Genesis Tips Part 4: Force Update Genesis Library

Do you ever find that your Genesis Library hasn’t updated with the newest TV episode that just aired? Force update Genesis and your library with this tip!

Welcome back to part 4 of our Kodi Genesis tips. If you want to check out some other Genesis tips, here are our others:

For part 4 of our Kodi Tips, we have important tips and information to force update Genesis to update your library.

This happens all the time to me: I wait patiently for a TV show to air and ten minutes after the show is done, I go onto my Kodi box and find that my library hasn’t updated with the new episode. I go into the Genesis add-on, find my show and once again am disappointed to find that it hasn’t updated.

So I wait 30 minutes, 60 minutes, two hours, and still can’t get the updated show. Only randomly over the next 5 hours will I get to go on and find my new episode. This is because by default, Genesis will only update itself and your library every 5 hours. Luckily, there are some tricks you can use to force update Genesis both automatically and manually to ensure that you can watch new episodes quickly after they air:

  • In Genesis, navigate to Tools > GENESIS : Library > Library : Settings and make sure that both “auto update TV shows” and “update Kodi library after adding content” are both checked.
  • In the Library : Settings screen, there is an option that says “GENESIS : Update Folders”. This is actually a hidden manual update button to force update Genesis and it’s dependencies and all of the sources it grabs links from. I highly recommend you do this when you want to force update Genesis to add new shows because it seems to work the best. I’ve added this command to my Favourites and have added this to my Kodi main menu to quickly force update Genesis!
  • Make sure that for all of the TV shows you watch, you not only “Add to Library” to access your shows from your Videos library, but “Add to Favourites” as well to put them into your Genesis favourites folders. These shows will get priority when the add-on updates either automatically or when you force update Genesis using the tip above.
  • If you want to force update Genesis for shows in your Library, you can also remove a show from your library (context menu on your TV show > remove from library) and re-add it to your library from within Genesis. This will force Genesis to completely add the whole show and refresh all sources at the same time, which is the same as an update to the library.

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19 thoughts on “Genesis Tips Part 4: Force Update Genesis Library”

  1. Hello, first time poster but love Genesis. I’m not sure if anyone is having this problem or can help me fix it. Every time now I try to add a new show to my favorite folder it is not saving it. If I click on “The Flash” for example; it doesn’t open to where it shows the different seasons or even save show to folder. Please hep! I have a Amazon Fire Stick with Kodi installed also with the lated Isengard version installed. What do I need to do?

  2. I have had shows that had metadata for them, but they play some BBC Earth show. The same one. Open ocean or something. Latest ones that it has happened to are Boogeymen, and Hidden in America to name a few. Not sure if this is a scraper issue, or what? I try links from different places as well.

  3. Hi! Is there an option to search the history of watched movies or shows on Genesis? I need to find a soundtrack from the movie I recently watched, but I have no idea what movie that was…

  4. I’m very new to KODI and all it’s content. I’m running the latest versions. When are movies updated from CAM view to viewing the movie normally? eg. Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 is showing only cam view when will it change or how do i update it. TY I’m very happy

  5. Every show/movie that I try to watch has now only 2 links available and neither of them are able to play the content :/. Does anyone know why this has happened or how to fix it??

  6. I have downloaded a film…it showed me it was completed , But I missed where it had gone other than Prog Files . I forgot where my destination was ( I am an OAP ) . Can you help me find it please I am completely at a loss.

  7. I added a few episodes to Genesis Library. I have tried several times to delete the Episodes. when I delete is goes away later I come back into the Library and its there again. I have tried rebooting after the deletion. Please help me so I can get the episode off. I have tried several times and it keeps the episodes I delete.


  8. My movie library is not updating on my android TV box but does update on my tablet every so often… Y is it not updating on my android TV box…????

  9. I’ve done all the tips mentioned above but I still have problems with TV shows not updating.

    When I enter the TV show through the Genesis add-on, the new episode is available, but in my TV show-library in Kodi it’s not. It doesn’t even help removing and readding the particular show to my library.

    The weird thing is that it’s not consistent. For instance the new episode of Homeland was available in my tv show-library on Kodi right away, while the new episode of The moaning of life (which appeared in the Genesis add-on yesterday) is still not available.

  10. Thanks for the speedy reply. As I said I had deleted and readded but some are still unresponsive. I did delete through file manager. I guess I will persist and keep trying. Thank you again, Genesis is still the best.

  11. The latest Genesis 5.1 update forces us to delete and readd our whole library. It’s because the year has been added to the metadata. Once you remove and add to library once it should auto update again

  12. First off, love Genesis and I thank you very much. It is all I use.
    I have done all the tips mentioned long ago. Force update for tv shows library is in my favourites for months.. Yet I still have numerous shows that will not update unless you remove and add afain to library. But doing that every time is ridiculois. Any help please, using windows 7 Kodi isengard. Genesis latest version as well.

  13. Hello recently on a new android box my genesis switched to 5.0.6 and it no longer lists links from Afadah these links were awesome

    My older box with 5.0.4 still has them question is two fold

    1) can I roll back to the version that has 5.0.4 and if so do I miss out on new movies etc

    2) how do I get the afdah links on the new box


  14. I bought a pre-loaded android tv box, but it had the older version of Kodi so I decided to delete Kodi and install the Isengard version. I installed the main repos, Fusion, Xfinity, Superrepo and a few others.

    From what I can tell the add ons all seem to be working fine, except Genesis. I’ve followed all the tips you have on here and I’ve the latest rev, 4.8.5, but when I went to add a lot of the TV shows I’d in my favourites previously there’s a lot missing, including current shows like Ray Donovan and Ballers. I can’t even find The Sopranos on there. Is there anything else I can do, it seems like they have been removed from the Genesis library?

  15. Still having trouble doing this adding Genesis:Update Folders to my favorites and to the main menu…where does it go when you press the context button and where do I see it to add it to the main menu…thanks for any info

  16. Just hover over any command or folder in Genesis and press the context menu button and then “add to favourites”. Then in system skin settings you can edit the submenu to add a shortcut from a favourite

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