Kodi Box: Element Ti8 Review: S912 CPU, Android 6

Element has come out with a brand new premium Kodi box. Read our Element Ti8 review and enter our contest to win one just in time for Christmas!

We’ve long been a supported of Element and feel that they are one of the best third-party Kodi box companies. We frequently get feedback from customers on Twitter or Facebook who love Element Kodi boxes. Their latest release is the Element Ti8, a new Kodi box with updated firmware and specs. Check out the specs and then our Element Ti8 review below that

Kodi Element Ti8 Specs

  • AmLogic S912 Quad-core CPU – One of the first to come out with a mass market S912 box
  • Mail T820 Octa-core GPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB storage (expandable with SD card slot)
  • Android 6.0 operating system
  • 2.4/5.0GHz wireless
  • 4k video resolution support
  • 3D video capable
  • Ethernet/2 USB/1 SD card slot

The Element Ti8 Android box comes in a box that includes the Kodi box, an HDMI cable, a power adapter, and a remote. The first time you power the Element Ti8, you will be taken to the home Android screen and you will notice a bunch of great pre-installed apps:

  • Kodi
  • Netflix
  • Sling TV
  • Mobdro
  • WatchESPN
  • Amazon Video

One nice feature of the Element Ti8 is that the firmware updater is right on the main screen (icon third from the left on the screenshot above). It’s nice to have an easy spot to update firmware and even better, IT ACTUALLY WORKS. The firmware updater is not disabled or broken like other Android companies.

Right from the start, you’ll appreciate the speed of the Ti8. A brand new S912 CPU and Android 6.0 paired with Kodi 16.1 bring a nice sense of reliability, speed, and freshness. Those frustrated with crashing issues on Android 4.4 with Kodi should be nicely surprised with the Element Ti8.

Upon launching Kodi for the first time, you will find that it is already loaded with an Element-themed skin (Confluence) and a few select add-ons installed. Feel free to jump right into a stream or customize Kodi to your liking.

With the upcoming release of Kodi 17, Kodi will no longer support anything less than Android 5.1. This Android 6.0 box will be compatible indefinitely. You might say “well I don’t need Kodi 17 so I don’t need a new Kodi box” which is great except that once developers update their add-ons for Kodi 17, they won’t be compatible with previous versions either. Therefore, now is really the time to upgrade your Kodi box and the Element Ti8 is a great choice.

Overall, I believe that the Element Ti8 is a great Android-based Kodi box. A sleek look, great specs, and an easy setup process make this the perfect Kodi box. The base price is $175 which is a bit of a premium because the S912 is not as mass-produced as older chipsets yet, but you can get the box on sale right now for $125 which is an awesome deal.

If you are interested in learning more about the Element Ti8, visit the official website by clicking here. All Element Ti8’s come with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty! If you have an Element Ti8 or want to receive more information, follow us on Twitter or Facebook and ask us a question there!


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250 thoughts on “Kodi Box: Element Ti8 Review: S912 CPU, Android 6”

  1. Mine works great except for one thing. No matter how I try setting the picture, all scenes shown at night are so dark you can’t even make out what is happening. Any ideas?

  2. 61 yrs. old. Wife just had a kidney transplant. Anti rejection drug prices threaten everything about the future. Cutting costs wherever possible. Dumped the dish. Went to charter triple play on the 1 yr cheap plan. But know that’s only an interim solution. TV is about the only entertainment we have left these days, so I’m researching this whole new streaming world. Holy crap, am I lost. Came across the T8 in the searches. “Sounds” like something a novice can operate–or at least make functional via the real humans running support. You asked; there it is… Thanks for the review–and for the contest by the way….. All the best.

  3. Because we are just desperately looking to get out of the cable companies hold. More than happy to just have the net bill and the phone bill to work out, no need for cable that is more than both!

  4. Ti8 is the fastest, most advanced and fully loaded Kodi box. After a very short set up, you are ready to go with a whole load of add-ons. Best Android box on the market at the moment. Don’t forget the friendly customer service.

