How to Create a TVDB API Key – TV Database

Read below on how to create your own TVDB API Key, which gives you access to metadata for TV Shows. See the benefits of using your own key below.

TVDB is a popular database for TV information. The TVDB API Key allows you to access this database and pull in information such as titles, posters, plot for nearly every movie and TV show in existence. As well, it supplies categories such as Popular, Top Rated, Now Playing, etc.

Kodi addons use these categories and information as well, since they are nothing more than google search engines and provide or host no content of their own.

On occasion, a Kodi addon’s TVDB API Key may get revoked and you won’t see TV show metadata. The more often case for needing a TVDB Api Key is if you are creating your own addon using the Jen Template. You’ll want to create a key so that your users can see all the TV information they need.

In order to make your Kodi categories more reliable, create your own API key below and add the information into your Kodi settings.


How to Create Your Own TVDB API Key

  1. Go to the TVDB website and sign up for a free account.
  2. After you are registered and signed in, click here to go to the “create a TVDB Api Key” page directly.
  3. Enter in your Project Name. You can leave your website blank.
  4. Click Retrieve API Key
  5. Your API Key will be listed at the bottom of this next page. Copy this code.

You will need to enter this code in to you file in your Jen Template addon.


How to Add TVDB API Key into Covenant & Elysium

  1. Launch the Covenant or Elysium Kodi addon.
  2. Select Tools > SETTINGS: Accounts.
  3. Under TVDB, click on API Key and enter in the code you were given above.



How to Add TVDB API Key into Metahandler Settings

The Metahandler service works behind the scenes to display meta data within your Kodi skin. If you have a personal API Key, entering it into the metahandler settings is highly recommend and only takes a moment:

  1.  From your Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > Add-ons > SYSTEM > Dependencies > Metahandler > Configure
  2. Add your personal API Key under TVDB and enable the Override option.



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