Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Questions or concerns about the Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick? Check out our Fire Stick FAQ below, which helps answer some common questions about the media player.

Check out our Fire TV / Fire Stick FAQ guide below and get answers to some basic and common questions about Amazon’s media players.


Fire TV and Fire Stick FAQ

What is the Fire TV / Fire Stick?
The Fire TV and Fire Stick are streaming media players developed and sold by Amazon. They are developed for your TV with an operating system you can use with a remote and the ability to install media apps such as Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, and Kodi.


Do you have to have Amazon Prime to use the Fire Stick?
Amazon Prime is NOT required to use the Fire Stick. All apps and functionality are available without a Prime membership. If you do have Amazon Prime, you can sign into your Amazon Prime Video account and use those services.


How much is the Amazon Fire Stick / Fire TV?
The Fire Stick costs $40 regular cost and the Fire TV costs $100. Occasionally, Amazon has Fire Stick deals and Prime Day, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday usually bring $10-20 discounts on the Fire Stick and Fire TV.


Do you have to have internet to use the Fire Stick?
Yes, you need the internet to use the Fire Stick. All media content is pulled from websites on the internet. If an app has offline viewing features, you may be able to download media for later viewing without an internet connection.


How much is the Amazon Fire Stick per month?
There is no monthly cost for the Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV. You may elect to subscribe to premium services such as Netflix or HBO Now, but those payments are completely separate from the Amazon Fire Stick.


How do I use Alexa on Fire TV / Fire Stick?
On the Fire Stick remote, simply hold the Alexa voice command button in the center and Alexa’s voice command prompt will show up on your screen.


How do you turn off Fire Stick?
The Fire Stick can be turned off by unplugging it from your TV. Most users simply put the Fire Stick into sleep mode from the power options, which puts the Fire Stick into a low power mode and it can be woken up with a simple press of the remote later.


How do you install Kodi on Fire Stick?
Check out our Kodi Fire Stick install guide by clicking here.


How to do you install Kodi add-ons on Fire StickĀ / Fire TV?
Kodi add-ons can be installed on the Fire Stick the same way as any Android Kodi box. Head to our home page and start reading through some of our articles today.


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17 thoughts on “Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. I have Amazon Prime. I have a Fire Stick on my TV, but I do not have a smart TV. Can I still watch movies using my fire stick and prime?

  2. I am in the market to purchase an amazon fire stick but I am confused and bewildered as to what to purchase? Prices for what appears to be the same fire stick vary considerably and I need assistance on just what I should purchase for my needs. I am in New Zealand and wish to view Formular1 motor racing and World Rally Champs which Sky NZ have recently dropped from their sport portfolio. I wish an up to date amazon fire stick that is capable of giving me Sky NZ as well as whatever other sport I wish to watch. Do all amazon fire sticks have the same electrical componentry that makes certain apps and contacts impossible to be made or is it all in the programming of any fire stick? Sky NZ are now increasing subscriptions and reducing content I have had enough and wish to go the fire stick way. Please help me.

  3. If you plan to use Kodi with the FireStick, don’t. Pay the extra fee and get the FireTV or another Kodi capable box with more ram and better processor. The FireSticks are laggy AF and getting worse everyday….

  4. When is fire stick going to add channels such as BOUNCE, TV ONE AND CENTRIC, yes happy that you have BET, but would like these other channels added too, so i can get rid of my cable completely.

  5. I like to buy Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player specifically for YouTube , My question is does YouTube expires on stick media device , because it expires on my LG TV , Samsung TV and my LG Blue Ray ?

  6. Any tips on Amazon Fire TV tuning support to give more resources to Kodi. Under Kodi system info – summary – Free memory is just 331MB of 1.5gb & speedtest only shows 50-80MB of the 300MB internet service. seems like it should be tunable?

  7. I need to know if I get this device, is it used for all my tv’s or do I have to buy a device for each tv. Please advise.

  8. i have a firestic that is roughly 2 1/2 yrs old and i can’t find the fresh start. can anyone give suggestIons please. the only option it gives is indigo. i have searched the web for hours and hours

  9. I upgraded kodi 16 Jarvis to 17.1 which went ok, but it complains about the master lock which I never set so I don’t know it, how can I remove this on the Fire stick?

  10. Does anyone have a addon for translations? I used to use before they started acting …. well you know, looking for another. Or if anyone has a addon that will WORK instead of telling me to login EVERY SINGLE time, then I would try them again, please advise

  11. With Amazon Fire TV what TV station can you get and movies also from your TV can you access the internet, how many TV can I operate at the same time

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