Kodi MorePower Install Guide (1080p, 5.1, 3D Movies)

The Kodi MorePower add-on is a popular HD movie source who has been around from the Navi-X and Mashup days. Read on for more info.

June 8th Update: The Kodi MorePower section has a brand new repo and is one of the first section taken down (MorePower was a section in Phoenix) to come back with a brand new repo, addon and home. Morepower is now in the Wolfpack addon.

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MorePower was one of the most popular HD movie providers in the Navi-X add-on and there is now a Kodi MorePower add-on for everyone to enjoy!

So, what does the MorePower add-on have?

  • Sports game replays in 720p
  • Classic movies from the 30s and 40s in HD
  • 80s movie collection in 720p or 1080p
  • Superhero movie collection in 1080p 5.1 surround sound
  • Tons of other movie collections in 1080p surround sound: Family movies, futuristic movies, Fast and the Furious collection, Star Trek collection, family Christmas playlist, Transformers, Star Wars, Netflix shows
  • 3D movies
  • Hundreds of current movies all in the best HD quality.

The Kodi MorePower can currently be found in the Wolfpack Repository.


How to Install Kodi MorePower Addon

This addon is a third-party Kodi addon not supported by the Kodi Foundation. Though Kodi add-ons don’t story any files or host any content, streams from this addon are scraped from websites that fall in a grey legal area.

Because it is not legal to stream this content in every country and location, we are not posting a how-to guide on this website. We believe that this is the safest move for KodiTips.com because we know that there are parties looking to crack down on websites promoting piracy and we are not one of those.

KodiTips.com has plenty of add-on installation guides for things that are completely legal and we encourage you to check out our home page for more information.


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70 thoughts on “Kodi MorePower Install Guide (1080p, 5.1, 3D Movies)”

  1. I am not getting 5.1 on any of the movies or tv shows from wolfpack/morepower add-ons. When I select a title the meta data is missing or it reads something like “no information is available” So, no way for me to verify if the title uploaded in 5.1 or 2.0

  2. Morepower under Wolfpack has no download option. It adds the selection to the queue but Wolfpack has no download section to start the download like Phoenix used to.

  3. Loaded it and started it up. It was doing great until it “John Wick 1” stopped. Then every link I tried gave me an error – Wolfpack “unplayable stream”.

  4. I installed Wolf Pack yesterday,it works great for me. I would like to have the Adult Password

  5. I need to find out what I have to do to get Fox Sports 1 on my Android box so that I can watch Nascar races. I’m new to this Android box thing and having some difficulties figuring it out. Can anyone help me ?

  6. I’ve followed all the direction given from several sources above and Wolfpack plays excellent…thanks guys

  7. The last two kodi tips have been nothing but dead ends.. going to stop trying these and just continue with my working add-ons and my sling tv.

  8. I tried installing this from wolfpack and there’s nothing there, unless it hasn’t been added yet.

  9. Is anyone here knows how to watch Pakistani TV channels and Indian TV channels. If anyone knows. Can you pls tell me step by step guide to install add_ ons. Thanks

  10. Not really on point for this article but is there anyone on here who knows a good addon for classic tv shows (like the section from one8445 or whatever it was) I’m a huge classic tv buff and this was perfect. I’ve got a few but I hear UK Turks is going down and a few others. Please anyone know a good one.

  11. I’m sick of it.
    absolutely sick of it.
    all these sources say 1080p, none of them are.
    all SD.

    lies, all lies.

  12. Why is every movie I download on genesis or exodus only 33 minutes long when it says 90 on the download????? Why can I only download partial?

  13. None of the movies will play. It says opening stream and just sits there with the wheel spinning. Something I’m missing here ??

  14. i tried this addon but no luck at all. when i install from zip the directory is empty nothing to select

  15. I’m not able to use Morepower because I don’t have the reliable bandwidth to watch streaming content. Why isn’t there a download option?

  16. It shouldn’t be blocked its on github same place other addons are.
    I honestly can’t believe more people don’t do 5.1 thats the way movies were made to be seen.
    Its why we started doing it because no one else was.

    And so far we do know some links don’t work but most do.
    If you have request for a movie we don’t have up just tweet us or find us on Facebook. Cant guarantee we can find
    the movie in HD 5.1 but we will sure try.

  17. Yes, I have, I’ve been getting some streams in 5.1 but it is rather time consuming finding them. I was hoping there is another 5.1 dedicated addon. I read that Phoenix One23456 (not sure about the name) use to have a specific selection, but it’s not there anymore.

  18. To Anonymous 5.1. Im not really part of any of the super bright guys but have been using KODI for a while now. Either way I get a ton of streams in 5.1. Have you enabled 5.1 in your settings and set the stereo up mix and passthrough to on?