  5. We would love to win this box because our mygica box is acting up and we aren’t sure how to fix it! Would save us a bunch of money having to buy a new one when this one isn’t even a year old!!!

  6. No white Christmas this year in Holland, so I have to stay at home and would like a surprise for my kids so they have still a splendid Christmas

  7. Times are tough and with Christmas upon us I could really use a nice post Christmas surprise for the kids since their Christmas won’t be so great this year

  8. I want one because I currently sold my asus chromebox due to financial issues and currently can’t afford one in a while. Looks like a powerful box!

  9. The Ti8 would replace my Pi one that continually crashes and drops streams. It would be nice to not hear the wife complain all the time we should get cable or an Apple TV

  10. Would love to upgrade my android box to this beauty piece of hardware! Our old box is outdated and slow. Happy holidays to you guys, love your site!

  11. I’d like to win the newly reviewed Kodi box for its future proofing. Just purchased another mxq with 4.4 Android, it’d be great to have a faster box ready for the updates.

  12. I was very impressed after reading the review for the new Element Ti8. Two things jumped right off the page for me.

    First, that the firmware updater is easily accessible and, of course, that IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!! 😄

    Second, that it will be compatible INDEFINITELY! This is HUGE!!!

    I hope I’m lucky enough to win, but I do wish everyone luck! Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing product and good luck with your promotion.


  13. I love Kodi and I’m excited about the easy update ability as well as the 4K support. More than likely buying one very soon.

  14. Because I’ve spent ages trying to come up with a funny/clever/intelligent reason……and failed…but want it badly

  15. I love my android box but it runs android 4 and I know that I’m going to have to update soon to make the most of kodi following the 17 release. I need this in my life. Please pick me

  16. After a year of programming Kodi onto Amazon fire sticks and having to restart every time it sticks, it would be fantastic to own the device that truly supports Kodi without any of the issues.
    Set me free from my 🔥 stick challenges please.

  17. Been using a Fire Tv for last year, would love to have this to put in the other room in my house. **** =) *****

  18. My new 4K TV is lonely — it needs this box to complete it!
    Would love to win this Element to make it so…

  19. Would love to win this box! Have one in the family room but would like one for our bedroom or the guest room. Our guest who have visited love it and having it in their bedroom would probably help sell more boxes!

  20. I would love to win this box …since I have an old outdated android box …and this one sounds like it would meet all my needs …..seems to be a great device

  21. Would love this since we’ve had to drop Direct TV out of necessity. Every penny counts but I still have the wife and grandkids to entertain.

  22. I hosed my Ti4 and NEED a new box. Have tried to
    rejuvenate it, but would be thrilled to have the new Ti8. Have
    read many reports on this later model. It sounds exciting.

    Merry Christmas to all. As for kodi, hope you keep on keeping on.

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  23. I’m new to the cord cutter arena and becoming a huge fan. I’d love to have this set to become a bigger fan.

  24. I would love this but to give to my parents for their house. They’d love having something like this and it’d be a great Xmas present.

  25. I am beyond impressed, that the firmware updater is right on the main screen and just even having it on the box itself. A brand new S912 CPU and Android 6.0? Hold on…sorry, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. That is way too awesome!! I’m in a wow state. Thank you for letting me express my thoughts on this. Also, the main screen looks beautiful!!!

  26. This will be a Huge jump over my outdated android box who crash always in the middle of a movie.
    Superb spec for this very well reviewed Element Ti8 Android Box. Having this box with this spec:

    AmLogic S912 Quad-core CPU
    Mail T820 Octa-core GPU
    2GB RAM
    16GB storage
    Android 6.0 operating system
    4k video resolution support
    3D video capable
    Ethernet/2 USB/1 SD card slot
    Will be Awesome, and playing movies with super smooth resolution will be a great experience for mi and my family

  27. Team Kodi, thank you for sharing! Element Ti8 appears to be a great streaming box, certainly above and beyond any of my home-made old re-purposed netbooks…
    Cheers and keep us afloat!

