What is SPMC for Android? SPMC vs Kodi

What is SPMC, the Android-optimized Kodi fork and how does SPMC vs Kodi compare? Check out our guide for understanding SPMC and downloading it today.

What is SPMC?

SPMC is an Android fork of Kodi that is developed and maintained by koying, the former Android programmer for the Kodi foundation. It is the same backbone as Kodi, but has been optimized for the Android operating system. In particular, koying does his testing on the Nvidia Shield, so primary usage is on there, but the benefits mostly transfer over to Amlogic and Amazon CPUs as well.


SPMC vs Kodi

How does SPMC compare to Kodi? Well, most users will not notice a difference between the two pieces of software. Behind the scenes is where SPMC does a great job, fixing some Android bugs that some users may have noticed before:

  • ADD: HQ scalers (Shield only, afaik)
  • ADD: GUI selection of H/W decoders
  • FIX: Save skin settings immediately 
  • FIX: UTF8 formatted labels
  • Add voice recognition to soft keyboard (cf. faq )
  • (re-)Add reboot & shutdown on rooted devices
  • Expand recommendations and voice search to tv shows and music albums
  • Fix voice search (+ enable Web server by default)
  • Fix low sample rates audio
  • Fix DTS issue
  • HD Audio passthrough (Shield + some aml, Minix U1 & Wetek Core at least)

Most changes are made for Android 5.1, so users of old boxes should upgrade to something newer if they are having issues. One nice feature of SPMC is that it supports Android voice commands support.


Dual Run Kodi and SPMC

SPMC maintains a separate app ID from Kodi, so it can be installed side-by-side on your Android device and you can run both pieces of software at the same time!


Download SPMC Install Guide

  1. If you prefer to sideload SPMC from your computer, Download SPMC Android from the Google Play store by clicking here 
  2. If you prefer to install from your Android Box, simply launch the Google Play store from your main menu and search for “SPMC”. When you find it, click on the icon and then click on install. SPMC will appear on your Android main menu.

Click here to go to the official SPMC website.



What is SPMC? Hopefully we’ve helped you figure that out. Don’t think of SPMC vs Kodi, but SPMC as a compliment to your Android box. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out! We are not experts, but we may be able to point you in the right direction.


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8 thoughts on “What is SPMC for Android? SPMC vs Kodi”

  1. Most people are running Kodi/SPMC with Android TVs, I believe. I tried installing on a phone (LG G3). I found Kodi Krypton very difficult to use, and basically hopeless; SPMC works perfectly. Installing Exodus went OK. HTH

  2. as a side note .. I was hesitant to uninstall Kodi as it came “burnt in” with the box. I thought it may lose some functionality … it didnt.
    You’ll be glad you did

  3. All .. I had exactly the same problem with the same box. Heres what you need to do. Go to Playstore and download “Complete Kodi Setup” (its a blue circle with a horizontal K facing downwards) In there it’ll give you an option to download and install SPMC. Dont go the google version, rather the other one they offer (up near the top). It downloads and installs perfectly. You will have to uninstall Kodi after that, as it interferes with SPMC. And as Kodi takes up over 1G of space .. you get that back !! SPMC only occupies around 250Mb.
    You’ll have to reinstall Exodus however .. plenty of sites that explain how to do that.
    I was having a pig of a time with Kodi .. couldnt upgrade, flaky add-ons etc etc. It was driving me nuts. SPMC works as Kodi should have. Heaps of/too many add-ons available. You only need the one = Exodus.
    Do what Im suggesting and everything works a treat (finally).. well it did for me.Hope that helps

  4. After trying to upgrade from Kodi 16.1 to 17.1 and having no luck, I found information about SPMC and went to the Google Play store to install it. Unfortunately I was immediately greeted with “your device is incompatible with this version”. So no SPMC for my brand new MXQPro S905X Android TV box with android 5.1.1. But I wish it worked because Kodi is turning into a nightmare.

  5. Having not got on well with Krypton 17.1 and struggled to download older 16.1 version on my Sony android TV. SPMC downloaded direct from Playstore and I cannot tell the difference, runs everything I need fine. I am not very techy so, a simple download and adding Pulse build works for me.

  6. Thanks i will try but i have a ishue i have been trying to install sabznd sickbeard and can get it in services but it will not let me install can you help

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