IPVanish Android VPN Setup on Kodi Box

We’ve created a guide for the IPVanish Android VPN setup on your Kodi box! Check out how easy it is to turn on your VPN and protect your Kodi connection.

May 5th Update: The Android VPN setup app from IPVanish has been updated to v3.0.15 with some very nice improvements catered towards Android users:

Android VPN IPVanish v3.0.15 New Features

  • Take advantage of the new Quick Connect feature to connect to servers in popular countries fast.
  • Android users will now be remembered unless you log out.
  • Speed has been improved on the Amazon Fire stick
  • Improved server selection process
  • Other bug fixes

We are looking for users to review and provide a step-by-step on the new Android TV IPVanish VPN software. Get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter with your feedback.


Looking for a proper Android VPN setup guide? Let us show you how you can activate your IPVanish VPN account on your Android Kodi box, including the nVidia Shield TV.

What advantage does a VPN give you? It will protect your connection from being seen or shared with other users or your internet provider. It allows you to access content that may be geo-blocked in your area. IPVanish has a ton of great features and advantages over other VPN services:

  • Full native Android TV Kodi box support: Support for large screen TV format with built-in functionality for remotes
  • IPVanish has one of the largest VPN network footprints with over 25,000+ IPs, 400+ servers in 60+ countries.
  • Every server listed is a physical installation (most providers geo-spoof).
  • Zero-Log policy. This means that NO traffic laws from any customer are kept ever.
  • Tier 1 network, meaning IPVanish owns the entire network, hardware, software, etc
  • No throttling or blocking of any traffic, ports or protocols.
  • 7 day money back guarantee.

If you would like to know more information about IPVanish, click here.

Once you have your IPVanish account, let’s take a look at how easy the Android VPN setup is on your Kodi box:

IPVanish Android VPN Setup Guide #1 – Preferred method, most flexible

  1. From your Android TV boxes main menu, launch the Google Play Store and search for IPVanish via the search bar.
  2. Click on the IPVanish icon and press download to get the free VPN app onto your Android box.
  3. Go back to your main menu and then navigate to My Apps > IPVanish to launch the app.
  4. Open up the menu in the top left corner and press Login. Click OK if you get a Connection request from the Android operating system. Enter in your IPVanish username and password and Login to your account.
  5. Click on a server from the list to connect to that VPN service. A graph will show your internet traffic through your VPN connection.
  6. Press alt + tab on your keyboard and change your app to Kodi to keep your VPN connection running in the background. If you back out of the add-on, it will disconnect and close the app, so you need to press alt + tab on a keyboard to keep the app working in the background.


IPVanish Android VPN Setup Guide #2

  1. From your boxes main menu, navigate to Settings > Network > VPN.
  2. In the top right corner, click on or Add VPN. Fill in the VPN Name (it can be anything) and make sure that the PPTP Protocol is selected.
  3. Choose an IPVanish server by picking through this list. Enter in your chosen server address into the address line in the app. Tick the checkbox to enable encryption, click OK and save your VPN setting.
  4. Tap on your VPN to test the connection and login with your IPVanish credentials when prompted.
  5. In the top right corner, you should be able to enable an option to keep your VPN connection always enabled to automate this process the next time you turn on your Kodi box. You won’t have to run through this Android VPN Setup guide again!


Remember, all Kodi Android TV boxes are a little different. The above steps worked for us, but may be slightly different for you. Get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook and we will try to help you if you need it!

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  2. On my version of IPVanish there is no red “disconnect” bar below the graphical display as shown in illstrations. In fact, the display goes to the bottom of the page. How then can I disconnect IPVanish and operate in a default normal mode.


  4. Hi, I’ve loaded up vanish onto my MXQ Pro box , but now nothing will work on kodi. It just shows either loading or no stream available, but works perfectly without the vpn running.
    Any ideas?

  5. Hi, I’ve loaded up vanish onto my fire stick, but now nothing will work on kodi. It just shows either loading or no stream available, but works perfectly without the vpn running.
    Any ideas?

  6. Hi

    I have the same issue as Jade and Felix.

    I’ve loaded ipvanish on a PC running windows 10 and connected successfully.
    I have loaded ipvanish on to my Kodi box and successfully logged into my account, but I too have a disconnected status after selecting any server and pressing ‘connect’.
    Any suggestions please?

  7. I have installed ipvanish successfully on my fire stick. Worked great on my first try. I signed off on my fire stick. Now I can not connect. Have a disconnected status and nothing works to connect back on. Have active status on my account. Help!

  8. Hi

    Trying to setup on my Kodi box. When I go to coondct in IPVanish nothing happens. Have tried on my android tablet and it connects and shows me the graph

  9. Using ipvanish on my MXQ pro 4K android tv box using your google playstore app. Have krypton 17.1 and no limit build 5.7. My speed is 13mbs with ipvanish and 50 without. Speed is so slow I encounter freezing and buffering. Please advise as to to solution to me extreme reduced speed issue.

  10. I’m running ipvanish on Samsung s4 it’s working as I do a ip address check and confirms my Web address in let’s say USA…but when log in to kodi my ip address doesn’t change..as it used to change but now it stays as no vpn is running in the background.

  11. I’ve installed ipvanish onto my kodi TV box .I haven’t got a keyboard so I use my remote and on screen keyboad when needed therefore I cannot set up to change from Ipvanisjh app to kodi by pressing alt and tab. Please help

  12. Install OpenVPN App and configure it for IPVanish or others you might have account with. Forget the IPVanish App and get your speed back.

  13. IPVanish works well on my PC and my NVIDIA Shield except that I must first launch KODI and then and only then launch IPVanish and connect to my desired location.

    If IPVanish is running, then KODI just displays the dark grey background and never even gets to the KODI Krypton V 17 splash screen.

    Not a deal breaker but on the NVIDIA Shield it is not a simple Alt-Tab to get back to IPVanish and disconnect as you have to go into Settings-Apps-IPVanish-Open and then the Disconnect bar is just barely visible at the bottom of the screen and there is no scrolling.

    The only other issue is when IPVanish is running and using KODI, I keep getting the PVR “Wake Up On LAN” dialog message and there probably is a setting for that but I have not found it so far.

  14. I have IPVanish on an nvidia shield. It works but significantly slower. 200mbs without 30mbs with!! They’ve suggested various fixes that haven’t made any difference. It does work though so I suppose that is the main thing!!

  15. I setup IPVanish on my tv box mxq-4k and l run kodi ver 17, i have a ipvanish account and i can connect to servers however everytime l press the home button on my remote so that l get to the kodi application, ipvanish disconnects and l am back to no vpn. how can l fix this

  16. I tried it using Ivacy vpn and express vpn and just changed a couple of things from your guide to make it work. The same happened with that mibox tut. so i guess we can play around a little as long as we get the details right. thanks for the guide again.

  17. Hi I’ve installed ipvanish onto my m8 plus kodi TV box and I am wondering how I can tell that it is running all the time the box is on, I haven’t got a keyboard I have to use my remote and the on screen keyboad when needed so I cannot set it up to change app to kodi as explained by pressing alt and tab. Any ideas please. Thanks

  18. Is there a fix so I can scroll down on my firetv?Works fine on my laptop but will not allow me to scroll on the above device or through Kodi. Thank you

  19. I’m almost certain this was a problem on your end. IPV is a true tier 1 service and slowdown should be minimal. On the contrary, PIA was recently busted for logging user’s traffic and information. You usually pay for a VPN to make sure that doesn’t happen..

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