Leelbox M9S Pro Review + Free Giveaway

The Leelbox M9S Pro is another Android box to consider if you are looking for a new Kodi box. Packed with nice features and shippable to anywhere in the world, come check it out! Enter our contest to win one yourself.

The Leelbox M9S Pro is another nice Kodi box that comes with all Kodi 17 compatible features:

  • S912 CPU chip
  • Android 6
  • Dual-band wi-fi support
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 16GB Harddrive
  • Available around the world

The Leelbox M9S is available for $69.99, a nice price for a good Kodi box.

When you buy the Leelbox M9S Pro, you get 12 months of warranty and support on the box. Leelbox is a company who has been around for a while now and is well equipped to support their products.

When you open the Leelbox, you’ll see that it comes with a remote, HDMI cable, and power adapter. Simply plug everything together and connect it to your TV and you are off.

The interface of the Leelbox is similar to other Android Kodi boxes. In order to make sure you have the latest version of Kodi, click the Google Play icon from the home screen, sign in, and search and install Kodi from the Play Store.

Check out the specs of the Leelbox below and underneath that, enter to win a free one for yourself!!


Leelbox M9S Pro Specs

  • CPU = AmLogic S912
  • GPU = ARM Mali-T820MP3
  • OS = Android 6
  • RAM = 2GB
  • Hard Drive = 16GB
  • H.263, H2.64, and H.265 video support
  • 5.1 surround sound audio support
  • 802.11 abhnac wi-fi support + ethernet port
  • Bluetooth support
  • USB 2.0

Click here buy the Leelbox M9S Pro

For more information on the Leelbox from the official website, click here.

Free Leelbox M9S Pro Giveaway

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This contest is now over. Congrats to madkid for winning the Leelbox.




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  1. Anyone have the Mini M8s ll box? I just got this box off ebay because it was real cheep. After I added kodi to it I have no sound, the video part is great. I have tried different auto setting and I still have no sound. I tried some of the per-installed apps and I have no sound on them ether. I have 2 other android boxes and I have no problem with them. I tried to email the manufacture about the problem but got no response. Anyone have this problem with the Mini boxes and do you have a fix?

  2. How to automatically update leelbox for latest kodi updates without removing existing configrations

  3. I am researching a more powerful box, and perhaps this is the one. Does it record as well? If yes, in 4K, 1080, 720, etc?

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