Best Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts to Know

There are some great Kodi keyboard shortcuts you should know to make your life easier and make navigating Kodi easier. Read on below for Kodi tips.


For those that use a keyboard and not a basic remote, there are some great Kodi keyboard shortcuts you can use to make your life easier and make navigating Kodi a breeze.

Once you use these once or twice, they are very natural so work on just mastering a few at a time and make navigating Kodi easy.


Best Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. – Rewind Kodi. Press it a few times to rewind 2x, 4x, 8x, and so on.-
  2. – Fast forward Kodi. again, press it repeatedly to quicken the pace.
  3. – Play your video back to regular speed.
  4. S – Stop your video.
  5. Spacebar – Toggle between pausing and playing your video
  6. – Increase your Kodi volume.
  7. – – Decrease your Kodi volume
  8. – Toggle Kodi full screen and window. Very handy when you are multitasking, switch from full screen to window and back.-
  9. – Toggle subtitles in Kodi on and off.
  10. Escape – Exit screen or go back to the Kodi home menu.
  11. – Kodi audio out of sync? Use A to adjust the audio track over the video to line up the video and audio tracks.
  12. – Quickly shutdown Kodi from its power menu no matter what screen you are in.


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  1. I’m using kodi on windows. Is there a way to make the right mouse button be used to go back, as opposed to having to hit esc?

  2. Is there something wrong or am i dumb?
    Since nr 4 and 12are both the letter “S” and if u look at nr 12 its says…
    “Quickly shutdown Kodi from its power menu no matter what screen you are in.”.

  3. When we turn our android box on and get Google my question is how do we get it out of Chinese and would like English thank you so much

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