APK Time: Sideload Android Apps To Kodi Box

Easily sideload Android Apps to your Kodi box (including Shield and Fire TV) with the APK Time Android app and get the best value out of your hardware. Read below for more information.

APK Time is an Android app that easily allows you to install special Android APKs that aren’t found in the Google Play or Amazon App Store.

A compiled Android App Kit is called an APK. Developers can choose to put their apps in the Google Play Store for easy searching and downloading, but some choose to keep their work off of the Play Store. APKs that aren’t in the Store must be sideloaded onto your Android TV box. You can individually search, download, and sideload each APK, but the APK Time app consolidates them into its own pseudo-app store.

Upon installing APK Time, you will be presented with a few different categories:


APK Time Categories

  • Top APKs
  • Android TV
  • Entertainment
  • Essentials
  • Fire Devices Only (Amazon)
  • Kodi Mods
  • Live
  • Music
  • Players & Browsers
  • Sport
  • x64
  • x86



APKs within APK Time are designed to make your Android TV box more powerful. Some of the added functionality you can get includes:

  • Mouse Toggle For Android TV – Using an app that requires a mouse but you only have the remote? This app lets you use your remote as a mouse, complete with scrolling, clicking, and dragging.
  • Opera Web Browser – By default, Android TV does not come with a web browser and the only one in the Google Play Store requires a keyboard connected to your box in order to use it. The Opera browser includes full web functionality.
  • Set Orientation – Some Android apps are developed for the phone and its portrait orientation, which means it can look funny on your landscape TV. This APK lets you force your orientation whichever way you want it.
  • Kodi – Can’t access the official website or want to try one of the beta nightly versions of Kodi? APK Time has everything you need.
  • Many more options, including Spotify, Showbox, Terrarium TV, Mobdro, and more.


NOTE: We have no affiliation with APK Time and have no control over what is presented in the app. Feel free to contact @xsmashx88x on Twitter with any questions, comments, or concerns.


How to Install APK Time Android App

Android TV / Shield TV

  1. Download the APKTime.apk from the Smash Repo here.
  2. Move the .apk file onto your Android TV box. The most common way is to transfer the APK onto a USB stick and then plug that USB into your box, but you can also transfer via network as well.
  3. On your Android box, launch the .apk file. The easiest way to navigate to this is to download ES File Explorer from the Google Play Store. When you launch ES File Explorer, navigate on the left to Local > USB and then click on your APKTime.apk file.
  4. When prompted, select Install and say Yes if it asks you for permission. When it is done, you can launch APK Time from this screen or find it in your Apps screen.


Amazon Fire TV

  1. Launch the Amazon App Store and download the Downloader app.
  2. Launch Download and enter in the following address http://bit.ly/FSAPKT and click Download.
  3. When prompted, select Install and say Yes if it asks you for permission. When it is done, you can launch APK Time from this screen or find it in your Apps screen.


And that’s it, you have APK Time installed.

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!


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