The TV ADDONS website has returned with some shocking news updates on what’s been going on over the past few months. Read the summary below and donate to TV ADDONS in its war against censorship today.

TV ADDONS has brought its website back online and has come out with some big news on its whereabouts over the past 2 months. TV ADDONS is currently being sued by Canada’s biggest telecom providers: Bell, Videotron, Rogers and TVA. TV ADDONS has clarified a few important points for the benefit of all:

  • They were never sent a takedown notice, despite being required by law.
  • They never hosted nor direct linked to any type of protected content.
  • Less than 1% of the total Kodi add-ons indexed by TV Addons were accused of being “infringing.”
  • These companies seek to destroy the Kodi community, and don’t care who’s rights they violate in the process.
  • These companies attempted to get TV ADDONS shut down while a civil lawsuit takes place, but justice prevailed and TV ADDONS won big in court. They thought everything was fine, until these companies managed to manipulate the law to keep TV ADDONS down anyway…

For full information on what’s been happening with TV ADDONS, we highly encourage you to visit the TV ADDONS website for more information by clicking here.

We stand by TV ADDONS in their fight against internet censorship and the unlawful takedown of publicly available content. For the future of net neutrality, we encourage users to donate to help TVA’s court costs in his ongoing battle.

Click here to donate to TV ADDONS and fight censorship today.


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