Are you trying to install Kodi or another app on your new TV box but seeing the error “no app found to handle this file”? Read on how to fix this below!

The 3rd generation Amazon Fire TV launched on October 25th, but some users found that while trying to install Kodi, they were met with the error “no app found to handle this file”.

The reason you receive this error has to do with the fact that the native Amazon Fire TV doesn’t know how to open an APK file, which is the file type the Kodi software is downloaded as. In order to open an APK file, you need an app to handle opening this, such as Downloader.

The latest version of Downloader as of the time when the new Fire TV came out did not support the latest box, leading to the “no app found to handle this file” message.

However, as of late October 26th, the latest version of Downloader, v1.1.4 does support opening APK files on the new Fire TV and all problems should be fixed.

If you are still seeing the “no app found to handle this file” error on the new Fire TV, ensure that you have the latest version of Downloader installed.

If you want to know the correct way to download and install Kodi on your new Fire TV, click here. This method uses Downloader and should align with everything posted above.

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