Mucky Duck has introduced a new Duck Hunt Kodi feature into all of his add-ons. What is it and how can it help you find a movie stream? Find out below.

You may have noticed that Mucky Duck has recoded some of his add-ons lately and in addition to more efficient scraping, he has introduced a brand new Duck Hunt Kodi feature!

Duck Hunt lets you quickly search for the same movie or TV show in other Mucky Duck add-ons. This means that if the streams from one site are down, you can quickly check out MD’s other add-ons for a working stream.

One of the controversies about multi-scrape Kodi add-ons is that they are constantly hammering every streaming site for links every time someone searches. A Kodi add-on can make requests to 30-40 different websites and the end-user will only pick a single stream. This feature adds a short step for the user but once you find a working link, the Kodi add-on doesn’t have to send requests to any other site.

The add-ons where the Duck Hunt Kodi feature works are as follows:

  • 123Movies
  • M4U
  • Pubfilm
  • Niter
  • Movievault
  • HDBox
  • Lucky TV

If you are interested in trying out the new Duck Hunt feature, it’s easy:

Duck Hunt Kodi How-To

  • Simply hover over any movie or TV show and press the menu button (*c” on a keyboard)
  • Choose Duck Hunt from the menu
  • Select which add-on you would like to use
  • If you don’t have the add-on installed yet, the prompt will guide you into installing the add-on from Mucky Duck’s repo!

Easy  as can be. If you need more help, let us know on Twitter or Facebook.


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