  19. Hi, are there any other addons streaming 5.1 channel videos? I saw some on Genesis but they are not that many.

  20. @Ron.
    You can download a firetv remote for your ios or android device for free from your App Store.
    It’s a great little app

  21. Great idea … poor execution so far. Tried the first dozen movies or so in 2015 – 2016 section (Incl the new Bond flick), but unfortunately after trying each link a couple of times, no joy. Classic 70’s – 80’s TV section isn’t populated with any selections at all. Also checked the 30s – 60s movie selections … lots of great titles but so far not one selection has yielded a result other than “One or more items has failed to play” Note: Add-on taken from Muckys repo and updated to the mentioned v1.0.5

  22. hello, , for this great blog, helps a bunch but my issue is this, after I install from zip, I get the addon notice but I do not have the install from repository anywhere on the page. Help where do I track it down from…lol Thanks

  23. I keep trying but when I try to play a movie it says one or more items failed to play check the log for more information about this message

  24. Sum what a newbie, can changes be made to the fire stick from my lap top or do all changes have to be made on the TV using the remote? Also is there a add on key board that can be used with the fire stick.

  25. was down for a bit but is up now. Very nice addon lots of content and yes the links do work for the most part.

  26. Ok, so I have it installed, but I’m a Kodi newbie. What the heck do I do now??? I viewed the Navi-X listings but I don’t see MorePower listed nor any way that I can use this to get HD content.

  27. I have recently bought bravia w850b 3d tv, and using my pc as a media server I have tried every thing to watch 3d movie nothing works when I on the 3d button nothing happened , I also installed phennix addons but nothing helped

  28. Gonna try this add-on tonight
    on my Odroid-C1 unit. Hope this works
    ’cause Genesis looks like is going under
    Movies that used to work at 1080p without a glitch
    are now barely watchable at HD/SD quality.
    All good things must come to an end I guess.

  29. U owe that apology. As for trust. I’m here because I believe in this site and I have gained infinite knowledge from this site. I’m an old guy who is retired and managed techies in a silicon valley startup. Bright young guys who thought they knew everything about everything. Well the dot com bust took care of their entitlement. Just understand that there are people who appreciate what u have to offer and most comment so that the gain is a net positive. It’s not about always being right but being open to influence. Not only does that make a great Manager but a great person too.

  30. Of course its down – its just another add on that works for like 24 hours and then gets blocked by external forces. Not reliable = uninstalling and not re-installing. Bye.

  31. My apologies, shortly after I saw the dev comment that one of his servers was shut down. He has since setup another and is busy replacing links. Trust me, Morepower is quality

  32. I guess I don’t know what I’m talking about???? Seems like there are others here with the same problem as me with the streams!.

  33. Wow… Most random comments ever in here?

    I’ve been trying this for 2 days on multiple boxes…. zero streams work.

  34. So I want to say to the guy that works on “Genesis” .Don’t worry about the wieners. I used to be Tech support for a large appliance Co.That’s all I heard all day. These people are getting great TV shows for Free. What else do they want Fries with that ? Your doing a great job.
    Thanks Perry

  35. I just read thru the guide. Do I just install spinztv only? My stick was purchased modded so it has addons etc already. Thanks!

  36. thanks ampedtv – i’ll take that advice and see if i can get my other stick up to speed- appreciate everyones help!

  37. I’m also having issues. Tried about 20-30 different random streams in add-on and managed to get 3 that work :/

  38. Not one stream is working. NOT ONE! If u r going to recommend u might want to insure of the veracity and consistency of the add-on.

  39. @Ed – Welcome to the wonderful world of Kodi! In my opinion, I wouldn’t return your lesser unit, as you can build up your Kodi / Fire Stick yourself. You’ve found a GREAT Resource for all things Kodi! We’re not an affiliate, just a bunch of fan boys! Koditips.com has excellent information and has a great New User Guide at http://koditips.com/complete-kodi-setup-guide-from-scratch-for-new-users/ In the guide, they’ll reference a build from “SpinzTV”, that in our opinion, is one of the best we’ve seen. A pre programmed EPG with WORKING Channels! Have fun on your Kodi Journey! You’ve come to the right place!- Cheers! -AmpedTV

  40. hey – thanks for the quick reply! glad i found this blog- there is so much to learn! i have a question-i bought two of these from different sellers. one the interface is better, plus it has a TV section on main screen with EPG. with tons of channels from around the world. just seems better organized. are these types of tweaks, changes easy to do? or should i return the lesser one and just buy another “better” one? thanks so much!

  41. I will definitely look into this addons. I’ve been looking for 1080p+5.1 for a long time! so excited. Thank you guys

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