Get the latest FireDL codes below and learn how FireDL on Android TV can help you install Kodi, games, UK TV, and a ton of other popular apps.

The FireDL codes below will help you install popular Android TV apps (also Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick) very quickly onto your Kodi Box. This handy app from aidyMatic removes a ton of steps about finding a working link and sideloading specific Android TV apps to your box.


What is FireDL

FireDL is an Android App you install from the Google Play Store just like any other app. It is a search engine to install apps, documents, and zip files to your Android box. The perk is that apps are installed via 5 digit codes, so you don’t have to enter in full HTML links or search the web for updated APK files. Simply download the app with our 4-step guide below, launch it, and enter in one of the FireDL Codes from our list to download and install that app.


How to Install FireDL

  1. Fire off, Enable Unknown Sources from your Android Box Settings > System > Debug Options menu.
  2. From your Android TV Box main menu, launch the Google Play Store and sign in if you aren’t already
  3. Using the search box, type in FireDL.
  4. Click on FireDL and press Install. Accept the permissions popup if necessary.

And that’s it, FireDL is now installed on your Kodi box.


To download an app onto your box using FireDL, launch the app and enter in one of the shortcodes below. Your app will download onto your Android home screen and be accessible instantly.

The FireDL codes list below has multiple versions of Kodi available to install, as well as a few other apps we get requests for:

  • PLaY! is a front-end gaming emulator that doesn’t use roms. Download the Genesis, Nintendo, or Super Nintendo versions below and play classic games on Android TV.
  • Mobdro is a live streaming app we’ve featured before.
  • UK TV Now is another popular live streaming solution.
  • ES File Explorer is a popular app for accessing files stored on your box.

There are many more apps you may recognize below, just install the app today and check it out.


FireDL Codes List

  • 30000 – PLaY! Genesis
    30001 – PLaY! NES
    30002 – PLaY! SNES
    60000 – STREaM!
    60001 – Kodi 16.1
    60002 – MyGica Media Cenrtre (Kodi 17.0 for Pre Android 5 devices)
    60003 – Kodi 17.1 32bit
    60004 – Kodi 17.1 64bit
    60005 – SPMC 16.6.0 32bit
    60006 – SPMC 16.6.0 64bit
    60007 – FTMC 16.1 RockChip
    60008 – FTMC 16.1 Amlogic
    60009 – STVMC
    60331 – Tiny Tunes
    65000 – MX Player v1.8.20
    65001 – MX Player ARMv7 NEON CODEC
    67001 – Fildo
    67999 – Mobile TV
    68000 – Swift Stream
    68002 – Terrarium TV 1.6.1
    68003 – Movian
    68004 – Mobdro 2.0.38
    68005 – ShowBox
    68006 – MovieHD
    68007 – UK TV Now (Fire Version)
    68008 – UK TV Now (Standard)
    68009 – SolidStreamz
    68010 – HDO Movies
    68011 – SportsMania
    68012 – PTV Sports
    68013 – LiveNetTV (Fire Devices)
    68014 – LiveNetTV (STD Android Devices)
    68015 – Show Sports 2.0.2
    68016 – FreeFlix HQ 1.6.2
    68017 – PornHub
    68018 – IPTV app
    68019 – WSS
    68020 – OneBoxHD
    68021 – i4Sports
    68022 – Cinemax
    68023 – Wuffy Player
    68024 – SportsNation HD
    68025 – Geo Streamz
    68026 – KoKoTime
    68027 – STV Emulator Pro 0.8.5
    68028 – Movile TV
    68029 – Sportstv2.0.4
    68030 – X Videos (18+)
    69001 – Mouse Toggle
    69002 – QuickSupport
    69003 – ES Explorer 4.1.6
    69004 – FireFox
    69005 – Aptoide


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