Duckpool Kodi Addon Install Guide (Formally iStream)

The Duckpool Kodi add-on is the new name for iStream. It pulls back some of the largest TV and movie link amounts out of any Kodi add-on. Stream anything you want today with Duckpool by adding it to your Kodi add-ons today.

The iStream Kodi addon has been taken over by Mucky Duck and rebranded into the Duckpool Kodi addon. For those familiar with iStream, Duckpool is one of the biggest and most ambitious Kodi addons for movie and television. Discuss Duckpool and other Kodi add-ons on our new message board!

Duckpool, like Exodus or SALTs, is a multi-scraper Kodi add-on that pulls streams back from a large number of sources. Scrapers can also be updated and fixed on-the-fly, meaning that streams in the add-on can be fixed without needing constant add-on updates.

The Duckpool Kodi add-on scrapes videos from over 25 sources. It pulls metadata and links back on the fly and is good about telling you what it is working on in the add-on.

Inside the add-on, there are plenty of sorting options you can choose from, including votes, alphabetical, views, year, release date, and more. You can also sort links ascending or descending, giving you maximum customization in Duckpool

One of the most unique features in the Duckpool Kodi add-on is that it has picture-in-picture, allowing you to watch your stream in the corner while you search for another.

Like all other Kodi addons, Duckpool does not host or store any streams or content. It simply searches the public internet for streams and pulls back what it finds.


How to Install Duckpool Kodi Addon

This addon is a third-party Kodi addon not supported by the Kodi Foundation. Though Kodi add-ons don’t story any files or host any content, streams from this addon are scraped from websites that fall in a grey legal area.

Because it is not legal to stream this content in every country and location, we are not posting a how-to guide on this website. We believe that this is the safest move for because we know that there are parties looking to crack down on websites promoting piracy and we are not one of those. has plenty of add-on installation guides for things that are completely legal and we encourage you to check out our home page for more information.


And that’s it! The Duckpool Kodi add-on will be found in your Kodi video add-ons. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!


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58 thoughts on “Duckpool Kodi Addon Install Guide (Formally iStream)”

  1. I have installed MD and now see a wizard that offers lots of builds and I dont know where to start and what they all mean appollo xxxappollo etc

  2. It comes loaded with the Spinz TV Reloaded build, and it seems to work very well. Finds better links than Elysium, Exodus, Bob, Specto and the other TV show addons in the build. I’ve been using it exclusively for streaming popular TV shows I watch regularly.

  3. Let’s take a great add-on and rebrand it to something fu**in stupid like duckpool. What are you 9 years old. I am embarrassed for this add-on and for it’s development. I wouldn’t even install it on my system just in case … what an embarrassing graphic and name. It would be no different than going out and buying a car branded spiderpig. What a way to sink a project. Sad…

  4. I installed it but when I got to the video addons under duckpool repo all that is there are 2 wrestling addons, watch wrestling and WWE Online. I’m pretty sure I followed the instructions step by step. What did I miss or do wrong?

  5. It installs… and works! But it’s nothing special and I am struggling to see its appeal. It’s very slow and pulls up lots of dead options. Here’s hoping that Mucky does something to improve this addon which is certainly not up to “Mucky” quality at this point.

  6. finally i can install it.. after many time failed to dependency.. what i did is uninstall superepo repo.. i dont know if that actually can fix dependency failed.. but it work for me..

  7. Duckpool is the most tedious addon I’ve ever used. So slow and nothing plays. Should be called dudpool. Ended up freezing Kodi…couldn’t wait to uninstall it.

  8. I wish I had someone to install my stuff for me. I am still on Kodi 16. It does not work right. I don’t get all this stuff. I bought mine installed. It needs to be updated. I am not smart like you young people. I did not even know what all this stuff was. I just cut my tv off. I didn’t see a picture at all. 😞😞

  9. I’ve ibstalled it, wizard too. Can find it the repository but not my main add-ons. If I try to run it via repository, I cant select “run” or “configure”… so I have it, but can’t run it

  10. running Jarvis still and Duckpool is running fine. Had a couple of kinks but found the “first run” in the tools section, backed out, and tried again and it’s smoothed out. Looks to be a fun add-on. Just an opinion here, but what I think is happening is there’s so much conflicting data within people’s boxes or firesticks or computers that things are getting tangled up. once I read that certain programs were being shut down, I immediately removed them. Clean house and free up space. Only an observation.

  11. I have installed smash n duckpool they’re both saying the same thing when trying to install, I’ve went back reread the instructions twice

  12. Well I run Jarvis and I did the instal by the book and and everything worked got twice the enabled message but then at the end the dependency message instal failed. I am no fake. I cleared cache forced stop restarted kodiand still can’t find the add-on from Muckyduck. I can’t find that wizard either. Anything new?

  13. I have iStream from Mucky’s Repo from earlier this week and it works great! Is there any point in installing Duckpool from a newer version of Mucky’s Repo? Is Duckpool better than iStream? Will iStream stop working if I don’t download Duckpool eventually? Will installation of Duckpool automatically remove iStream from addons? Thx.

  14. Hey to the person name calling, why not offer to help the people having trouble rather than being a dick?

  15. Clear cache and force stop in app in settings, then once it does a first run you should see duck repo in the repository

  16. Hey Anon that’s what I have on my older one is jarvis can you help me? I wanna watch 1080 too!

  17. I’ve not tried anything yet. I’ve got one Titanium 17.1 and one older kodi that didn’t work since I’ve gotten it any special instructions? I’ve never played with them I bought them SPECIAL lots of $$$$$

  18. Your all a bunch of fucking morons I’m sat watching a 1080 film on duckpool as we speak,learn how to operate kodi before you all say it’s shit and isn’t working

  19. I found the add-on, but after i installed it, it showed up no where in my add ons, so unable to open it.

  20. Make sure your kodi is 17 Krypton & 18 and not an old version of kodi

    Read before you talk shit when someones hooking us up with this add on.. Thank you it works great #yukkmouth

  21. Got everything downloaded, now all I get is the loading sign and nothing happens. Any ideas ?

  22. To what the hell do you do if none of the streams play. I just keep getting “this video can’t be played look at logs.”

  23. I’ve got the duck pool add on install but it’s giving me a end user agreement I can’t click on decline or accept what do I do

  24. If you having issues installing try to delete cache Delete packages Delete crash logs exit and reopen and try again you don’t need the wizard

  25. Jackie Davis that was excellent advice. I was getting the dependency error following the above instructions. After your comment I went back into the mucky repository under programs and installed the wizard. Then I went back and tried installing duckpool again. IT WORKED!!

  26. i’m at the duckpool repo and when i go to install, it says the download failed………. can anyone please offer a solution?

  27. @Lanzheim, you need to look again, it’s there. From MD repo go to Addon Repo and install Duckpool repo. Then go out and go into Duckpool repo that was just added, Video Addons, and Bam. Duckpool Addon is available.

  28. I was able to install and it just keeps loading plug-ins every time I change a page. No content.

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