This is a heads up warning that everyone reading this should go and uninstall Metalkettle Repository today. Learn about the risk in keeping old repositories and sources below.

Metalkettle is a popular former Kodi developer who stepped away from Kodi and deactivated his accounts earlier this summer. Make sure that you uninstall Metalkettle on your Kodi box because someone has now registered a GitHub account using the same username and could target Kodi users who still have the Repo install on their box.

Per Metalkettle on Twitter:

“Warning: If any users have a metalkettle repo installed on their systems or within a build – please delete ASAP.”

“Someone has re-registered metalkettle on github. So in theory, could pollute devices with the repo still installed. #ItsNotMe”


When you install a Kodi repository, you are really just adding a pointer to an address on the internet. When developer’s upload content to that address, you see it on your Kodi box if you have that pointer installed. If you don’t uninstall Metalkettle, someone else now has access to that address on the internet and could send malicious code and unwanted content to your box.

Protect yourself and uninstall Metalkettle today! We’ve added a guide below that is based on the default Kodi skin. If you use a special skin or build it may look different, but please take the time to do this today.

Update: With permission from Metalkettle, the Indigo addon noq automatically uninstalls the Metalkettle repo if you have it installed. This should help protect Kodi users.

How to Uninstall MetalKettle Kodi Repo

  1. From your Kodi main menu (Estuary skin), Select Add-ons (Kodi 17+) or SYSTEM (Kodi 16-)
  2. Select Add-on Browser (Kodi 17+) or Add-ons (Kodi 16-)
  3. Select Install From Repository
  4. Highlight the MetalKettle Kodi repository you want and press the menu button on your remote (‘c’ on a keyboard).
  5. Select Information
  6. Select Uninstall and click Yes when it prompts you if you are sure.


How to Uninstall MetalKettle Kodi Source

  1. From your Kodi main menu launch File Manager from your main menu. Depending on your skin this may be hidden, but is commonly found under the SYSTEM header.
  2. Highlight the Metalkettle Kodi source you want to uninstall ( and press the menu button on your remote (‘c’ on a keyboard).
  3. Select Remove Source
  4. Yes when it prompts you if you are sure.


If you have MetalKettle Kodi addons installed that still work, you can still keep them. Performing the steps above will prevent you from getting any unwanted updates.

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!

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