The 12 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2022

In this guide, we provide you with the best free sports streaming websites on the internet today. These websites can be accessed by any web browser on your computer or Android TV box, including:

  • Amazon Firestick
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Nvidia Shield

And more!

If you have a favorite free sports streaming site you like, comment down at the bottom of this guide and let us know.

The Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Our favorite sports streaming websites are as follows:

  1. VIPRow Sports
  2. CrackStreams
  3. SportSurge
  4. LiveSport24
  5. Streamhunter
  6. VIPBoxTV
  7. SportstreamTV
  8. LSHunter
  9. ATDHE
  10. Stream2Watch
  11. FootyBite
  12. LiveTV

Before we break down key information about these websites, including:

  • Monthly visitors
  • Number of ads
  • Categories of sports shown
  • Tips for using each website
  • What we like and don’t like

Let’s break down what these sites are about.

What is a Sports Streaming Site?

A streaming website aggregates or hosts live media content from around the world. Sports streaming sites focus on specific sporting events. These sites often categorize links by sport or by start time.

How to Safely Stream on the Internet

Most streaming websites on the internet are insecure. They are filled with malicious ads and often expose your connection to the rest of the internet.

In order to stay safe while streaming on the internet, you need to use a VPN.

A VPN hides your connection and allows you to stream the internet safely. Check our NordVPN and Surfshark today, which have fast speeds, zero logs, and are optimized for computers, Android TV boxes and streaming websites.

VIPRow Sports Review – Best Split Screen Streaming

  • Monthly Visitors: 250,000+
  • Ads : 4
  • Categories: Football, Wrestling, Boxing, Basketball, among others.

VIPRow Sports is one of the best free sports streaming sites on the internet. It offers a wide range of sports categories, including Rugby, Golf, Tennis, and Racing. 

This sports streaming site offers sports on demand, online TV, and live sports streaming for your viewing pleasure. You can watch any of your favorite sports on any device, including tablets, phones, and PCs. 

What We Like

  • It supports split screen so that you can watch more than one game at a time.
  • Switching from one device to the other is seamless.
  • It comes with an easy to navigate interface. 

What We Don’t Like

  • VIPRow Sports allows intrusive ads.

Click here to view VIPRow Sports

VIPRow Sports best free sports streaming site

CrackStreams Review – Best Reddit Sports Streaming

  • Monthly Visitors: 1.2 million
  • Ads : 4
  • Categories: College Football, Basketball, Pro Football, Boxing, MMA, among others.

CrackStreams is a popular sports streaming site among sports fans. CrackStreams offers thousands of live sports streaming events, including Motorsports, Rugby, Hockey, Tennis, and much more.

If you are a sports lover and you’re looking for the best site to watch live matches, you won’t go wrong with CrackStreams. The site is completely free without sign up requirements. CrackStreams is available on Reddit as r/boxingstreams, r/nflstreams, r/nbastreams, or r/mmastreams. You can also use these Reddit channels to stream events at no costs. The non-stop streaming ability and easy interface make CrackStreams one of the best streaming sites for sports lovers. 

What We Like

  • CrackStreams offers real-time updates on games.
  • It also notifies sports lovers about upcoming games.
  • Mobile-friendly and intuitive design.

What We Don’t Like

  • Access is limited to specific regions except if you use a VPN. 

Click here to view CrackStreams

crackstreams free sports streaming site

SportSurge Review – Best Sports Streaming Without Ads

  • Monthly Visitors: 900,000+
  • Ads : 0
  • Categories: College Football, Basketball, Pro Football, Boxing, MMA, among others.

SportSurge is another interesting sports streaming site you should check out. SportSurge offers a wide range of live events in different categories, including boxing, motorsports, MMA, hockey, and basketball. 

While there are no annoying ads, you may encounter ads during live matches. According to the developer, the live match ads are meant to cover development expenses. 

Fortunately, sports lovers do not need to create an account before they can stream their favorite sports. 

What We Like

  • SportSurge offers high quality streams.
  • The site don’t run popups or any disruptive ads
  • The interface is very easy to navigate.

