he estimates that ZGuide v.1 will be complete around the end of August.


If you have any desired features you would like to see included in the Zeus Video EPG TV Guide (ZGuide), let us know on Facebook and Twitter and I will pass along all of your suggestions to the ZGuide developer!


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  1. I found if you change your mac address in stalker settings, full reset of ivue, the channels DO work. You will get *authentication failed* but keep clicking the channel and it will load after a few times

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