The latest version of Exodus to come out has an Exodus sorting problem where your collection of TV shows & movies are not alphabetical. Read on the see the cause and solution.

UPDATE: A new version of Exodus, v3.1.11 has been released to fix the Exodus sorting problem outlined tomorrow. Make sure you have the latest version of Exodus.


We’ve been bombarded on Twitter and Facebook the past few days about an Exodus sorting problem that has popped up on the latest version, v3.1.10. Previously, your Trakt collection and lists would be sorted alphabetically. With the new version, Collections are now sorted in a seemingly random order. They are actually sorted by most recently updated or added, but this hasn’t been intuitive to our followers.

Per viper2k4, one of the developers of Exodus, sorting settings were changed to match whatever is setup on your Trakt account. So if you have your Trakt settings set for alphabetical, the Exodus Kodi addon will follow suit.

The issue with this change is that your ‘My Collection’ Trakt list cannot be sorted manually, so there is no way to set this by alphabet and have it change in Kodi.

In version 3.1.11, this Exodus sorting problem will be fixed so that Trakt lists will be sorted according to your Trakt settings, but Trakt Collections will be sorted alphabetically like in the past.

For now, there is nothing you can do except rollback your version of Exodus manually to v3.1.9, but this can cause issues with updates in the future so we only advise this if you know what you are doing. The next update to Exodus should be coming shortly and we will let you know on our home page as soon as it does.

You can read the full support thread and discussion about this Exodus Sorting problem on the TVA Forums.

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