Kodi 17 Download Kypton + New Features

Get a Kodi 17 download now for the latest version of Kodi, Krypton! Check out all Kodi 17 new features and information on how you can download the latest version now!

February 1st: Kodi 17 has officially been released! You can now download the final copy of Kodi 17 from the Kodi website.

Because Kodi 17 is such a major release, we have started a Kodi 17 working add-ons / builds list. For those of you who upgrade, please test out your favourite add-ons and let us know on Twitter or Facebook or by commenting on this post which ones are working or not working for you!!

NOTE: Kodi 17 is not supported on Android if you have Android 4.4 or earlier. You MUST have Android 5.0 or better to use Kodi 17. If you need to upgrade to a newer Kodi box, please click here and check out some of these approved boxes.


Original Post:

A Kodi 17 download is now available! Kodi 17 is now released, which officially takes Kodi 17 from development stage into release!

If you want to download Kodi 17 Kypton, click here. Read about all of the new changes in Kodi 17 Krypton below!

Kodi 17 Krypton Changes and Improvements

  • Brand new default skins! Gone is Confluence and in is Estuary and Estouchy (optimized for tablets).
  • Improvements to DVDPlayer, which allow for playback of DVD discs/files.
  • Updates to videorendering and openGL drivers.
  • Complete rewrite of audio/video syncing (less offset audio).
  • Improved playback of live streams. Internal buffers no longer fill up!
  • Input stream add-ons – Add-ons can now be written to support multiple stream qualities or camera angles and you can select this on the fly in Kodi. For example, a stream might be offered in 540p, 720p, or 1080p and you can now switch on-the-fly in Kodi.
  • Kodi PVR settings improved.
  • Full HD audio passthrough support in Android.
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop minimum. This means Android 4.4, which is now 2.5 years old, is not supported by Kodi. This should give you a good baseline for which Kodi boxes to avoid buying online.
  • Custom AMLogic Kodi code has been turned off, which is one of the reasons that Android 4.4 firmware is no longer supported.
  • If installing third-party add-ons, you have to acknowledge that the add-on is not supported by the Kodi foundation.
  • You can now view which add-ons have been installed or updated.
  • Settings section has now been made more clear.
  • Music library improvements – tag reading and scraping, improved artists handling.
  • Tons of other improvements.

Did you take advantage of the new Kodi 17 download? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!


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58 thoughts on “Kodi 17 Download Kypton + New Features”

  1. Anyone know if any new version works ok on Macs? Is it rec to install now or wait for a stable version?

  2. I have not had good luck with Krypton Kodi 17.1 on my Amazon Fire TV. I in-place upgraded from Kodi 16.1 to 17.0 with no issues. Whether I do an in-place upgrade from 17.0 to 17.1 or do an uninstall and then fresh install of 17.1, I see the same behavior.

    Kodi will start 17.1 fine the first time and I can do whatever I want in that session (including do nothing but exit). Then the second time I start Kodi 17.1, it will start and then nearly immediately quick exit back to where I started it from. After that it will start and then hang on what I call a “gray screen”, not pitch black, glowing but not showing any image. It doesn’t seem to matter if I Clear Cache or not. Even Clear Data doesn’t help this state (!)

    Reverting back to Kodi 17.0 and then restoring my data from backup worked great for me. Guess I’ll wait for 17.2 and backup and then try again.

  3. Installed 17.1 but could not change the screen resolution to 1920×1080@24Hz. I change it in the setting section of my android box, but could not change it in kodi. It was frozen at 60Hz. It gave a very poor picture quality. I even changed the “refresh rate” several times. But, it did no good.
    Had to switch back to 16.1 to get a good quality picture. Hopefully, there will be a correction update in the future.

  4. I updated from Kodi 16.1 to 17.1 and it crashes on my second gen FireTV Stick. It works flawlessly on my first gen stick. Any ideas what i need to do to get it to run on the gen two stick???

  5. I installed it yesterday and it seems slower than my FreeTelly (based on Jarvis 16.1). Switching back to freeTelly for now

  6. Kodi17. Is an improved version but I can’t find wher the put the SETTSETTING. Can any help me? Thanks

  7. sucks…Why ???

    •Android 5.0 Lollipop minimum. This means Android 4.4, which is now 2.5 years old, is not supported by Kodi. This should give you a good baseline for which Kodi boxes to avoid buying online.
    •Custom AMLogic Kodi code has been turned off, which is one of the reasons that Android 4.4 firmware is no longer supported”

  8. Just getting used to Krypton today, so far so good. Is there a way to have “favourites” in the video adding like previous version or are they all grouped together ?


  9. Larry P “Even the “user Guide” supplied with the box is horrible english”

    We are taking about Kodi the program I think your getting mixed up with a box probably cheap with Kodi loaded on by the seller. The seller is wrong here not Kodi per se i have found the new Kodi stable and working well except the horrible fact Kinkin’s MP3 Streams is not working.

  10. Absolutely the worst piece of software garbage in the world.
    Nothing works correctly and it takes forever to load.
    No user guide available for the starter and no onscreen instructions.
    Even the “user Guide” supplied with the box is horrible english.

  11. Look’s good running the Wookie Lite but like Jason I hate the fact that MP3 Streams not working lets face it Kinkin’s MP3 Streams is the best Audio choice out there.

  12. Just accepted the Kodi 17 Krypton upgrade on my Ubuntu 14.04 system and now it will not even open – just presents a blank screen. I get an error message if I start it from the command line saying “Failed to create a pipe screen for i915”. What does this mean and how can I fix this problem.

  13. Kodi 17RC3 is terrible with android devices. It’s very slow and jittery and some addons (like Sportsdevil) will not work run on this version. Until the bugs are gone do not install version 17 yet.


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    HighLy Recommended For Kodi 17!!!

  15. Like the 17 ver. But alo r of pros with the fast forward & rewind freezes,or can’t get out of scan mode when trying to watch a pic (TV). HAVE TO GO BACK TO HOME.

  16. Hi i have installed sportdevil but it is not working it is saying its broken i need it for the rangers on demand when i go into rangers on demand it says multiple clicks required is there any other way i can get the rangera games

  17. Been using the nightly build and am absolutely LOVING Krypton. At first it took some getting used to but after the very small learning curve, I’ll never go back. Faster, easier and just makes more sense!

  18. You are excluding millions of android 4.4 or less users, with the new kodi 17, hopefully kodi 16 will still be supported.

  19. I only have internet with Comcast on an Arris box. The thing started acting up an won’t connect. I have aVizio 55 and it has always worked find. I have a MQX box also I’ve tried turning them off disconnecting everything but my Bisio shoes connection it just says no download. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it?

  20. have been using 17 beta for a week no problems still trying to figure the new changes . I like the speed ,thanks guys for all your hard work.

  21. I believe that it would be nice if some of us would download and install this beta version and report any bugs, to help Kodi team in releasing the final version. At least that is what open source is all about…

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