What We Don’t Like

  • A bit slower streaming experience

Click here to view SportSurge

sportsurge free sports streaming site

LiveSport24 Review – Best P2P Sports Streaming

  • Monthly Visitors: 1.5 million
  • Ads : 3
  • Categories: Basketball, College Football, UFC, WWE, Soccer and many more.

LiveSport24 is a free sports streaming site for latest highlights and sport videos. It allows you access to stream a wide range of live sports, including German Bundesliga, English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and French Ligue 1. 

You can also stream Spanish Primera Division, Italian Serie A, and major sports events like basketball with the NBA and ice hockey with the NHL. 

LiveSport24 uses P2P technology to stream medium to high quality sports events for free. You can watch highlights and daily updated videos from recent games. 

This streaming platform also offers live score to keep you up to date with all results. 

What We Like

  • LiveSport24 offers a live scoreboard
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface
  • Sports lovers get notifications for upcoming events

What We Don’t Like

  • The intrusive ads are annoying

Click here to view LiveSport24

livesport24 free sports streaming site

Streamhunter Review – Best HD Sports Streaming Website  

  • Monthly Visitors: 700,000+ 
  • Ads : 4
  • Categories: Baseball, Boxing, Golf, Motorsports, and Rugby.

Streamhunter is another free sports streaming site to watch live football, handball, Moto, Tennis, and Volleyball. Streamhunter also streams Basketball, NFL, Rugby, Box and much more. 

This streaming site hosts several links to various live sports. One of the biggest wins for Streamhunter is high speed HD streaming and the no sign up policy. However, the unnecessary intrusive ads will sometimes irritate you. 

What We Like

  • Streamhunter offers all-inclusive cricket matches.
  • It has a simple interface.

What We Don’t Like

  • Distracting pop-up ads on some links.

Click here to view Streamhunter

streamhunter best free sports streaming website

VIPBoxTV Review – Best 4K Sports Streaming

  • Monthly Visitors: 900,000+ 
  • Ads : 2
  • Categories: Badminton, Snooker, Horse Racing, Handball, Cricket, and Tab Tennis.

VIPBoxTV is a top-rated online sports streaming platform. VIPBoxTV streams a wide range of live sports, including Baseball, Boxing, Golf, Motorsports, and Rugby. This is a growing free sports streaming site.

This platform is 100% free, so you don’t need to spend money watching your favorite team. Just sit back and enjoy. There is no sign up form, subscriptions, or other annoying ads. 

You can watch your favorite team at work or home or school, because VIPBoxTV works on tablets and phones. 

What We Like

  • You can search your favorite sports events in the search bar.
  • VIPBoxTV is available on numerous platforms.
  • It supports 4K streams 

What We Don’t Like

  • VIPBoxTV is restricted to certain regions except if you connect via a VPN

Click here to view VIPBoxTV

VIPBoxTV free sports streaming site

SportstreamTV Review – Biggest List of Events

  • Monthly Visitors: 1.2 million+ 
  • Ads : 0
  • Categories: Golf, Motorsports, Rugby, Hockey, and Tennis

SportstreamTV is a free sports streaming site that broadcasts a wide range of sports, including motorsports, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, and football. 

Luckily, SportstreamTV streams live matches in high definition quality. Plus, sports lovers will get post-game highlights of the matches they missed.

SportstreamTV is not available worldwide. Therefore, you need a VPN provider to enable you access your favorite matches. 

What We Like

  • Variety of games available on SportstreamTV.
  • It streams HD quality live matches.
  • No intrusive ads to disrupt your viewing pleasure.

What We Don’t Like

  • You need a strong internet connection to enjoy HD quality streaming.

Click here to view SportstreamTV

SportStreamTV free sports streaming site

LSHunter Review – Best Sports Streaming APK

  • Monthly Visitors: 300,000+ 
  • Ads : 4
  • Categories: Badminton, Snooker, Horse Racing, Handball, Cricket, and Tab Tennis.

LShunter is a high quality sports streaming platform. It supports free sports streaming on both mobile and desktop applications. You can download, install, and use an APK file in order to use LSHunter on smart TVs. 

