Bennu Kodi Addon Install Guide (Phoenix Reborn)

The legendary Phoenix addon has been reborn as the Bennu Kodi addon, a new playlist addon for your Kodi setup. Install it via our guide below.

October 25th: The Bennu Kodi addon was updated to yesterday’s date, 2017.10.24. The update brings better Hebrew language support and the updating of 6 providers for added streams in the playlists..

NOTE: In order for Bennu to work again you must go into your video addons, click the menu button on Bennu, select Settings, select ‘Clear Cache’ in the General Settings, click Yes, then click Ok. 

This version of the addon has the following changes:

  • Croatian language menus added.
  • Custom colors updated in settings
  • Sources & providers updated


October 14th: Another nice update from the Bennu team. Check out the changes:

  • Choose the colour that premium sources (Debrid) show up in.
  • Added 4 new providers.


After going offline at the beginning of May, Phoenix has been reborn with the brand new Bennu Kodi addon.

For those who don’t know, Phoenix was a very popular playlist Kodi addon. A playlist addon has content contributed to it by one or more playlisters, who each keep track of their own playlists worth of content. Like Phoenix, the Bennu addon has an impressive list of playlisters from the Kodi community:

  • Taurus
  • Dr. Stream
  • Crusader
  • Excalibur
  • Zodiac
  • Ra Live Streams
  • Cerus

In addition to the playlist sections, Bennu also has an overall TV show and movies section for new releases. Each playlister has their own niche worth of content, from movie and TV specialty sections, documentaries, music, live TV, and more. There is tons to check out in the Bennu Kodi addon.

NOTE: Bennu stores no content within the addon. It only knows how to search the public internet for data and information.

The Bennu Kodi addon can be found in the Colossus Repository.


How to Install Bennu Kodi Addon

This addon is a third-party Kodi addon not supported by the Kodi Foundation. Though Kodi add-ons don’t store any files or host any content, streams from this addon are scraped from websites that fall in a grey legal area.

Because it is not legal to stream this content in every country and location, we are not posting a how-to guide on this website. We believe that this is the safest move for because we know that there are parties looking to crack down on websites promoting piracy and we are not one of those. has plenty of add-on installation guides for things that are completely legal and we encourage you to check out our home page for more information.

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!


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106 thoughts on “Bennu Kodi Addon Install Guide (Phoenix Reborn)”

  1. Bennu says that the page has been removed, Is there another app that shows classic TV shows from the 50’s, 60′ 70s’ 80’s 90’s and 2000’s ?

  2. Does anyone know how to bring back Ureas? I watched a sci-fi movie one night and the next night Ureas was gone from the Bennu menu.

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  5. The problem is, after you clear the cache you have to— Reboot Kodi. —Otherwise it won’t work. It seems they’re still doing a lot work on it -which is a good thing- but it keeps borking the system.
    Still love it. An amazing add-on.

  6. It seems like all these questions and comments about Bennu are a waste of time placing them here because no one ever answers them. I have even sent a question to their Twitter account about the live section and they never answer. I guess they feel that they don’t need to answer to anyone

  7. Bennu not working anymore, cleared cache, removed and installed from two different reporitorys both different version and both not working.
    Bennu app down?
    Only opens just a three choice menu and THE update list

  8. What happened to bennu live section? Had it working last week before it went offline, this week after update still showed but didn’t work…. Today bennu live is gone… Is it gone for good?

  9. I was using the Bennu add on and everything was great under the throth menu however tried to use it last night and kept getting the msg unplayable stream. I tried 10 movies all the same msg before finally giving up and trying another add on. Anyone else have this issue or know a possible fix. Thanks

  10. My Bennu was gone for a few days on one firestick & working fine on another one, which was strange. Now the one that wasn’t working, is working again, only thing missing is the adult section, but adult section is working on other one lol. I’am guessing one was installed under a UK link & other one from USA.

  11. Go to system>settings>install from repository >Highlight the colossus Repo
    Hit the menu button and click check for updates
    Click back once and you will see available updates click that and update all and once it’s finish bennu should work just fine

  12. Been trying to open Benny for the last 3 days. Was working flawless before. Cleared cache multiple times. Uninstalled the reinstalled. Restarted stick and cleared Kodi cache. Still nothing. No menu, just info box opening saying they are on line and here is what is new. Hit enter button, three options open up without any way to view titles or anything of the sort.