  28. Don’t like the box I currently own and can’t afford to upgrade to a new and better one. Would love to win this box.

  29. I’d like this to give as a Christmas gift, things are tight this year so I’m doing whatever I can to find gifts.

  30. My box is out of date so I can’t do as much with it. I would love to win this and be able to put whatever I want on it!

  31. I want the box so I will be able to introduce kodi to a cousin of mine. A box like this will definitely assist him in getting started with exploring ‘Kodi’s world’

  32. I recently got into streaming using an android box with kodi. I was so impressed and amazed that I stopped using satellite to watch tv. I haven’t watch satellite in a month. Kodi is awesome and the people who run it are amazing. I want to upgrade from my original android box. Pic me !!!!!

  33. My son and I loved using my Android mxq for watching movies and playing NES and SNES together but it broke and I can’t afford to buy a new one but if I could win this one we could have our father son time again.

  34. i am extremly poor i am living in a non profit organization house for mental disease people.
    the ong is really poor and dont have much channel on tv.
    i d like to install kodi and watch top french channel (canal+)

  35. Its our precious and we needs it!!!!!!

    Seriously I have an old 4.4 android and I’m in a dire need of an upgrade plus we are adding a 3rd box to the house as well.

  36. I’d love to win the box. To give to my son and my 3 grandkid’s. He can’t afford cable and it would give him and the kids something to watch. Thank you

  37. I took the plunge and cut the cord. I thought with Netflix, Kodi, etc. we’d be just fine. For the most part we are but I setup Kodi on an old computer I had around and it doesn’t quite have the chops to run Kodi seamlessly. This Element Ti8 sure would save me from my wife’s look of annoyance and “I told you so.”

  38. WOW!! What are the chances that i would even be picked for this. But dont know unless you try. I juat want one for my so called basement. Yep rec room is half of our double car garage.

  39. Thanks for the review..with all the boxes available it’s hard to differentiate between them. I’m looking to get my first android box (currently running kodi off of a tablet) and check out all of the features you mentioned above. Merry Christmas! 🎄

  40. I Would Enjoy this New Box In my House Because I am excited to see how fast it runs and show it off to my family.

  41. Read the review and it looks like a serious piece of kit. I would like this device as I have a new baby daughter and would like to stream baby shows and music to help her settle, and to help with my sanity lol Thank you

  42. I’m looking forward to having a kodi box like this, but I can’t afford it. Happy Holidays from Spain 😉

  43. this would be an awesome addition to our house as we don’t have Cabell and live in an area that Cable doesn’t come. Acreage problems, living in the Bush problems. Would love this in my house to try and review and brag about. My family would love you if we won

  44. Unlike all the other comments above my comes truly from the heart….I need this box in my life to make it complete I am nothing without it. Having ginger hair people say I don’t have a soul….this could be my soul hahaha

    I’d like it alot please.

  45. Hello, thank you for all that you’re doing to help out the Kodi community.

    I have Kodi on two Amazon FireTv Sticks. I’ve been contemplating purchasing an Android box. I’m just not certain which one to purchase. Winning the Ti8 will allow me the opportunity to actually see how the box works.
    Thanks for putting this contest together. Happy Holidays

  46. I would like an Element Ti8 because being a military soldier in Korea, you miss all your American movies and TV shows. I’d love to stream everything to my TV and never miss a tv show, movie or sports events.

  47. Great review. I wasn’t aware that the new Kodi update would make older versions obsolete. Thanks for the heads up and wish me luck on the contest.

  48. An excellent review of a seemingly awesome product. I would love to win this so that I don’t have to mess around trying to watch Kodi on my old windows laptop. Fingers and toes crossed!

  49. If i don’t get the Element TI8 which is the world’s first Octa-Core Android TV Box! I am gonna kill myself this box is literally awesome !

  50. My mum has just retired and having this box would save her a fortune and let her enjoy her spare time as a lady of leisure.

