Canadian followers have a tough time buying the Amazon Fire Stick in Canada. If you want tips, tricks, and advice, read on for more information.

November 7th: Amazon has unleashed the Fire TV Stick Basic Edition! Click here to buy it in Canada.


The Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick are two of the most popular media boxes on the market. People trust the Amazon brand and they are priced at $40 and $90 which are very competitive. For Northern Kodi fans, the issue is that it’s hard to get the Fire TV and Fire Stick in Canada. Neither are available on the Canadian Amazon website and the American Amazon website does not ship to Canada.

Below is the only legitimate way to get the Fire Stick in Canada. If you have found a better method, let us know on Twitter or Facebook.


Buying the Amazon Fire Stick in Canada

  1. Head to the Fire Stick page by clicking here and add the Fire Stick to your cart, but don’t check out yet.
  2. Sign up for an account at a USA mailbox forwarding website. These companies give you a US shipping address to use on Amazon and then automatically ship them up to Canada for a fee. The USA mailbox sites we would recommend are MyUsaAddress, MyUS, ShipToTheBorder
  3. Once you have your USA address, follow through the Amazon check out process and enter in your new US address.
  4. After you have ordered, keep track in your US Shipping account settings for delivery status and then input your forwarding Canada address.


Amazon Fire Stick Alternatives For Canada

While the above method is legitimate and does work for Canadian users, shipping your Fire Stick from USA into Canada will cost you another $15-30. At that price premium, there are some other better Kodi boxes to consider. The Fire Stick specs are not that impressive and you’ll have to sideload on all of the best apps. As well, the Fire Stick doesn’t have an ethernet port, which is crucial for HD streams and live feeds on Kodi.

There are much stronger options for Kodi boxes that ship to Canada without any premium shipping charges. Check out some of the following below:

  • NVidia Shield (Powerful Android box + gaming) – Canada (just updated 2017)
  • Minix Neo U1 –  Canada
  • MyGica ATV  – Canada
  • Zoomtak T8V – Canada
  • Asus Chromebox (Can be loaded with OpenElec/LibreElec) –  Canada



Whatever you decide, whether you get the Fire Stick in Canada by drop-shipping or take advantage of another Kodi box, enjoy!

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