This is a great site to watch your favorite team if you are on a budget. 

LShunter features interactive live-stream replay and live streams in HD definition. Like other streaming sites, you cannot stream LSHunter in certain countries unless you use a VPN. Some of the ads can be annoying.

What We Like

  • You can live events and games.
  • It supports multiple simultaneous streams.
  • LSHunter guarantees high quality streams.

What We Don’t Like

  • No option to download streams.

Click here to view LSHunter

LSHunter sports streaming site

ATDHE Review – Best Minimalistic Sports Site

  • Monthly Visitors: 280,000+
  • Ads : 3
  • Categories: Football, Wrestling, Boxing, Basketball, among others.

ATDHE is a minimalistic sports streaming site that offers highlights and sports-related news. It features a wide variety of sports, including NBA, NFL, MMA, Football, NCAA, and NHL. It has a user-friendly and highly intuitive interface. 

ATDHE also features match results, schedules, live scores, highlights, as well as interesting sports-related information. However, sports lovers in the UK and United States are banned from accessing this streaming portal. 

What We Like

  • You get links to your favorite live sports on the homepage.
  • The streaming quality is top-notch.
  • The website layout is easy to navigate.

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t support visitors from the UK and US

Click here to view ATDHE

ATDHE free sports streaming site

Stream2Watch Review – Best Aggregate Streaming Website

  • Monthly Visitors: 520,000+
  • Ads : 4
  • Categories: Football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, rugby, and others.

Stream2Watch gathers streams from other sports streaming sites. Stream2Watch features soccer, baseball, volleyball, basketball, as well as other sport streams. 

With Stream2Watch, there’s a good chance you will find your favorite team to stream. However, you may run into misleading or intrusive pop-ups that can sometimes be annoying. 

Your best bet is to run a good ad blocker for a seamless streaming experience. Stream2Watch is available on any device or platform, including mobile apps and browsers. 

What We Like

  • This streaming platform broadcasts global sporting events
  • It has an easy to navigate homepage.
  • It supports HD quality streaming.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some links are broken

Click here to view Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch free sports streaming site

FootyBite Review – Best European Football Streaming

  • Monthly Visitors: 600,000+
  • Ads : 5
  • Categories: Tennis, MLB, Basketball, College Football, UFC, and WWE.

FootyBite provides sports streams from some of the most popular channels like TSN, ESPN, NBA TV, and Eurosport. It lets you stream your favorite games by tapping on a link on the homepage. 

The streaming quality is above average, plus you can connect your Android TV to stream your favorite live sporting events. One biggest disadvantage of using this streaming site is that instead of the main page, some links will redirect you to a new window. 

FootyBite also features a blog that is dedicated to European Football (Soccer) news.

What We Like

  • Consistent Streaming quality.
  • A well-organized site that is easy to navigate.
  • No sign up requirements or registration policy.

What We Don’t Like

  • The pop-ups are really aggressive

Click here to view FootyBite

Footybite free sports streaming site

LiveTV Review – Best Streaming Website with Chat 

  • Monthly Visitors: 1.4 million+
  • Ads : 3
  • Categories: Baseball, Boxing, Golf, Motorsports, Rugby, Hockey, Tennis, MLB, and more. 

LiveTV is a HD quality sports streaming site that offers updates on matches, tournaments, and highlights. It features live games, past games, and live streams for sports lovers to keep pace.

It is not exclusive to specific countries. This means that regardless of your country, you can stream your favorite live matches on LiveTV. 

LiveTV has messaging channels where fans are allowed to discuss anything sports-related. You don’t need to sign up to stream your favorite team. 

Plus, it has iOS and Android applications for sports lovers to easily access on-the-spot sports news. The only downside with LiveTV is that you have to deal with intrusive ads and pop-ups while streaming.

What We Like

  • LiveTV offers high quality streams.
  • It offers news and videos related to sports.
  • You can stream your favorite sports on the go.

What We Don’t Like

  • LiveTV has aggressive ads.

Click here to view Live TV

LiveTV free sports streaming site

What is your favorite free sports streaming website? Comment down below and let us know.

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