Full Kodi Movie Information with The Movie Database

Integrate full Kodi movie information in your system with The Movie Database add-on! This is a must have for everyone and adds some great polish to your Kodi skin interface.

Do you want Kodi movie information, plot, cast, trailer, rating, and information for every single movie in your favourite add-ons like Genesis, 1channel, and Primewire? The Movie Database is a great add-on that you can install and forget about how awesome it makes your Kodi experience.

First, lets see how to install The Movie Database add-on:

  • Settings
  • Add-ons
  • Get add-ons
  • Kodi/XBMC add-on repository
  • Movie information
  • The Movie Database
  • Install

Once installed, The Movie Database works behind the scenes to automatically populate information about movies and TV shows wherever you are in your Kodi menus. I use the SilenceROM hybrid skin found in the SilenceROM community build¬†and it’s nice to have information whenever I go check out a movie or TV show in Genesis.

If you click ‘c’ to bring up the context menu on a movie, you can click on “Movie Information” and The Movie Database automatically generates a ton of great info:

  • Cast
  • Movie poster
  • Summary of the plot
  • Rating
  • Trailer

The trailer is a really nice feature. If you are looking for a movie to watch in Genesis, bring up the “Movie Information” menu, click on trailer, and Kodi and The Movie Database will automatically download the trailer off of youtube and begin playing it for you!

The best part about The Movie Database is that it works without any interference from you. It integrates well into Kodi and the SilenceROM skin specifically so that you can see dynamic movie posters, screenshots, and information about whatever movie you are hovering on in real time.

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