  51. I have just had a knee replacement and it is difficult to move the amazon fire tv box from the lounge room to the bedroom with out it hurting so to have another box to run Kodi on would be fantastic and it looks to be an awesome device

  52. GREAT box and nice Christmas gift for me and family in Croatia 😉 please send wonderful Christmas surprise!

  53. Help me please, I need to win this android box my cable company is killing me slowly, Like a vampire draining my blood. Help me to cut this pipe

  54. This sounds like an an awesome setup to help cut the cord from my satellite service! Crossing all the fingers I can!!

  55. I would love a new box because ours is run on android 4. Something so won’t be working for much longer. my kids want to play the retro games and not much luck getting them working on ours so I’m just frustrated on having to buy 2 new boxes after having them for less than a year so winning this would mean only having to purchase 1 box instead of 2. Thank you for this opportunity to win a new one.

  56. I would like to win this box because I bought one from my ex-roommate and it freezes all the time. Kinda got ripped off and I could really use a new one.

  57. I’m the father of 3 young boys who watch a lot of kid’s programming on Kodi. I’ve been running on an old cellphone and chromecasting to my TV, but I’m not sure how long that’s going to work. The phone heats up so much that I’m afraid it’s going to catch fire. I could sure use one of these awesome Element Ti8 Kodi boxes (before my house burns down!).

  58. I’m new to the Kodi thing and only have a cheapo box. Feel like I’m missing out, this box would deliver everything I’m looking for.

  59. My daughter has discovered that our “magic movie box” is great for cartoons and kids movies, which means I don’t get to use it very much. I originally bought a box to stream live sports. I now need another one, in the basement soon can be at peace.

  60. I’m new to the kodi game and would love to know what a box like this is capable of! If it could move me from cable once and for all!

  61. I would really like to win the TV box for my son. I have one in the living room but he doesn’t and he would really like one for Xmas.

  62. I want the Element Ti8 Kodi box in my house as I looove using Kodi and would want to be able to own a top-of-the line experience every time I turn on my TV!

  63. I would love this because I’ve been using a sub-par low end Android box for over a year and would love the chance to own a quality device for a change.

  64. I won’t be a le to use kodi on my tv soon without new equipment & I rely on Kodi for most of my home entertainment needs. A new box with the kind of power you are talking about would be a perfect way to ring in the new year! Wish me luck!

  65. I finally cut the cord as I could no longer afford the horrid cable rates. However, due to my limited income all I could afford to stream with was a tablet. Seeing the specs on this TV Box, it would be absolutely amazing to finally be able to stream with something designed to do just that. Would truly be a dream come true.

  66. Having just learned about Kodi, this would be a great machine to learn more about. I have read some great reviews for the Element box before.

  67. I would love to try this box out, as the specs make it perfect for streaming and would be a great Christmas gift to me!

  68. Would love to win this box. I have an older streaming box and was planning on purchasing a new one in the new year and this would save me money.

  69. I’m new to Kodi and I’m hooked not to mention I love the idea of donating to developers over sending money to Comcast

  70. I wanna be the cool kid on the block streaming all the good movies/shows and events. I want wives to weep when their husbands ask for the 100th time if they can go play at the cool kids house cuz he can stream it all. I want to see previews for movies coming soon to DVD and wonder if I’m a time traveler. But mostly I wanna sleep like a baby knowing the cable monopoly idiot isn’t getting my $$$ (besides internet) to pay for their 5th wives fake boobs.

  71. I would love to get this box to use with Kodi, it would be awesome on my 65″ 4k tv. Movie night would be the best night ever.

  72. I would love to have this box because I can’t afford cable and Kodi is my only source for watching tv. I was given a Amazon Firestick over a year ago and it is outdated. I’m not computer savvy so I have no idea how to update it. It would be a nice X-Mas miracle. 😀

  73. I’ve been steaming using kodi for about six months and loving it. Started with an Amazon Fire Stick, upgraded to Amazon Fire TV and am now looking to upgrade to something better. I’ve been looking a couple of options the Arnu box but have not pulled the trigger yet. The Ti8 is also on my radar as a vaible option. I would definitely feel comfortable with this box as my streaming device after all of the reviews I’ve read. And the specs sound good.

