How to Play the Gods Unchained Crypto Game: Ultimate Guide

This is the ultimate guide on how to play the Gods Unchained crypto game. Gods Unchained is a tactical, trading card game that allows you to sell cards on the blockchain to earn real-life money.

In this guide we will walk you through what the game is about and what you’ll need to get started playing Gods Unchained, including:

  • What are the best features in the Gods Unchained crypto game?
  • What are the different packs and cards available?
  • How do I turn my Gods Unchained cards into NFTs?
  • How do you download and play Gods Unchained?
  • How do you earn real money playing Gods Unchained?

If you want to know anything else, make sure to comment down below at the bottom of this guide.

What is the Gods Unchained Crypto Game?

The Gods Unchained Crypto game is an online, tactical trading card game that carries many similarities to Magic: The Gathering. Like most other crypto games, Gods Unchained is a play-to-earn (P2E) game. This means that the more you play, the more real-world money you can earn. 

The basis of these games is they want to reward players for putting in the time and effort to play the game and Gods Unchained does this by allowing you to sell your in-game cards for GODS which is the in-game token that can then be transferred into real-life money.

Players can do multiple things such as:

  • Play games to unlock packs that give you digital cards to use in-game
  • Compete in Ranked games against other real-life players to earn Flux
  • Fuse cards together to create higher-quality cards
  • Sell these higher-quality cards on the Marketplace to earn real world money
gods unchained crypto game


GODS is the Ethereum token that powers the Gods Unchained Crypto Game. GODS is the in-game token that you can earn from selling your high-quality crafted NFT cards on the Marketplace. 

By holding GODS, you can also stake them in the game. This shows a commitment to the game long-term but will also eventually allow holders to vote on different governance issues in the game.

gods unchained gods token

Gods Unchained Crypto Game Features

Gods Unchained is a fun, play-to-earn trading card game that allows player to earn real-life money by collecting cards and selling them on the in-game Marketplace.

Players are able to compete against both the computer as well as real-life players in order to build their deck of cards up. By winning Ranked games against other players, you earn Flux. Flux is a crafting tool required in the game that lets you make Common cards more valuable.


Once you join Gods Unchained, you are given a Welcome Set of cards which includes 70 individual cards (140 in total) that are sorted into six decks based on the six Gods. 

Gods and goddesses available in the game are:

  • Light
  • Death
  • War
  • Nature
  • Magic
  • Deception

You are also given an allotment of Core cards to use to edit your deck of cards. These will differ based on Rarity of the Core card. 

This Welcome set will allow all users to get accustomed to the game and allow them to play right away. There are then other game modes available in order to gain more cards and increase your collection.

gods unchained crypto card

Trial of the Gods Expansion Pack

This is the first expansion pack of Season 1 that was released. With these expansion packs, it introduces a whole new set and type of cards into the game. There is a finite amount of these cards available so the packs do sell out fairly quickly. Trial of the Gods is a set of 150 cards:

  • 60 Commons
  • 48 Rares
  • 16 Epics
  • 26 Legendaries

Trial of the Gods card packs come in four different forms: Rare ($2.49 USD), Epic ($6.99 USD), Legendary ($24.99 USD) and Shiny Legendary ($149.99 USD). Each pack contains 5 cards, with the rarer cards more likely to appear in the higher tier packs.

Trial of the Gods also have Chests available to purchase, however those have not been released yet. These Chests contain 6 card packs that share the chest’s rarity level. 

  • Rare Chest ($14.99 USD with only 32,500 available) – contains 6 Rare Card Packs
  • Legendary Chest ($149 USD with only 3,250 available) – contains 6 Legendary Card Packs

Divine Order Expansion Pack

Divine Order is the second set of Season 1 cards and comes with a multitude of tools that will expand the game. There are 194 collectible cards in this pack:

  • 79 Commons
  • 57 Rares
  • 32 Epics
  • 26 Legendaries

On top of the above, there are also 6 special Promo cards and 1 one-of-a-kind Mythic card to collect. There is only ONE Mythic card in circulation from the pack. 