  13. Its working now.

    Make sure you install all your updates. In my case i had missed updating a few, such as the covenant module. After it got updated Bennu started working right. Weird, how other modules would affect my access to Bennu.

    I hope this helps.

  14. Bennu is still not working for me. I did clear the cache several times. I even uninstalled then rebooted and install again.

    Only the banner appears. Once the banner is gone nothing else appears and im back in the video addons section.

    Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

  15. I have cleared cache and then shut down, tried to uninstall and reinstall and Bennu is still not working for me. Any suggestions?

  16. i ha the same problem not working after the update
    so i uninstalled it and the addon db (
    restarted kodi, reinstalled it and now it is ok

  17. Been trying to gain access to Bennu for 2 days now. The message on keeps says shut down for maintenance with the date for access. What’s happening? When’s it coming back online?

  18. Bennu is great and was working on the October 15th but since yesterday all that is visible is the updates popup menu on the right side of screen. Any suggestions?

  19. Is Bennu already down Just updated No Limits Magic and Bennu menu is there but unable to get anything to work

  20. Phoenix was phenomenal! Never was so distraught when announcement of departure was made. Bennu is 90% just as great

  21. Installed this morning downloads STILL throwing a error and no downloads. Plus to many Openload references, I have a raspberry with a VPN, so I can only “pair” with my lap top which has a VPN and different IP address so pairing is ineffective.

  22. Does anyone know the IPTV service that BENNU LIVE was using — which is now long gone? It was absolutely brilliant and the very best quality and selection I have ever seen. I would be more than willing to purchase the service if it is one that is available for subscription.

    I just LOVED all the local stations that it offered — something that no other IPTV service seems to do. It was simply one of the very best KODI features I’ve ever seen.

  23. Damn Bennu live TV is down I seen a you tube video last week how to Get live TV back on bennu but it was taken down it was some kind of build does anyone no how to do this

  24. I love using Bennu. But I notice that the live TV listings does not list stations from every state. I only see listings for Alaska thru Kentucky. Any body know how to access listing from the rest of the US? I am trying to find Shreveport LA.

  25. Trying to watch Italian channels that require a von, which I have IPVanish. However, it’s not working. Any help?

  26. Hallmark Channel live on Ra Live Stream stopped coming through with sound since a week ago. Video is fine but no sound. Please help.

  27. To reset 18+ password delete the controls.txt file in the “//masterprofile/addon_data/” folder or delete settings when you uninstall.

  28. Anyone know how to reset the password for adult section? I forgot the password and it will not let me in. I uninstalled app & restored it, same problem.

  29. Anyone receiving a “failed to install dependency message, view this “

  30. Update on Live links:

    Links are back and MORE, there is now two new submenus in Bek, Live Stream Hunters and Youtube Bennu Reviews/Guides/etc.

    Thank you devs!

  31. The Live links in Bennu Live are at present non-existant. I believe the dev is currently updating/re-organizing. I noticed yesterday that the only official links were UK, now there are News and Australia links. Waiting for USA links and Unofficial links to be restored. Thanks to the devs, I know ur working hard.

  32. Have been using Bennu. was working fantastic, until yesterday. I went to use the Bex, in Bennu Live. It had many USA local news channels, and interesting IPTV sites. The USA HD section is now missing, and the one that is there is broken. Is it the addon, or is it something that I need to add. Please let me know what is the answer.

  33. I just downloaded Benny, the xxx section is password protected? Anyone know the password so I can turn that off?!?!

  34. I can’t get the new repo to install it keeps coming up with failed to install add-on from zip it’s the 999.999.6 repo

  35. Thanks working so far but my sports devils went down have mobdro just now seems to work but don’t get rangers games on it though but will do unless you can give any more ideas please thanks for help it’s much appreciated was missing my films.xx

  36. The source from tinyurl must be in your list even if the Colossus repo is already installed. The version number is still the same but install the zip from this source on top of what you may already have to update Colossus to include Bennu. If after Bennu is installed as one user described it refused to populate simply power down the Kodi software from inside the program and wait for it to finish unloading, do not force close. This will cause Kodi to acknowledge Bennu and receive the input data required for the add-on to function.

  37. For those not getting the Bennu addon in your Colossus repo, you need to do a reboot and the Bennu will be uploaded..

  38. Everything upgraded without any problems, but without the BENNU addon?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  39. Hi,
    There is no Bennu on my colossus repository!
    I currently have the version 999.999.6 by Colossal

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