  74. I want to win, so i can get rid of DTV, screw the corporations with all these extra added fees, they keep raising the prices any chance they get, bastards

  75. The box looks amazing – I’d love to upgrade so I can give my parents my current android box to try out!

  76. I have a ti4 and love it but it’s dying and due to my disability it’s going to take me awhile to save up for a new one. It would be a wonderful Christmas blessing to win a new one. I’d even take a refurbished one.

  77. I purchased the Amazon Fire Tv box when they first came out. Now that it’s on its last leg I need a new box that can handle it all. The storage, memory and a sturdy operating system will be a huge plus for me. In addition to having a box capable of 4K streaming would be nice.

  78. I want to win this box so I can access the streams I love, without having to pay an arm and a leg to my cable company.

    Good luck everyone 🙂

  79. It be nice to upgrade my unit. Just cut the cable 2 months ago and a more powerful box great. Thanks for the chance! Merry Christmas!

  80. I’ve gradually reduced my cable channels and would like to ditch comcast for good, but dont think my firestick can handle the new version of kodi

  81. I’d love to have an Element Ti8 in my home so that I could have an extra box for my parents. Would be a great gift to give to them.

  82. I’ve tried kodi on an e machine PC that ran very slowly. My cable bill keeps rising and I need a reliable alternative. I have even loaded kodi on an iPhone only to discover after a week of use, it disappears. I love technology and feel blessed to be alive in this day and age. I’ve researched android boxes and like these specifications on the Element Ti8 tv box. Thanks for your expertise on this matter.

  83. I’m new to Kodi, been running it on my phone and tablet. Decided I want to get a dedicated box for our home. In doing my research I found the ti8 and decided this is the one I want, it’s spec are superior to the lesser priced models that seem to flood most of the review sites. The only thing holding me back is my wife doesn’t understand tech at all and thinks it is a waste of money. If I could win one, then use it to show her how we can lose our dumb satellite bill, that would give me a huge “I told you so”. Just looking for a moral victory.

  84. I really want this Kodi Box. In case I don’t win I’m saving money to buy one as it’s a must have. I really hope I win it for Christmas.

  85. I want to win this box as my slow original MXQ just isn’t holding up anymore and I would like a reliable box for me and my family to enjoy.

    Merry Christmas all.

  86. Everyone should get this box it is amazing. Can’t believe this is legal with so much free stuff you get . Wow could use one for my bedroom with my new 55″ Samsung tv. Thank You so much. Merry Christmas

  87. I refuse to go back to cable, but struggling with my older box! This box would be such a nice Christmas present for me and my growing family!

  88. I would love to win this new box! We just bought our first hour and are refusing to get cable. We have an older box in our basement, but have a TV upstairs with nothing attached to it yet! We sometimes just move the box we have up and down depending where we want to sit. Silly I know, but new home means budget!

  89. I would actually like to give one of these boxes to one of my friends as a birthday gift. He would like to watch Pay TV but he can’t afford it, so i wanted go give him a fully setup Kodi box. This one seems one of the best around, but i will buy one if i don’t win the giveaway 😛

  90. I use this site constantly to update my Kodi on my PC.
    Hopefully Santa bringing me a new TV for Xmas so this box will get pride of place in my living room if I win it.
    All the UK Xmas and New Year shows…. I can’t wait.

  91. I currently have an MXQ pro box that the family loves to use. That’s the problem! One box for five people. Would very much like to see the new one with the better specs to compare. And have another box to use.

  92. When are you guy’s going to get these annoying icons minimized or done away with so we can read all of the comments? This is not by far the first time this has been ask by your followers so are you incapable of fixing this or you just don’t care?

