How to Buy Amazon Fire Stick in Canada

Canadian followers have a tough time buying the Amazon Fire Stick in Canada. If you want tips, tricks, and advice, read on for more information.

November 7th: Amazon has unleashed the Fire TV Stick Basic Edition! Click here to buy it in Canada.


The Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick are two of the most popular media boxes on the market. People trust the Amazon brand and they are priced at $40 and $90 which are very competitive. For Northern Kodi fans, the issue is that it’s hard to get the Fire TV and Fire Stick in Canada. Neither are available on the Canadian Amazon website and the American Amazon website does not ship to Canada.

Below is the only legitimate way to get the Fire Stick in Canada. If you have found a better method, let us know on Twitter or Facebook.


Buying the Amazon Fire Stick in Canada

  1. Head to the Fire Stick page by clicking here and add the Fire Stick to your cart, but don’t check out yet.
  2. Sign up for an account at a USA mailbox forwarding website. These companies give you a US shipping address to use on Amazon and then automatically ship them up to Canada for a fee. The USA mailbox sites we would recommend are MyUsaAddress, MyUS, ShipToTheBorder
  3. Once you have your USA address, follow through the Amazon check out process and enter in your new US address.
  4. After you have ordered, keep track in your US Shipping account settings for delivery status and then input your forwarding Canada address.


Amazon Fire Stick Alternatives For Canada

While the above method is legitimate and does work for Canadian users, shipping your Fire Stick from USA into Canada will cost you another $15-30. At that price premium, there are some other better Kodi boxes to consider. The Fire Stick specs are not that impressive and you’ll have to sideload on all of the best apps. As well, the Fire Stick doesn’t have an ethernet port, which is crucial for HD streams and live feeds on Kodi.

There are much stronger options for Kodi boxes that ship to Canada without any premium shipping charges. Check out some of the following below:

  • NVidia Shield (Powerful Android box + gaming) – Canada (just updated 2017)
  • Minix Neo U1 –  Canada
  • MyGica ATV  – Canada
  • Zoomtak T8V – Canada
  • Asus Chromebox (Can be loaded with OpenElec/LibreElec) –  Canada



Whatever you decide, whether you get the Fire Stick in Canada by drop-shipping or take advantage of another Kodi box, enjoy!


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12 thoughts on “How to Buy Amazon Fire Stick in Canada”

  1. Dave is right looking for mag glass does not appear on the left just bought the stick does anyone know if there is a search icon, Bought this stick on april 2018

  2. On the firestick from, there is no icon (magnifying glass) on the top left. I think this may not be present in order to prevent downloading of Kodi etc.

  3. Dave,
    If you click on the magnifying glass/search icon on top left of screen, and type in Downloader it will appear and then click on that to download and install..

  4. Guys, I bought a basic firestick from this week, but on the homescreen there is no search icon…how do I get round this to load ‘Downloader’, which does not come pre-loaded?

  5. I live in Canada. Had my Firestick delivered to Niagara Falls NY and picked it up. I think this thing is fantastic. It has every movie and TV show we could ever want to watch and everything is free with Kodi and the apps that we use with it. Goodbye Cogeco cable that we have had since we got married 47 years ago

  6. Hi Ryan. Actually it will be MORE. Out of the 70 coworkers.
    22 live in 2 bedroom condos. They are considering to buy 3 – 4 each.
    ! for each bedroom. Living room and kitchen.
    And a few 5. Some have solariums.
    The rest live in 3 -4 bedroom homes. 1 for each bedroom. Living room, Family room, Kitchen and basement (Theatre room and Gym)
    28 are considering to buy 5 – 6 boxes
    20 are considering to buy 7 – 10 boxes
    Due to the amount and cost ? Each workers budget and use of these boxes
    We are considering these boxes below aprox for $50 plus $23 for the RII8 keyboard
    and for an extra $15 we purchased the extended 3 year warranty.
    For a Grand Total Per Box of $88 Canadian including free shipping.
    1) SCISHION V88 TV Box Rockchip 3229 Quad Core – US PLUG BLACK 188036801
    2) NEXSMART D32 TV Box – US PLUG BLACK 201475901
    Android 5.1 32bit Armcortex A7 Quad-core 2.4G WiFi with eMMC Design
    3) dolamee D5 TV Box Rockchip 3229 Quad Core – 1GB+8GB US PLUG 193626502
    Android 5.1 H.265 4K x 2K 2.4G WiFi
    4) SCISHION V88 plus Smart TV HD Box Android 5.1 System – US PLUG BLACK 197825201
    Rockchip 3229 Quad Core CPU Processor WiFi 4K H.265 VP9 Decoding

    Peace from the Beach.

  7. T Wasaga, nice advertising! You went a little overboard on the number of boxes you will supposedly be ordering though.

  8. HI SKS. I totally agree.
    The first week in January 4 friends and I, ordered 5 boxes from
    Within the first week we returned the Fire TV box. Absolutely CRAP.
    We purchased the boxes below aprox for $100 plus $23 for the RII8 keyboard
    and for an extra $15 we purchased the extended 3 year warranty.
    For a Grand Total Per Box of $140 Canadian including free shipping.
    Since than, we have have ordered 26 more packages from Amazon.
    Within the next few months the other 40 coworkers will be ordering another 40 packages. Soon after as their families get acquainted and their cable and internet contracts end. We are negotiating with Rogers for internet service for $70 per month for 100mbs with unlimited. Goodbye cable.
    WE will be ordering another 140 more boxes. Each worker will have 3 boxes per household.
    1) Beelink GT1 Android TV Box Octa Core Amlogic S912 – 2GB+16GB US PLUG 189742702
    Android 6.0 H.265 2.4G + 5.8G Dual WiFi Bluetooth 4.0 1000M LAN VP9-10 Decoding Multi-media Player
    2) Sunvell T95Z Plus TV Box Amlogic S912 Octa Core – US PLUG BLACK
    4K x 2K H.265 Android 6.0 2.4G + 5G Dual Band WiFi 2G DDR3 RAM 16G eMMC ROM
    3) Alfawise S92 Digital TV Box Octa Core Amlogic S912 Android 6.0 – US PLUG BLACK 196386701
    1000Mbps LAN 2.4G + 5.8G Dual Band WiFi Bluetooth 4.0 Support H.265 VP9-10 Decoding
    4) YOKATV KB2 TV Box Amlogic S912 Octa Core – US PLUG WHITE
    Android 6.0 2.4G + 5G Dual Band WiFi Bluetooth 4.0 2G DDR3 RAM 32G eMMC ROM

    P.S. A few will ordering, who want and need a bit more kick and of course an extra $25
    1) Alfawise H96 Pro+ TV Box Android 6.0 OS – US PLUG BLACK 200377501
    Amlogic S912 Octa Core CPU Supporting Bluetooth 4.1 2.4GHz / 5.0GHz WiFi
    2) MECOOL BB2 PRO Android 6.0 TV Box 3GB DDR4 + 16GB – US PLUG GUN METAL 205119301
    Amlogic S912 Octa-core CPU Support KODI 17.0 Bluetooth 4.0 Streaming Media Player
    Happy Cable Cord Cutting. Peace to all.

  9. Fire tv isn’t that great, with all thier stupid updates blocking access to for fire starter, having to side load apps, pretty soon they will eventually block kodi. There are waaayyy better media streamers out there that sell in Canada.

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