Stream Kodi from PC to Firestick, Roku, Chromecast in 2022: Ultimate Guide

If you have Kodi installed on your computer, you can exploit your system’s streaming capabilities to stream Kodi from PC on different external players. In this tutorial, I’ll guide you to do just that.  Here’s a quick overview of the contents of this article.

From Firestick to Chromecast, I’ve covered it all in this Kodi streaming guide. Before we start the tutorial, make sure you have the Kodi app installed on your PC. You can get the Kodi app on your PC from the app store. Alternatively, you can click the below download link to install the app on your device.

Install Kodi on Windows

Install Kodi on MacOS

Install Kodi on Linux

With the Kodi app now installed on your system, let’s get started with the tutorial right away. Here’s a quick overview of the contents

Stream Kodi From PC to Amazon Firestick

So, if you are an Amazon Prime user, you might be wondering if there’s a better way to use Firestick. But let me tell you, by installing Kodi on Firestick, you’ll find yourself in a happy dilemma over which platform to choose for streaming high-quality movies.

Amazon Firestick with Kodi will give you a deadly combination of effortless remote control capabilities. You will have a huge library of addons to watch videos, and from a variety of video sources on the Internet.

Once you have installed Kodi on Amazon Firestick, you can seamlessly stream movies on your PC through Kodi. Here’s how:


PC with movies folder

Firestick with Kodi installed

Step-by-Step Guide to Stream Kodi From PC to Firestick

To stream Kodi from PC to Firestick, follow these steps. 

  • Create separate folders for each movie
  • Share a folder with movie files to your network
  • Create a movie library in Kodi
  • Configure the router for static IP address

1. Create a separate folder for each movie

Although you can organize your movie files on Kodi, it’s better to create distinct folders with movie files on your PC.

Step 1:

Add a new folder for each movie with artwork and video files. 

Step 2:

Rename the folder as per the given format: movie name (year)

2. Share a folder with movie files to network

Note: This procedure applies to Windows 10. The steps can vary depending on the operating system you use. 

Add a new Kodi user account on your PC. 

To add a new Kodi user to PC, follow the below steps:

Step 1:

Go to Windows > Settings > Email & accounts > Add an account

Step 2:

Select the type of account you would like to add (add a non-Microsoft account)

stream kodi from pc by adding an account
Add a non-Microsoft account

Step 3:

Enter the email address and password and hit Next to complete the setup

Sign in with Google
Share movie folder to your network

Once the setup is complete, follow the below steps to share the movie folder with your network. 

Step 1:

On your PC, right-click on the Movies folder 

Step 2:

Select Properties and switch to the Sharing tab

Step 3:

Now, click on the Advanced Sharing option

Step 4:

In the Advanced Sharing dialog box, check the Share this folder option and hit OK

Step 5:

Now, in the Properties window, switch to the Security tab and select the newly added Kodi user account from the Group or user names list and tap OK to save changes. 

3. Create a movie library in Kodi

Follow the below steps to create a movie library in Kodi. 

Step 1:

On the Kodi app on your Firestick, go to Videos > Files

Step 2:

In the Add video source window, hit Browse

Step 3:

In the Browse for new share window, select Add network location

Step 4:

Next, in the Add network location window, edit the below details and hit OK

Protocol – Windows network (SMB)

IP address – Enter your PC’s IP address

Shared folder – Enter the folder name where you stored all the movie files (Movies)

Username/Password – Enter the username and password of the new Kodi user account added to the PC

Step 5:

The newly created SMB share network location will be added to the Browse for new share locations. Select it and click OK. 

Step 6:

Now, you’ll see the movies stored in the folder. Hit OK to confirm. 

Step 7:

In the next dialog box, you will notice the newly added network location as the video source. Again, click OK to confirm. 

Step 8:

In the Set content window, edit the following details and click OK

This directory contains – Movies

Movies are in separate folders that match the movie title – Toggle on

Scan recursively – Toggle on

Step 9:

Finally, hit Finish. The scanning process will start and Kodi will build a library named Movies (same as the movie folder name)

4. Configure the router for static IP address

Last, configure your router to always assign the same IP address to your computer. By doing so, Kodi will always find the shared movie folder irrespective of rooting your router or PC. If you use a Windows PC, follow the instructions in this article to change the IP settings. 

Stream Kodi From PC to Roku TV

Roku is a collection of free and premium movies, shows, TV, kids’, live news, and so much more. The opportunities are endless when you stream Kodi from your Roku player. In this section of the article, I’ll guide you in streaming Kodi from PC to your Roku player.  


Roku player

PC with Kodi installed

Step-by-Step Guide to Stream Kodi From PC to Roku TV

Streaming Kodi from PC to Roku is as simple as it can get. All you need to do is:

  • Set up screen mirroring on the Roku device 
  • Cast Kodi from the PC.  

1. Set up screen mirroring on Roku

Follow the below steps to set up screen mirroring on Roku. 

Step 1:

On your Roku player, go to the main menu and select Settings

Step 2:

Under Settings, go to System > Screen mirroring > Screen mirroring mode > Prompt

Step 3:

On your PC, go to Settings > Devices

Step 4:

Click on Add Bluetooth or other device 

Step 5:

Under Add a device window, choose Wireless display or dock

Step 6:

Select your Roku device from the detected devices list

Step 7:

Hit Done once the PC is connected to the Roku player 

2. Cast Kodi from the PC

The below steps will help you cast Kodi to PC. 

Step 1:

Launch Kodi application on your PC

Step 2:

When the PC tries to cast to your Roku player, a prompt on the device will ask you to confirm the connection. Click Allow when prompted. 

That is it! You can now navigate to the Kodi app on your PC and enjoy streaming Kodi on the Roku player. 

Stream Kodi From PC to Chromecast

Casting Kodi to any device from a PC is a walk in the park, especially if it is a Chromecast device. To stream Kodi from PC to Chromecast, we will simply use the Chrome browser instead of the system Bluetooth settings. Read on to find out how!


Kodi on Chrome browser

Chromecast device

Step-by-Step Guide to Stream Kodi From PC to Chromecast

Follow this simple guide to stream Kodi from PC to Chromecast. 

Step 1:

Open the Chrome browser on your PC

Step 2:

Click on the menu icon on the top right corner and select Cast

Step 3:

Now select Cast to, followed by the Cast desktop option

Step 4:

Select your Chromecast device from the list of detected devices

Step 5:

Finally, click Share to mirror your desktop to Chromecast. 

Open the Kodi app and start streaming. Wasn’t that easy?

Kodi Streaming From PC Made Easy

As you can see, streaming Kodi from PC to external players is not too tedious. The computer opens up a lot of opportunities for you to stream movies, sports, music, podcasts, play games, and do a lot more on a big screen with a more immersive experience. 

Let us know in the comments section down below if the above methods worked for you. 

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