Genesis Not Working? Genesis Dead – Details Here

Is your Kodi Genesis not working? Maybe you’ve missed the news, but Genesis is no longer supported and certain parts of the add-on are now obsolete and broken! Read the details here and find out what you can do!

This post is not for Kodi users who follow the community closely or follow us on Twitter or Facebook who are probably more aware! This post is for users who have found this page through Google search who are wondering if there is a reason for Genesis not working on their Kodi anymore!

Support for Genesis is dead. Lambda is no longer supporting the add-on, no updates will be released, and no work will be done to help you with your Genesis issues.

Does this mean that Genesis won’t for any streams? No. Genesis simply pulls streams from different web hosts off of the internet so if those web hosts haven’t changed any of their coding, Genesis will still grab links as normal for you. If a website HAS changed any of their coding, Genesis won’t be able to pull in any streams from those websites. Over time, Genesis will be able to scrape in less and less for movie and TV show links.

However, two key things will speed up Genesis not working for people:

  1. has changed their API. Genesis uses themoviedb to bring in all of the movie and TV show category information. So when you go to the most popular, genres, featured, most recent, and other categories in Genesis, this data is pulled from themoviedb. An update is required for this to work again and remember, there will be no more Genesis updates!
  2. Real-Debrid has changed their API as well. While they are still supporting the old API right now, support will be finished at the end of February. At this point, Genesis will no longer be able to pull Real-Debrid links into the add-on. If you are paying for Real-Debrid, you probably want an add-on that works for you!

So with Genesis not working, what can you do?

Lambda has recently released another add-on called Exodus! Exodus, similar to Genesis, pulls in movie and TV streams from websites around the internet. It is working very well and improves on some of Genesis’ shortcomings. Click here to go to our Exodus install guide and get that today!

As well, there are tons of other great Kodi add-ons that give you access to TV and movies! Check out all of the links below, do some reading, and try a few of them out!

  • Multi-Source Kodi add-ons – Multi-source addons scrape TV and movie links from multiple streaming sites and sources around the internet. This gives you the most selection for watching on Kodi at the expense of reliable links since streams and websites often go down, are replaced, or changed. Here are some of the top multi-source add-ons:
  • Single-Source Kodi add-ons – Single-source add-ons grab streams from a single website or source. If you streamed content before Kodi, you have probably heard of some of these sources. A good source is generally more reliable as long as long as the source is up and working:

Though you’ve found Genesis not working, there are plenty of alternatives you can check out!

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26 thoughts on “Genesis Not Working? Genesis Dead – Details Here”

  1. I thought my movie days were over until I read this. exodus works! It took a while to get all the extras needed to install it but now i am back on track. It’s a little slower but at least it works.

  2. How did you get them to work? I’ve having the same problem. I just set mine up today, and it shows its working, then it stops and nothing shows. Only thing I can get to pop up, is “people’s watching.”

  3. Exodus is cool but not as good as Genesis which has the option to store your favourite movies. Additionally, Genesis had a Documentary genre which does not come with Exodus.

  4. I would love to be able to save .y favorites in exodus. I have a bunch in Genesis and can’t find any where in exodus to set them

  5. Followed the instructions for using Exodus. What a royal mess. Who writes this stuff? Why must it be so involved? What a mess.

    Some of Kodi is very cool. Long involved setup and admin is a deterrent to its use.

  6. It’s not illegal to stream these movies and TV shows. Nothing is being downloaded. FYI

  7. There are many other programs that you can use to illegally watch movies and tv your not paying for. Go read up on google and fix it yourselves. If you want free stuff and want to break the law you should be able to do it yourself and not need anyone’s help. Boo who, my illegal free tv is not working can you help me fix it lmao.

  8. We received the fire stick as a gift from Christmas. Don’t know a lot about it. But I do know that the support app Genesis for Kodi is not working. I can bring everything up on screen but when I push the button to start a movie or anything for that matter it starts working then it stops real quick. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. I am mainly interested in getting all the networks and live TV shows. Please in your response keep it simple. I am not quite a high tech guy.

  9. Please help,kodi was working fine up to a few days ago.when I hit the movie screen it comes up files playlist video add ons.I can’t figure it out what went wrong.the adult selection screen comes up and will play.that’s the only thing I can get to play.I have the kodi 15.2 version when I go to system info thanks for any help.Bob

  10. WTF, Is he going to fix Exodus to highlight the tv shows on the main screen as they air like we could in Genesis? This was a good feature in Genesis, now I have to go to each tv folder and open the season to see if a new episode aired. I never saw a program get so fucked over so often as XBMC/KODI! Make up your fucking minds already!!!!!!!

  11. I am having the same prob it says working for 2 secs wen I click on genre etc but doesn’t actually load wtf jet installed it 4 days ago help!!!

  12. I am having the same prob it says working for 2 secs wen I click on genre etc but doesn’t actually load wtf jet installed it 4 days ago help!!!

  13. I think we’re all screwed. I’ve only had a firestick for a few months and it worked really great at first. Now my favorite app Rockcrusher which was in the Phoenix app is also gone. I keep trying all the recommended apps but they all suck. Trust me Rockcrusher was the best. Rockcrusher please come out of retirement.

  14. Same as the others…I can not click on anything to search movies aside from “people watching”. Was broken in Genesis…and even after Exodus, it’s doing the same thing. Also, some links under TV shows aren’t working either! Ah!!!! Please help!

  15. I am having the same problem.^ It will only allow me to search movies under the “people watching” category. If I click on one of the other ones, like “genres” or “latest movies,” it acts like it is loading but doesn’t proceed to the next screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Amazon Fire Stick
    Kodi 16.0
    Exodus 1.0.0

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