News: Courts Grants Subpoenas to Identify TVAddons & ZemTV Identities

The District Court in Texas where Dish Network filed a complaint against ZemTV and TVAddons has granted subpoenas aimed at identifying the owners of those websites.

In an attempt to find out the identifies of the users behind ZemTV and TVAddons, Dish Network requested, and was granted, subpoenas targeting Google, Twitter, Facebook, Paypal, Amazon, and other hosting providers

The court document mentions twitter accounts @shani_08_kodi, Facebook account “Shani”, GitHub account “Shani_08”, and email “[email protected]”, which it believes are all ran by the former creator of ZemTV. It also requests any Paypal transaction and credit card information with the username “Shani”.

For TVAddons, Twitter, Facebook, and Cloudflare accounts are requested, as well as an Amazon account with the email “[email protected]”.

The Google subpoena requests IP address logins and communications on GChat from 2014 onwards.

Subpoenas are forwarded on to the social media accounts above and are used to receive information that may identify the user behind those accounts. Each service provider can challenge the court for further clarification and choose whether to submit any of the requested information.

You can view the subpoena requests via TF by clicking here.

The complaint filed against TVAddons and ZemTV for copyright infringement carries a $150,000 fine for each offence. ZemTV was shutdown as soon as the original court complaint was filed. TVAddons went offline on June 12th.

We will pass along more news regarding the Dish Network TVAddons and ZemTV complaint as we hear about it. Join our discussion board to discuss this and a wide range of other Kodi topics.


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20 thoughts on “News: Courts Grants Subpoenas to Identify TVAddons & ZemTV Identities”

  1. If this is the case and dish is this pissed off then lets put this into prospective. All the major networks like cbs,tnt,nbc,abc,bet,discovery all have content available that is free to watch on thier site… so what is the difference. These addons are pulling this content from the internet. Like people dont think. And this is by far sad. Whoever runs tvaddons and zem need to stand up and fight this. The donation that are made are not for the service but for development aka paying for server space etc. If dish network was not in such a big ass monopoly where they cant make money before they are a rip off then they would never have issues. Hints sling tv. Sling tv sucks. The streaming sucks. The channels suck. And i agree all box sellers should donate without content your box is bullshit. #FightBACKTvaddons&ZEMTV

  2. With all the very smart , hackers/code writers, etc etc, put your collective minds together, bring down dish system, or ma bell or whomever.

  3. I agree, cable company’s are charging outrageous prices we’re getting absolutely nothing for it, so you third party Developers keep going, and thank you so much for your commitment and dedication in helping the little people.

  4. Aren’t there some hackers who know how to take Dish’s Echostar satellite systems down for good?

  5. I totally agree with all comments. I got rid of cable a long time ago. I still have internet service. I bought a HD antenna for outside to pick up local channels. I have the Amazon Fire TV box. I pay for Hulu which has come out with live TV but not on Fire TV box. I also pay for CBS All Access. Far cheaper then cable. Now I want to see some inexpensive high speed internet service. That would be great.

  6. I will do without cable regardless whether they shut it all down or not I even cancelled my sling tv I tried to be partially fair. When I forgot to pay cable bill they shut it off and nobody even noticed all they watch is Netflix and YouTube therefore goodbye cable and Netflix is legal

  7. I agree with you “concerned citizen” i used to work for dish and the start by paying their employees the bare minimum and make them work 3 times as had with absolutely nooo incentives in getting free or reduced rate dish service. And their employees work 365 days a year. When i started as a rookie and they go by seniority i had no say on which holidays i can take off and that year i would have had to work thanksgiving xmas and new years if i didnt quit a week before thanksgiving.

  8. Dish network suck for all I care,I’m in South Africa and DSTV sucks too for their lousy content and high prices,Three cheers to whoever makes it possible for all this good stuff,

  9. Screw Dish Network they are a cancer on society. Instead of spending millions chasing ghosts why not invest that money in charity or its employees. These developers dont get paid they do this in there free time without pay so Dish Network can go bankrupt for all I care.

  10. It’s thier own fault if sky etc charged 5 pounds a month nobody would bother to cheat but as they charge mega bucks and then go ,gee we wonder how we can get even more money. The internet is ours not theirs

  11. Everyone should call their cable companies or satellites and cancel their programming and do it all within 72hrs and show them WE the PEOPLE make decisions for our own-selves and we wont stand for raising gaudy prices and fees….to watch advertisements, politics half the year, and smut…. You go Kodi, & all….and I hope our court systems grow some balls and stand up for the people because obviously the public is telling them how we feel…but I agree on people chilling out on how much they post and talk about it online

  12. I think we should stump up the cash everyone that has used it donate a few dollars pounds etc help em out

  13. Where are the idiots who said it will blow over in a few weeks ? Third party addons are still too open . Stop advertising on youtube, facebook, and twitter . iDIOTS !!

  14. Yeah, this sure is messed up, instead of acknowledging & rewarding Kodi addon creators, they rather find ways 2 penalise these creators. Proves once again, the rich get richer & the poor……well, “we will decide ur needs”. Kodi & these addons are purely there 4 the hard working meagre earning class & they even deny us this.

  15. I’ve hated my cable provider since they have introduced and increased advertising during programs. First you pay an arm and a leg for access then you have to put up with adverts. They will never stop kodi

  16. It is only because cable and satellite companies are loosing customers to Kodi and three cheers to Kodi providers for looking out for the average people and families that can’t afford the higher rates of cable and satellite providers my vote will always go to the Kodi people for looking out for the little people. Cheers

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