Nvidia Shield TV vs Android Box; Shield TV Advantages

Let’s have a look at the Nvidia Shield TV vs Android Box options on the market and show you why Shield TV has multiple advantages and is worth consideration for your next Kodi box.

You may have heard us say that with Kodi 17, the latest release, Android 4.4 is no longer supported. This means that as add-ons, skins, and builds are upgrade to work with Kodi 17, you will be left behind unless you buy a new Kodi box.

At $199, there are some Nvidia Shield TV advantages you should consider which might sway you into buying a Shield TV over another Android Box.

Today, most Kodi boxes are comparable. They generally have similar CPU speed, memory, hard drive space, USB slots, Ethernet, and other features. Some boxes promote better memory at the expense of Bluetooth or a better remote control at the expense of extra USB slots.

There are some Shield TV advantages to consider in that the Shield gives you ALL bonus features and an operating system and firmware support from a legitimate company.

Nvidia Shield TV vs Android Boxes

  • Tegra K1 CPU (up to 20x faster than Android Amlogic or Rockchip options)
  • Quad-core, 64-bit (vs Dual-core or 32-bit options)
  • 3GB RAM Memory (vs 2GB)
  • 16GB or 500GB storage options (vs 16GB only)
  • Gigabit Ethernet support (vs 100mbps only)
  • HDMI 2.0 video support (vs HDMI 1.4)
  • MicroSD slot (may or may not be included in the Android box)
  • 2x USB 3.0 slots (vs USB 2.0)
  • HDR video support

Outside of the posted specs, there are some other Nvidia Shield TV advantages to consider:

  • Full console-class games and full emulator support
  • Universal support from a legitimate company
  • Buy through Amazon all around the world

So even though you pay roughly $50 more for it, there are some Shield TV advantages to consider when comparing the Nvidia Shield TV vs Android Box of your choice. You get ALL premium features for your Kodi box right away instead of waiting for Android box sellers to catch up and be able to offer the features above.

Have an Nvidia Shield TV? Is there another reason you decided to buy one? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.


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8 thoughts on “Nvidia Shield TV vs Android Box; Shield TV Advantages”

  1. @Mike – go for the Nvidia shield. It has other advantages, that the weaker Android Boxes don’t have – like Online Gamestream from Nvidia, or Local Gamestream from your PC with Nvidia Graphics card (I use this alot). Fast support for Android games (and more and more games supporting android tv coming out). Special android optimized games in 4k! (Leo’s Fortune). Kodi out of the Box working. PLEX Support (fast enough to encode 4k)… It’s also a sexy box and it comes with a game controller (and the 2017 model also includes the remote). Possibilities are endless… I really love this device

  2. Nvidia Shield has ALWAYS been running Android….they call it “Android TV”…the latest hardware are running “Android TV 7.0 Nougat Google Cast”.

  3. I did not mean for that to be anonymous & I actually would like some feedback on the above comment. That’s actually my first ever comment in here. I usually just sit back with popcorn and enjoy the show in the comments.

  4. Maybe it’s because I have an older model but my Nvidia shield box (I’ve had it for two years) says android in the beginning when it’s loading up. I actually just double checked and restarted it, the first thing it says is Nvidia and the second thing it says is android. So I have always assumed my nvidia shield box is an android box. Am I wrong for assuming that? The title of this article is confusing to me… if the Nvidia shield box is an android box how can you compare Nvidia shield to an android box when it is one?

  5. Just got mine last week. Don’t mess around looking at all the other Kodi boxes out there. This is the one to get. One other major plus for newbs is that you can install Kodi right from Google Play… No need to side load (Amazon Firestick/Fire TV). I have a Firestick in the kids room and this is waaaay faster.

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