Once the Mythic is found, there are 6 special epic promo cards discoverable. Divine Order also has Chests available which are the same as the Trial of the Gods chests found above. These will be released at a later date.


Flux is a crafting tool in the Gods Unchained Crypto Game that you gain by winning Ranked matches against other real-life players. Flux will allow you to make all of your Common cards more valuable. 

When you have enough Flux in your inventory, you can go to the Forge and fuse together duplicate Core cards to create a higher quality card. These higher-quality cards then become minted to the Ethereum network and will hold real-world value.

The amount of Flux that you earn is based off your current rank as well as how many games you win in The Gauntlet of the Gods.

The amount of Flux required to fuse Core cards depends on the card rarity:

  • Common cards: 20 Flux required
  • Rare cards: 40 Flux required
  • Epic cards: 120 Flux required
  • Legendary cards: 200 Flux required
gods unchained crypto card pack

The Gauntlet of the Gods Mode

This is a challenge in Ranked mode that rewards successful winners with Flux. Winning your first game will give you a base level of Flux and activate the God that aligns with the deck you just won with and start your Gauntlet run. 

Flux will only be awarded for your first three wins with each God. This means you have to adapt your playstyle with the different Gods in order to keep earning Flux. 

As there are 6 Gods, this means you can earn Flux for a total of 18 games with the amount increasing with each victory.

Weekend Ranked Tournament

The Gods Unchained Crypto Game runs a Weekend Ranked tournament every weekend which offers weekly rewards based on your performance. You enter the Tournament, battle against other real-life users with your cards and try to win. You can earn cards, packs and more depending on how many wins you are able to accumulate during the Weekend.

Seasonal Sales

Seasonal Sales are a limited-time sale which aligns to a new Season of Gods Unchained. They are currently still in Season 1. With each Season, it will introduce into the game new expansion packs (such as Trial of the Gods and Divine Order) and sales on new cards. These cards and packs all have a finite supply so once they are sold out the only way to obtain these cards is through the Marketplace.

You also have a chance to earn these limited-time cards through rewards in the Weekend Ranked tournaments.

gods unchained game board 1

Gods Unchained Crypto Game Upcoming Features

The development team has a number of new features planned upcoming in the crypto game:

  • Staking: Staking rewards will begin to be distributed to users that qualify. If you stake your GODS tokens on the game, you can earn rewards in the form of more GODS tokens
  • Governance: Users that stake their GODS tokens on the game will be able to vote on token-related proposals
  • Daily Play-to-Earn: A system is being worked on which will reward players with GODS daily, with additional points earned based on the different cards you are using
  • Mobile Release: The mobile version of Gods Unchained is currently being designed with a playable alpha hopefully being released sometime in 2022

Gods Unchained Crypto Game Marketplace

The Gods Unchained Marketplace is located at and by clicking on the Gods Unchained logo.

This is where you are able to list for sale all NFTs that you create on the game. 

The way it works is that everyone is given a Welcome set of cards when they first join. You then must compete in Ranked matches against other users, and every win earns you the crafting tool Flux. Entering the Forge in the in-game builder, you can then use your Flux that you have acquired in order to fuse duplicate Core cards that you have together. This creates higher-quality NFT cards that can now be sold. 

These cards are Minted and based on Rarity. You can now buy and sell your NFTs for GODS tokens and then decide what you want to do with those. You can:

  1. stake in-game
  2. use them to purchase others NFTs
  3. trade them for real-life money
gods unchained cryptomarketplace

Star Store

The Star Store is another way for users to earn while they play the Gods Unchained Crypto Game. In the Star Store you are only able to purchase cards using Stars.

Stars is another type of resource, much like Flux. You earn Stars by winning games in Ranked matches. Each win awards you a different type of vial that contains set number of Stars. The more wins you have, the higher number of Stars in each vial. Vials are opened directly after a Ranked win.