  93. I want to win a free box because I need another box for another tv. Love kodi. And free is always good.

  94. I’d like to win this box because it looks amazing and is one of the best boxes you can get and would be a great addition to my streaming of live to sport and movies thank you

  95. I would love to have the opportunity to win this, so I would be able too share this with my family. I currently have kodi run thru my laptop, buts it’s and older one an kinda slow an screen is going out. If I don’t win who ever does hope they will enjoy it as much as my family an I would. Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to win this.

  96. I really like the features of this box, as the review was very thorough. Winning something like this would be a big help to us as I have had 2 heart attacks in the last 3 years and we couldn’t afford to pay the outrageous cable bills anymore. My wonderful supportive wife has had to start watching a couple of little ones for some baby sitting money. This would help tremendously in her finding little kids channels for them to watch and cooking ones for her. I will get back on my feet soon, but in the meantime winning this Element Ti8 would lift our spirits tremendously. Thank you for the opportunity.

  97. Where have I been for the last umpteen years? Paying a bazillion dollars in CABLE bills until recently when I cut the cord. I went from paying 250.00 a month for everything to paying 34.00 a month for 15 channels and they weren’t even in HD! Now I get 40 channels plus local HD for free! With just a digital antennae no less! I also didn’t know until recently android TV boxes existed. Now I am really excited about TV again. So, I have been doing research into them and have been trying to decide between the Q2, Element, one that is so expensive it should be made of gold and a Raspberry Pi. All have good reviews for reliability once up and running. According to reviews all have some issue getting that way due to having to load add ons or firmware or something like that. So, I can’t afford one. I am not tech savvy enough to program another. That leaves the Q2 or the Element. I can, however, click a download button pretty well. How easy is your button to push? I would love to find out.

  98. Good review. I would like to win this because I’d really like to see a high quality streaming box that has had some extra work put into it. Instead of all these Chinese android knock off boxes. Thanks for your hard work.

  99. It would be fun to try a newer box with a lot better specs then my old dual core one. I use Kodi a lot for streaming and wonder if this new processor and more RAm would make a big difference.

  100. I have a 13year old who is a documentary and history nut. Regular tv programming does not quench her thirst for knowledge. Hoping this would be an efficient way to bring more info to her.

  101. This is such a great looking box. With 2GB Ram, 16GB Storage and the S912 chip, this box is ready to take on pretty much anything I could through at it. I would love to own this box.

  102. IPTV is my only source of TV service and my firestick was what I could afford to buy. It doesn’t play well with my slow download speed (6mbps is the max I can get here) and I think the Element box would help with buffering issues, etc. Being homebound, TV programming is that much more important to me.

  103. I want this because I’m sick of paying sky and BT ridiculous money every month. Having t8 in the house will keep kids and wife entertained.

  104. Looks like a great box! I’d love to introduce my Dad to the world of Kodi and android boxes. Thanks for having this contest!

  105. Element Ti8 is such a powerful device! I must have it! I think it would be the perfect complement to my smart TV.

  106. reading about this new technology has interested me in trying it for myself and by winning one would be an ideal way to enter the world of kodi

  107. Wow what great features.The S912 Quad-core CPU will really be a performance boost.I see the 16GB is larger than most other boxes of this kind.The almost future proof 6.0 operating system keep me up to date with various operating systems for a long time and that I wouldn’t have to upgrade so often.I am saving up for a 4K TV so the 4K capability is superb.The 2 USB slots will sought my needs perfectly.I cant wait for the KODI 17 Official release,and the Element Ti8 will match in performance and fun superbly.
    What a great prize

  108. Hi. I have worked the same job for 33 years. Now i want to sit on my ###
    And get fat. Lol. Im already a little fat.

  109. My firestick will be obsolete and I need a fast system for all of my viewing pleasures. Anything over free will put a serious dent in my pocket.

  110. My previous box broke and I’m dire in need of a new one. I’d love the Element Ti8! It’d make my day, i never win anything.

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