The Pulsar add-on is now discontinued, but don’t worry because the brand new Quasar Kodi add-on brings reliable torrent streaming to Kodi along with some new great features. Get all of the details and instructions here!

January 15th: Another Quasar update to v0.9.55.

  • Global search now using the same ‘Choose stream’ dialog, #204
  • Another possible fix for saveResumeData crashes 🔥
    • At least double-checking we don’t get corrupted data…
  • Uncheck item in web UI after deleting
  • Mark overlay status offset as subsetting
  • Use https for TheMovieDB API calls
  • Updated translations


January 13th Update: The Quasar Kodi add-on has been updated to v0.9.54 with a whole bunch of nice changes and bug fixes for users.

Note, there is now a nice WebUI for the Quasar add-on, accessible through http://:65251/web/ when your box is on and connected to the internet.

Quasar Kodi v0.9.54 (and earlier) Change Log

  • Hotfix for playing from library,
  • Proper fix for tracker scraping results and crashes
  • Possible fix for saveResumeData crashes
  • Name matching of active torrents using Aho-Corasick algorithm
    • No more having to select the same torrent again if it’s already in your torrents list.
  • Updated translations


The Kodi Pulsar add-on was the number one method for streaming torrent movies and TV shows onto Kodi, but the developer has discontinued work. Now, a new team has stepped up to create the Quasar Kodi add-on, a Pulsar fork that will bring support and new features to the add-on.

Check out some of the new features added to Quasar already:

  • Kodi library integration! Add shows and movies to your library
  • Multi-torrent support
  • Enabled experimental support for android_x64 (Nexus Player)
  • New Daemon built on Golang 1.6 for speed and stability
  • New libtorrent v1.0.8

The actual Quasar Kodi add-on is just a shell which grabs moves and TV show information from IMDB and TVDB and presents it along with a search feature. The real magic happens from the different Kodi Quasar providers, which connect to different torrent websites and are used to grab all of the streams back into the Quasar Kodi add-on. The biggest torrent sites in the world are supported, meaning you can pick your favourite torrent site and find a working stream from there, just like you would if you were to download a torrent.

Note: Because this add-on uses torrents, you share your stream with other users as you watch a show. If you are not comfortable with this, consider getting a VPN to protect your connection while you use the Pulsar add-on.

Interested in trying out the Quasar Kodi add-on? Check out our installation guide and tips and tricks below:

Quasar Kodi Install Guide

  • Before installing the Quasar add-on you need to allow remote control of your Pulsar providers into the Pulsar add-on. To do this, navigate to SYSTEM > Services > Remote Control and make sure that both “Allow remote control by programs on this system” and “Allow remote control by programs on other systems” are checked and enabled.
  • From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source > None
  • Type the following EXACTLY http:// and select Done
  • Highlight the box underneath and enter a name for this media Source like “Fusion”. and then click OK
  • Go back to your Home Screen and then to SYSTEM > Add-Ons > Install from Zip File > “Fusion”
  • Select xvmc-repos > english > and wait for the Add-on enabled notification
  • Click Install From Repository (Isenguard) or Get Add-ons (Helix) > Unofficial Quasar repo > Video Add-ons > Quasar > Install and wait for the add-on enabled notification.
  • Quasar is now installed and can be found in your video add-ons. HOWEVER, before you run anything, we need to add some Quasar providers which will allow us to watch streams.
  • Still inside of the Unofficial Quasar Repo, navigate into the Program Add-ons folder and scroll down until you see all of the Quasar’s MC ____ Provider. These are all of the torrent providers available and you need to install one or more to pull results for us to watch.
  • CAUTION: Do not go crazy and install every provider. Most torrent sites all scrape from the same sources and are not all that different from here. I also noticed that that a few providers were not working for me which I had used previously in Quasar: Kickass and Extratorrent. The Quasar Providers that work for me and are recommended are: EZTV (excellent quality TV source) and Torrentz. Kickass and Extratorrent are two of the most popular torrent sites on the internet, so try those and see if you can install or if you get a failed notification.
  • Once you have installed a few providers, go back to your main menu navigate to your Program add-ons and you will see all of your Kodi Quasar providers listed. Hover on one > Configure and be aware that you can setup some Movie Filters and TV Show filters. For example, you can choose to allow or filter out 108p files, CAM links, TS links, 3D links, etc. This is handy if you only want to use Quasar for 1080p links or want to maximize the results you get back.
  • Once you are satisfied with your Quasar Pulsar providers, reboot Kodi completely. This is necessary to complete the Quasar setup. When Kodi starts up, the Quasar daemon will automatically start and run in the background.
  • Navigate to your video add-ons, hover on top of the Quasar add-on and press the menu button > Configure > Advanced tab > Clear Cache. Before I did this, the Quasar add-on was showing old results in all of its categories like Most Popular. Click OK and exit out of the settings. 
  • You can now launch the Quasar Kodi add-on and use all of the providers your installed to stream TV shows and movies from all of your favourite torrent websites on the internet. When you click on a stream, a window will pop up and let you know the show’s status as it buffers. Once it reaches 100%, it will start playing for yo

Kodi Quasar Tips

  • If you get no results navigating through TV Shows and Movies, try to search for the show. Sometimes I find that the IMDB and TVDB information for a show does not match the torrent file and you will get no results. For example, “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” returns no results for a lot of episodes, but if you search for “Jimmy Fallong SxxExx” you get lots of results.
  • Use “SxxExx” to your advantage when searching. If you are looking for season 3, episode 12 of a show, include “S03E12” in your search, which is a universal naming convention and will help you find results.
  • If you are particular about which link you watch, hover over a show and press menu > Choose Stream and it will give you a list of streams that your Quasar providers have returned. Look at the file name and ensure you have the DVDRip you want.
  • Learn what S and L mean. At the start of each file, the Quasar Kodi add-on will show you how many seeders and leachers a show has. Seeders are users who have the show 100% downloaded and if a file has lots of them, it will be more reliable for you.
  • Getting no results and not sure if the Quasar add-on is to blame? On your computer/tablet, go to the torrent website you are using and search for the episode/movie yourself. If it has no results, then a stream simply does not exist for your show. If the website has results but Kodi doesn’t, try manually searching in different ways to get your result to show up.


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