How to Create a Trakt API Key For Your Kodi Addon

If you create a Trakt API Key for your Kodi addon, users will be able to take advantage of Trakt to save movies & TV shows and keep track of watch statuses.

Trakt is a database tool for keeping track of what TV shows and movies you like to watch. It is similar to the built in Kodi library function but loaded with more features and stored on the internet so that you can look at your data from any device. If you create a Kodi addon, you need a Trakt API Key in order for your users to access Trakt features.

Kodi addons use Trakt to present the “My” sections in each addon – My Collections, My TV Shows, My Movies, etc. You can save movies & TV to your Trakt Favourites in Kodi and view them in these sections and you can also use the Trakt website and mobile apps to add, remove, and keep track as well.

Creating a Trakt API Key is completely optional, but allows the users of your addon to take advantage of Trakt’s features.

If you want to create a Trakt API Key and take advantage of these features, follow the install guide below:


How to Create Your Own Trakt API Key

  1. Click here to go to the Trakt API application signup form. You’ll have to sign in to your Trakt account, so create one if you don’t have one yet and then make sure you are redirected to a page with the heading “Create a API App”.
  2. Fill out the form as follows:
    1. Give your API a name.
    2. Don’t worry about entering in an icon.
    3. Give your API a description.
    4. Enter in a redirection URL of
    5. Leave the Javascript origins blank
    6. Make sure /checkin and /scrobble are checked
    7. Click the Save Button
  3. Copy and paste your Client ID and Client Secret and keep them safe.


And that’s it, you now have a Trakt API key. If you are creating a Kodi addon using the Jen template, enter in the Client ID and Client Secret to your file.

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