The Star Store will contain a rotating lists of cards to purchase for your inventory. You are also able to purchase Core cards from the Star Store, which is a new feature we really like.

Previously, the only way to acquire Stars was by winning Ranked matches, levelling up or winning them through prize draws.

How to Download and Play the Gods Unchained Crypto Game

To start playing Gods Unchained, there are a few basic steps you need to complete

  1. Create a MetaMask wallet
  2. Buy Ethereum and transfer it to MetaMask
  3. Sign up for a Gods Unchained account and sync your MetaMask wallet
  4. Download the application to your Desktop
  5. Start playing!

How to Create a MetaMask Wallet

In order to play the Gods Unchained crypto game, you need to create a MetaMask wallet to store all of the coins you earn and use in the game.

  1. Visit the official Metamask website at Both Chrome and Firefox are supported by MetaMask, so make sure you are using one of those browsers.
  2. Click the Download button in the top right corner of the Metamask home page.
  3. Click on Install MetaMask for Chrome/Firefox.
  4. In the Metamask store listing page, click on Add to Chrome or Add to Firefox, depending on which browser you are using.
  5. Your browser will make sure that you actually want to install MetaMask in your browser. Read the disclaimer and then click on Add extension.
  6. After MetaMask is done installing in your browser, click on MetaMask in your Extensions area to launch your wallet. You may have to restart the browser in order for MetaMask to show up in here.
metamask home page with ETH

How to Buy Ethereum and Transfer it to MetaMask

Next, you need to transfer some Ethereum from a crypto exchange to MetaMask before you start playing the Gods Unchained crypto game.

  1. Login to your main MetaMask dashboard and make sure the Ethereum Mainnet is selected.
  2. Under the ETH section of the dashboard, hover over the account address and click on it to copy your address to your clipboard.
  3. Go to Binance (or Coinbase or FTX another crypto exchange) and log in if you aren’t already. Click on the Buy Crypto button.
  4. Enter in an amount in the currency box and then change the Receive option to ETH. Then, click on Continue.
  5. Confirm your chosen source of payment on the next screen and then click on Continue. If you don’t have valid payment info, you will have to load it here and then click Continue a second time after that is done.
  6. Review your order details and then click Confirm to complete the transaction.
  7. From the top menu, go to Wallet > Fiat and Spot to see your crypto balances. Under ETH, where you should see your deposity, click on Withdraw.
  8. In the Address box, enter in the address of your wallet you copied from MetaMask. Set the amount you want to send and then click on Withdraw.
A sample page showing a transfer of ethereum to the MetaMask wallet.

How to Create a Gods Unchained Account and Download

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Click Play Now in the top right corner
  3. Create your account using your email and confirm a password and then select Next & Download
  4. Go into your Download folder and open the Immutable.exe file and click install
  5. Allow access when prompted and sign in with your Gods Unchained account information

Launch the installed game and follow the instructions to sync your account and wallet and start playing!

gods unchained crypto game

How to Earn Money Playing Gods Unchained Crypto Game

Currently there are three ways to earn by playing Gods Unchained crypto.

  1. Levelling up by playing the game and earning Core packs
  2. Participating in the Weekend Ranked tournaments
  3. Winning Ranked matches and climbing the leaderboards

By winning matches, you earn the resource tool called Flux. This allows you to enter the Forge and fuse together duplicate cards in order to create NFT blockchain cards. These are the cards you can list on the Marketplace for purchase. 

Once you gain GODS tokens, you can decide how you want to proceed. You can either stake them in the game for long term commitment, or transfer them into real life money.

gods unchained earn money

As you can see, there are a lot of layers to this play to earn game! Hopefully we did a good job explaining all of the different components so that you can get started playing.

Let us know down below if you have any questions or if you have tried out the Gods Unchained Crypto Game.

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